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The Way to Happiness! [ Updated ]


Hello, Folks, I consider this a Very Important Post!


There are But Two Steps to Happiness:

1.DECIDE to be Happy! This Deciding to be Happy is a Most Important thing.

This means, saying something like this to Oneself: ‘Whatever life throws at me, I shall Remain Happy! Like, Why should We lose Our Happiness just because Somebody’s Bile is Acting Up? 🙂


Representative image; from the Internet.

Am not exactly sure Why the person had put Mr. Grumpy along with those Cows. Thought of Cropping it, but then… Liked the Idea of the Cow saying ‘Moo to You too,’ though am not sure this is what the artist had in mind!

Say that, or something like that, and Get Along with Your Life! Though I would Seriously Suggest that You say the Moo to him/her by Your Lonesome, though this is Not Necessary.


2.Happiness comes from Knowing that one has Done the Right thing, and Done it Properly and Well.

The ‘Other’s’ acknowledgement is Absolutely unnecessary for this. MOST people are Apathetic. If Our happiness were to depend on their ‘smiling back,’ We would get nowhere. Because Most people are lost in their own worlds, do not even notice a smile, and thus cannot acknowledge it.

So. We Do the Right thing. Whether or not it is Acknowledged or Appreciated depends on the Strength or the Weakness of the Other! 🙂


Extended family sitting outdoors smiling

Here We have the Satisfaction of Having Been Loved, seen in the faces of All the Children, and the Satisfaction of Having Loved. Photo from Internet.


There can be a Problem in this. Having done the Right things, We could still be Anxious or Unhappy.

If We were to Keep Dwelling on our good deeds, that might make Us Bloat up like a Frog, which We do not want!

But at the End of the Day, If We would just ‘Recall’ that We Have Decided to be Happy, and that We Have done Well according to Our Values., and make this a Habit… We will Remain Happy.

To Really REMAIN Happy, to Happiness a PERMANENT State, Please peruse my post on the subject, for which Please click here.


Is Yesudas Dis-Satisfied?

Many things are happening in my life just now. That is, things worth mentioning. Anyway, while I was talking about them with an old friend my mine, TM, I had said that I was Satisfied with the way things were going. He expressed Surprise. He seemed to be under the Impression that I am not Satisfied with life.


Is that the Impression I am giving? That I am Not Satisfied? Let me tell You that just Quite the Contrary is True! I am Very Satisfied with Life.

02 w elali g e

… I had used the word ‘satisfied’ with reference to a particular situation. With regard to Life, HAPPINESS may be more pertinent. And let me tell You I am Quite Happy too. On the mundane levels, I have a good Appetite, I find my food Tasty, I Sleep Well, and my Health is quite good. Consider my Output!

More Importantly, on the Higher Levels, I am Loved. This my little Kitten had followed me and sat down beside me Unbidden. And though I have many who do not like me(!), there are More than Enough in my life who Love me, Deeply. I have Serenity. …Love, Happiness and Peace, what More could anybody want?!


There Are Conditions out in Life in general, which are Far from Satisfactory, and I Refuse to take it lying down. Was GANDHI supposed to be satisfied with the conditions of Slavery in India? Was NELSON MANDELA expected to be tranquil with the situations of those times in his country?

36garh large

Many define it in different ways, but One gets Happiness when One has Done the Right thing.

There are many who long for ‘tasty’ Foods from restaurants. That means they are Not happy with their food at home. If Tasty Food is what is going to make us happy, that could mean We are Not happy most of the time!

If only ‘Nice’ Clothes are going to make somebody happy, then how is he feeling in his everyday clothes? Another example would be Sex. There is No denying that Sex makes one happy. But how long are You going to have sex?

Whereas, If We have Really done our Best, We have Lasting Satisfaction and Happiness.

I have Fought Hard for my Fellow Beings. Even God cannot ask me, “Why did You Not Open Your mouth? Why did You Not Speak Out for them?” Because I have done that. And that is Why I am Quite Satisfied, and Happy.