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How To Get Away With Hunger

I would like to repost this under the title: ‘How to Do Away with Hunger.’

I Highly appreciate Ms Davis on having the Courage to speak on the subject, giving living examples from her past, and Kalisha’s treatment of the problem.

I would like to tell Ms Davis, and I hope Kalisha would do this, that Hunger and its Appeasement is Nothing to be Ashamed of. On the Other hand, people who have No thoughts for Others, and those who would Waste food, etc, do have Reason to be Ashamed.

Hunger is a World-Wide phenomenon, and a Horrible thing. To learn about it, I once fasted for 72 hours. At the end of the period the pangs were less. But ‘During’ those mid hours, like the Second day, the Hunger was disturbing even the Mind.

We All have a DUTY to Fight against Hunger.

We are RESPONSIBLE for Our Brothers and Sisters.


“The word that I would like to eradicate today is ‘unspeakable,’ because I think everything should be spoken.”– Viola Davis

Viola Davis photo courtesy of Just Jared.

Viola Davis recently revealed her painful past struggles with hunger. When Viola Davis shot to overdue stardom in her role as maid Aibileen Clark in 2011’s The Help, a surprising number of African-Americans criticized her Oscar-nominated performance as one perpetuating stereotypes associated with our painful Jim Crow past. Davis stood by her character. She would not back down. From numerous talk show couches and award show stages, Davis defended African-American maids of past and present. She asked audiences to respect such experiences as valid Americana to document and fruitful material for Black artists to draw from. Now, she is using her own experiences as a child who grew up in what she describes as “abject poverty” to give more context to her commitments…

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Hello, Everybody! …As I have written to Shiva in the comments, I have 840 posts, done in 28 months! Hope these are of Use to You as they give me Satisfaction in writing.

Pearly gates and St Peter

The Pearly Gates and St. Peter. Image from the Internet.

I am an Opinion Former. I am Not out to Merely ‘Inform’ You. What I Intend is to Induce Reflection, and Thence, Action. 

There is a Surfeit of Info available. What One Needs is Practical Ways to Achieve Happiness and Satisfaction.

Having named by blog as Love, Happiness and Peace, You will see that I write Quite a Lot indeed on Current Affairs. Love Demands that We Interest Ourselves, and Involve Ourselves, in the Affairs of Our Fellow Beings, particularly those Without a Voice. It is Our Duty and Our Responsibility.

Wish You Happy Times!