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Indian judiciary, the Cow and the Elephant


Found this (also!) in Facebook.

judiciary cow

Now to explain it.

It seems there was this Cow which was Running in Terror.

Cows running

So Ok, I could not photograph ‘that’ event. For the moment, let us suppose this was that cow!

An Elephant saw this, and called it to Stop. And when an Elephant tells You something, You Listen, [ You Better! 🙂 ]

“WHY are You running?” thundered the Elephant.

“Oh, the Indian government has ordered that All Buffaloes be put in Jail,” panted the Cow, with many a look backward.

The Elephant was puzzled. “Are You trying to make Fun of me, You Stupid creature? Are You not a Cow?”

“Yes, Great one,” said the Cow. “I Know that I am a Cow. But if the government catches me, it will take me At Least 20 Years to prove that I am a Cow and not a Buffalo.”

The Elephant Also started Running.

Running elephant