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Rs 2,700 crore worth of Gold bought in Hyderabad with BANNED notes


8000 Kilograms of Gold worth Rs 2,700 crore bought in Hyderabad with Banned notes from Nov 8 to 30.

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The Administration Knows of such things but will Not take action; If You ask, the matter is being investigated, which, naturally, will take 60 years or so! Haha.

…Meanwhile, Please stand in Queue.




My Camera & My Chai: The Line


Addresses a Social Issue of National Interest, (to India), errr, I should change that, of International Interest, as evinced by pertaining to hitler himself. …Also, as seen by this, spanning across all barriers of Time!

AND HUMORUOUS! …Rajiv‘s writing is Super, of course, but the Video of hitler is a Gem.

Thank You, my Dear Rajiv! We Need More posts like these from You. Till the 15 Lakhs arrive, and even after that, Keep posting like this, Please, Please, Please! 🙂

Regards, One and All!



Now, I want to show you a line. It is essential for all of you who have forgotten all your junior schools mathematics.

Behold – the line


Now, ever since our dear and beloved Prime Minister decided that 80% of our notes are useless, we discovered the mathematics of two things:

  • The Line
  • The Zero.

Oh, did I forget to show you the zero?

Here it is.


So, here we are in the lines, looking for cash. But, there is no cash. Zero.



So now, news spreads fast. On the WhatsApp circuit, the news has spread that Sweden is a cashless society.

We are now a country of Brown Swedes.

And, we are conscientious of the climate. No cash. No plastic.


Only lines.

Then, someone posted a video of Hitler moaning about this problem.

Here it is

Now, life gets crazy.

One day, they say you can use…

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Demonetisation, India, 3.


MY Own experience with Demonetisation, India.

Had held on, for more than two weeks, before my money ran out, and had to go for an ATM and some marketing.

Went to Tiruchirappali, where both things could be done. And went in search of an ATM.

  • The mobile one at the Bus Stand was not there.
  • Next, out of the 6 in the area, 5 had their shutters down.
  • The One that was open had a queue, which is usual in any case and I did not mind that. But the machine dispensed just 2,000 rupees. To anybody and everybody.

I went and made  my purchases, and was Very happy that the shop keeper accepted the 2,000 rupee note. There had been much Rumour(?) that Fake ones had come out.

As I finished my work and was going to take my bus back, saw another ATM that was virtually Free of Crowds! Since it seemed a new installation, (near St. Joseph’s college), I had not known about it, and neither did the People, I would say.

But the machine refused to dispense cash, saying: ‘Insufficient funds,’ whereas I had 8 rupees more in my account. Another person tried and got the same response. We discussed between Us and came to the conclusion that We had reached the limit set for the day.

And this despite the #modi’s announcement some days ago, As I saw on the TV, that Rs. 10,000 could be drawn at one go, and 20,000 was the limit for the month. #modi seems to be changing his announcements putting Tughlaq to shame. At least 26 changes in 19 days.


There is MORE.

  1. What sort of Marketing does #modi expect the Citizens to do? Make maybe 15 trips to cities a month?
  2. And What sort of Business does #modi think the Businessmen and Shopkeepers and doing? What are their Sales like now? With People having just 2,000 rupees to play around with?


BUT Demonetisation has NOT affected the political parties, the ADMK and the DMK to My Personal knowledge, who recently have gone around distributing Hundreds and even Thousands of rupees for Votes. The ADMK has reportedly given Rs. 4,000 per household in the Vallam area of Tanjore. It cannot be different elsewhere.

I had been Reluctant to call #modi a #Tughlaq. Wise or not, Good or no, the latter is remembered as the man who shifted his Capitol not once but twice, and also the one who issued Leather coins! During my school days, Tughlaq was laughed at. You may like to see:


How is #modi going to be remembered?


Demonetisation, India, 2.



Virtually every person I spoke to this week in Goa, supports demonetisation. Shopkeepers, cabbies, restaurants, navy officers.

My Responses:

1. rahul, just shows what crowd you hang around with.

2. THAT is Not India. Since you do not know, India lives more then 70% in the villages.

3. Hanging yourself a Better choice than reporting from your armchairs.


Both a Shame, that #media supports the administration; and Also shows the FEAR #media lives in. No support to the administration, No Licence. Free India. Supposedly.


Demonetisation, India, 1.


ツSonal ♡ ‏@SonalMehra_
With no jobs, hungry daily wagers turn to langar halls
My Responses:
1. The #TeaWallah and his #FinanceMinister had not thought about these things.
2. ONE thing is sure. We are Not going to see the #Adanis and the #Ambanis in the Langars.