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Giants and ‘Baby Steps.’


PS: Twitter, in its infinite wisdom, has deactivated my accounts. Even without those links, the article is readable.

Some tweets, with Additions:

Prashant Bhushan @pbhushan1
“How dare you steal my childhood with your empty words! We are in the beginning of a mass extinction & all you talk about are fairy tales of endless economic growth&false promises. How dare you!” Watch 16 yr Greta Thunberg at the UN climate action summit
My Response:
2. Whereas, YOUTH, not yet out of their teens, like #GretaThurnberg, are Roaring away.
3. Did #Christ use ‘“piccoli passi” – baby steps,’ my dear francis @Pontifex_es, or did Peter or Paul? …Did Isaiah, or ANY of the Prophets?
[ By taking ‘Baby Steps,’ and using words that would not hurt anybody, -UNlike mine, – We may be Protecting our Necks, to say the least. Is this What Christ wanted? ]
4. ‘How Dare you say, you have done Enough?’ …from Greta’s speech.