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What controls the Masses?


NOT wholly true. Whether it was the british in India, hitler or afghanistan, in all of which places the gorement had controlled education, all of them (mentioned above) got thrown out.


…What you say, Imran, is true, but not wholly true! 🙂



Kindergarten Means “Garden of Children”


I shared with Dear Jennie these words in response.

Thank You for Your Enthusiastic sharing, my Dear Jennie. …At least in India, I find children in classes at least upto 12 being crammed with so called knowledge. This needs change too. Hope some good Soul like You will take this up. …Love n Regards. 🙂

Sharing with You.


Idiot heads of Universities!


‘Commit Murder If You Get Into a Fight,’ Purvanchal University VC Tells Students

I’ll take care of things after that.”


And WHY has he not been put in jail, Oh, Blasted #judges of India?


What is wrong with Indian education system?


Junaid is Very right in saying that things are Not right with our Indian Education system.

Actually, I had been thinking that Tamil Nadu was very poor in this field, and that Kerala was doing better. Sad to note that things are not much different there, making this really an ‘Indian’ menace.

As we all know, it is not enough to merely note the fact. But Acknowledgement itself is a Great First step.

1. Let us call to Mind that Democracy is Keeping things in check. Once we have noted that the ‘system’ itself is faulty, we should go through to those ‘incharge’ of that.

2. This takes us to Demanding from the School Authorities themselves that we want our Children to ‘Understand’ what they are Speaking!

3. What they are going to say is: “We are under Pressure to ‘Complete’ the Course!” And this takes us back to the ‘system!’

It is Not enough if the syllabus in ‘Engineering’ colleges be reduced to 3-5 from 8-11. …What about the Children in the Formative stages?

Unless WE demand changes in this, it is Not going to happen, and Sufferers would be Our Children, the Future Generations.




Only this would bring about the Necessary Change.



I asked my kindergarten going brother, randomly a few questions.

Out of which a question was ‘How are you ?’

He said firmly, ‘Fine, Thank You’ without a blink.

അങ്ങനെ വെച്ചാൽ എന്താ? , I asked him next in our mother tongue, malayalam.

(Translation: What does that mean? )

He replied again innocently, much slower this time,

‘Fine , Thank You… it is…’

It took me a while to make him understand my question.

But he didn’t have an answer to it. He kept mum but kept looking at me with a smile and tongue out.

I call this the very fundamental problem with our Indian education system.

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Monkey Drama


Education has been shat upon, vide the Huge Failure* with reference to NEET (National Eligibility and Entrance Test), and Tamil Nadu govt starts a Monkey Drama of Dress Code for Women Teachers.

Not Allowed! (Supposedly Not Tamil Culture).

De Rigueur!

No Dress code for Men! No Dhoties needed! Pants are Tamil Culture. Yuck. 😦

Women Teachers say that the Sari, prescribed, is: 1. Too Cumbersome for Travel, and, 2. Needs Constant Adjustment (They have to Keep their Midriff covered, as many schools have Co-Ed classes!).

[ * Guess what? Students in TN achieve Huge marks in their colleges, and Fail miserably at NEET. …All this because of the Poor Syllabus in the state, and the practice of Mugging up and answering questions. ]


Less IS more.


[ This is More about Finland, and perhaps shows just How and Why their Schools are Better. Excerpts, and link at bottom. ]

“They believe it.  They live by it. Their houses are not larger than what they need in which to comfortably live.  They do not buy or over consume.  They live simply and humbly.  They don’t feel the need to have 300 types of cereal to choose from when 10 will do.  The women wear less make-up.  The men don’t have giant trucks (or any vehicles at all, really).  Instead of buying hundreds of cheap articles of clothing the Finns buy a few expensive items of high quality that will last for decades rather than months.  They truly believe and live by the mentality of less is more.”

“We can’t even stick to ONE philosophy of education long enough to see if it actually works.  We are constantly trying new methods, ideas and initiatives.  We keep adding more and more to our plates without removing any of the past ideas.  Currently we believe “more” is the answer to all of our education problems— everything can be solved with MORE classes, longer days, MORE homework, MORE assignments, MORE pressure, MORE content, MORE meetings,  MORE after school tutoring, and of course MORE testing!   All this is doing is creating MORE burnt out teachers, MORE stressed out students and MORE frustration.”



11 Ways Finland’s Education System Shows Us that “Less is More”.


This is why Finland has the best schools


Got the link for this Excellent article from one of my Facebook friends. They have buttons to share to Facebook and Twitter, but, as far as I can see, not to Our sites. Hence a few Excerpts, and a Link.

Do Peruse. I believe this is Very Useful.


“For five months, my wife, my son and I experienced a stunningly stress-free, and stunningly good, school system. Finland has a history of producing the highest global test scores in the Western world, as well as a trophy case full of other recent No. 1 global rankings, including most literate nation.”

“In Finland, children don’t receive formal academic training until the age of seven. …School hours are short and homework is generally light.”

A mandatory 15-minute outdoor free-play break EVERY HOUR EVERY DAY. According to one Finnish maxim, “There is no bad weather. Only inadequate clothing.”

Educators are the ultimate authorities on education, not bureaucrats, and not technology vendors.”

(Emphasis mine).


And now the link:



Wish All Education would be like This. Especially in India.


Parents Outraged With Oregon School Punishment of 6-year-old For Being Late…

A Very Good post, which should make Us Examine Our ‘Educational Systems.’ I write with particular reference to India.

To Remark on the present post, I had failed to notice the Cardboard in front of the Child, which is effectively putting him in Isolation, something even Seasoned Criminals hate and fear.

As many have written about it, this sort of Punishment is Cruel and Senseless; and Shameful for the School authorities.

In India, making Children stand Outside the Class rooms, for Hours, and worse than that, even making them Kneel in the Hot Sun… are they not Common?

The Sheer Workload on the Child in India works like a Punishment, and Deforms the Child. The End Product is like a Memory Device chock full of Information, without Enough Know-How as to How to Use that. There is also the Modern Danger of Children who Do Not Even Know what PLAY is! Worse than that is the Moral Vacuum.

The ONLY Interest of Schools seems to be a Good Academic Name, by which More Students, and thereby More Money would come in for the school authorities.

And Should We Not say that the ONLY Interest of Parents is to have Children who Excel in Academics, though their Physical, Psychological and Moral Health is Damaged and Spoilt, as these have not been Developed?