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Let Nobody say elections are Free and Fair in India


What follows is Just One case. There have been countless ones, to which we have chosen Not to pay notice. God forgive us.

They didn’t vote for his wife in Panchayat election so this criminal gang-raped their 13-year-old daughter

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tweets: (20th March ’14). 2.

1. Debate on candidates form pol’l parties contesting from ‘particular’ areas. Indeed, in some cases, n for some parties, laughable.

2. Debate on ‘particular’ areas. WHY shd STALWARTS like Advani desire that?

3. Debate on ‘particular’ areas. But AAP candidates. NEW in fray. Makes sense wd stand where Best chances. But WHY does media Mock this?

Needed: Love for COUNTRY!

Am addressing this particularly to members of the AAP.

We have given Reason for Others to Laugh at Us. They are saying that there are Fights for ‘Seats’ going on in the AAP.

We started with So much Pain. To give Just One example, Arvind was carried off like an Animal. The second photo also shows how some of the police were ‘Laughing’ when they were doing that. I am not saying that Arvind was the Only one who suffered for the Cause. But after all, I suppose All of us are ready accept HIM as our Model.


Photo credit: http://www.firstpost.com/photos/images-how-police-evicted-kejriwal-from-outside-sheila-dikshits-house-549513.html




We surely do not want to be like these two shown below, who have become Notorious with the name, ‘IDIOTS.’


The ONLY reason We are laughing at them is that they have had NO thought for Others, in this case, the young Woman with the Baby.

To Repeat, We have called people who have no thought for Others as Idiots. What will WE be, If We Think ONLY about Ourselves, and NOT about the COUNTRY?

  • Is the CANDIDATE selected by the committee YOUNGER to You? Let Us Accept and Support Him/Her.
  • Has a WOMAN been selected? We are Constantly talking of Working for Women’s Upliftment. Let Us Prove it by Supporting this Person.

Maybe You are Very Good, maybe You are even Better. But Please Lend Your Support to the Team, the AAP, and Work for the COUNTRY. Please Remember that You and I joined the AAP to serve the COUNTRY. If We leave the Party just now, WHATEVER the Reason, We are Weakening it. Your Leaving Will Weaken It. The COUNTRY and the PARTY Need ALL the Support they can get.

The Elections are On Our Heads, and WE DO NOT HAVE MUCH TIME. For the Next Election, am Sure mistakes, if any, will be corrected. Let us Accept the Decision of those whom We have Accepted as Our Leaders. Let us have Trust in Them.

So, If You did not get a ‘Ticket’ for the elections, Please Accept the Decision of Our Leaders, and Continue to Work for the COUNTRY, AS PART OF THE AAP.

Hearty Regards to All. Vande Mataram. (Please SHARE this).

Pulao, Mirrors, Elections, and Old People’s Homes!

A little post is going around Facebook just now, in the form of a little poem:

‘Gareeb ki thali me jab pulao aaya, samaz jaao desh mein chunao aaya!’ The words mean:

When ‘Pulao’ appears on the Poor Man’s Plate,
Know that the Elections have Come.


Photo from: http://madhoosfood.wordpress.com/2007/02/15/vegetable-pulao/

(Pulao is a Rice Preparation which only the Rich can Afford).

It goes much Deeper than that. It shows our STUPID Laws. It seems 70 Lakhs (7 million) can be spent on electoral expenses. Whether this per constituency or party, I do not know.


In our own village of Thanneerpalli, large, Calendar sized Mirrors, with pictures of the admk’s supremo, jayalalitha, have been distributed. Since they know I support AAP, they did not come to us.

The STUPIDITY lies in this: Our lawmakers, the members of the legislative assembly, and the election commission, make these laws. AND WE ALLOW THEM, and never question them.

The Problem is: Our Children WILL Question Us. Or, they may simply keep silent, and send us to OLD PEOPLE’S HOMES.