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Some Much Needed Reminders!


This should have been a Reblog. Could not find that button. So am sharing this with You all, along with the comment I have written on that site:

Hello, Kim! Very Good post. Among the very many things we Oldies (I am 70) forget, are the usefulness of Routines and Time Tables. I have been a Very ‘Ex Tempore’ man. Reading Your post has done me Good. 🙂

A Morning Routine to Set You Up For Success


Handles Help!


Of late my Body has become a little Stiff.

Hmm, I thought. Been Neglecting my Exercises!


NO! Came the Rejoinder. Careless.

And the Mind was Satisfied.



Image from the Internet

Men prefer to think that they become Angry rather than Sad.

The Censor board accepts Crap but not Shit.

Brave instead of Foolhardy. And a Hundred others.


And in that way, I have been Very foolish in Not Choosing my Words, particularly in Interpersonal Relationships. For all those instances I ask Pardon.


Hmm… To get back, To Get Going, and to Get Things Done, is the Important thing. Handles can Only help. 🙂


ASTONISHING Effects of Exercise!


My Dear Friends, this evening I had to go to Kulithalai, the one-horse town that We have, for odds and ends.

I had decided to walk there, a 2.5 kilometre trip; something of a novelty for me. What I mean is, As I keep saying, I was Born and Brought up on Cement! Have never been too used to Walking. Yet, since the last few Years, am making myself get into the practice.

I had already walked about 3 kilometres during the day, And I had posted NINE articles on the Blog in two days, (and did one more, before this one!). So, as I set out, I was feeling Exhausted. I was promising myself some good rest and went and completed my jobs.

It was As I was reaching back home, towards the very End, that I noticed that I was Not Even Tired!

Altogether I walked some 6+ kilometres today, Not in one stretch, of course, and it has done me Good!

Walking Turtle

This might be more of my Pace! But it works for me. Again, for me, it is the Distance covered and the Time Spent in Walking that are More important than the Pace or the Speed.

At 68 plus years of age, with a Heart Condition, No Medication by choice, And working about 10 hours a day at the computer, this my type of exercise works quite well for me.

PS: Remember Not to Over-do it, Folks! 🙂

Happy Exercise to You!


Exercise for KNEE Pain

Here is an Exercise for Knee Pain, that does requires No Gym or Equipment, and would take just 60 Seconds. This is Not for those with Injuries and such. Rather, it is for those to whom the Doctor says: “There is Nothing Wrong with Your…, etc!”

There can be Simple Reasons for Our Sicknesses. Like, Lack of the PROPER exercise. My Exercise will both Strengthen the requisite Muscles, particularly the Thighs, and Bring Flexibility to the Joint.

You can do these Exercises At ANY TIME. Only, Never do any E just after Meals. Always give a 2 hour break. It is Better Not to Fix a time for these, like in the morning, or something like that. If We Miss that Time, We Tend to Put it off for the Next day! Just Decide to Do it Everyday.


gochinesemedical.com The site proposes Acupuncture.

knee-pain-peculiar exercises

Knee Pain and Exercise

The solution, according to the site above, is going to require a Gym, with all those Mats and things, and Strong, Athletic Exercises.


Now, For Mine: Happy to have got so many pictures which show the BODY POSITION I want You to Assume. You can do my Exercises on Your Bed, and YOU CAN USE A PILLOW. Just get Comfortable, On Your Side.

These pictures and the sites address different Issues. Hence there is going to be Some Important Differences in the Doing.


Just Keep Your upper hand on the Hip.

BEND AND STRAIGHTEN A LEG 5, 10 or 20 times, GENTLY, BREATHING NORMALLY ALL THE WHILE. After a short break, turn to the other side and repeat with the Other Leg. Do Not Rush. Do Not Go for High Numbers. Don’t Tear a Muscle!

knee pain ex a


knee pain ex b


knee pain ex c



The Same Exercise could also be done Lying on Your Stomach, Lifting and Lowering the Leg. Remember, it is All GENTLY DONE, Breathing Normally.

knee pain ex d


People of the 30s and 40s seem to have Knee Pain these days. More Importantly, Sitting at the Computer 6 to 8 hours a day IS going to give You Knee pain! No movement of the Joint, is the Reason. …A PEA sized amount of Pain Creams/Balms will Greatly Improve the situation. But Please remember, the Ointments and Creams will bring You only Temporary Relief. Exercise in Needed for Lasting Well Being and Health. It would be Wise to Keep Doing the Exercise, Even when the Pain is Not there. …Await my Next set of Exercises, for BACK PAIN.

How to KEEP Exercising!

You know Writers put off writing till the last moment. I am one who would put off Exercising …Forever! But I have Overcome it. …This post could also be called:


These are Not for those Who are bed-ridden, or who have been Advised Bed Rest by the doctors.

People write about having done this workout and that, or that they are just going to start Yoga, and what not. …Being a Heart patient, I had reached a condition where I could not walk 500 metres without Pain. You can read how I Overcame the Heart problem here. Part of my method involved Exercise. In this post, I share with You just How I manage to Keep Exercising, Walking my Minimum of 500 metres, where that same distance used to give me serious pains.


Photo from Internet. …Please let me share that I do not agree to putting animals or birds in cages.


Within my compound, walking this way and that, I can walk about 35 metres at a stretch. Up and down that comes to 70. I decided to make at least 7 trips everyday. That would have made it the required 500 metres.

I had noted that walking at (what used to be) my Normal Pace was producing severe pains even within that distance. Hence, I walked it Very Slowly. Like, I took 24 minutes to cover that distance of half a kilometre! If I had walked at that speed outside the compound, I would have received peculiar looks.

The picture of the tiger is to show that Even Caged animals of this size, which are used to covering dozens of kilometres in a day, Keep themselves Fit, even in Cages. They achieve this by Pacing about. We can never complain that We lack the Time, the Equipment or the Space for Exercise. Remember the Tiger. If We decide to Exercise, We Can.

Even if I were in a 3 metre room, I would keep to this by Keeping Walking about for about 20 minutes or so, without going out.


TO THOSE WHO ARE VERY SICK: if You can Walk to Your Toilet, You Can Do This! You might decide to start with a mere 100 metres. Please Do that without Any Hesitation or Embarrassment.

Round this up with some GENTLE Stretches towards the Back and the Front, and towards the Sides. Next come a few Twists to the Sides. You can do all these Standing. GENTLE is the Keyword here. Ten to Twenty Seconds per movement is Ample.

Remember that You might feel Giddy while bending Backwards. Watch out for this.


I request You all to share this with those Friends who could be Very Sick like this. Please Do Share this VERBALLY with them!

How I Managed my Heart ‘Condition!’

I have shared about my Heart Condition, of Problem proportions, and How I was coping with that. There have been developments in that too. I had been taking Allopathic medicines, which I changed to Homeopathic, as these would be more Bio-friendly. These reduced the pains measurably; but they would not go away, and at times I was having severe ones.

When I went for another check up to a speciality hospital in Trichy recently, I was advised an Angiogram. This would cost me rs. 13,000 I was told. When I hear such estimates, I always think 20 thousand. Next, my friends told me that it does not end with that, but that it would lead to Angioplasty and/or Bypass surgery. And for that, they told me, I better have about 2 Lakhs (200 thousand) ready. O Boy, when I cannot even manage 20 thousand! Haha.




This is what I did.

I paid attention to what I had heard these doctors say: “It is a matter of How We manage Stress.”

I had always thought that I was the Coolest of persons :), but when I got down to it, I knew that I got Irritated Very Easily.

1. I decided that I would Not get Irritated.

I have not succeeded 100% in this, of course, but I have made Significant changes in my Lifestyle. I am not the wisest of men, nor do I have too many People Skills, but I have effected some Goodly changes As I wanted to be True to my Decision.

The Second that was that I decided to Exercise. This was not so Simple. Walking even half a kilometre was producing pains of a Very unpleasant sort. Was I stumped!

2. I decided that I would walk a Minimum of 500 metres Every day.

Happily, I have been able to keep this up too. This also has produced some Very Good differences. Like, the Pains are Appreciably Less, I have More Energy, and I Feel like Walking even more, and I AM walking More! It is keeping my Heart in Condition! How did/do I manage to walk this distance, when such a small one was producing Bad pains in me? That I want to share in a Short, next post. To go there, please click here. …And, I have noticed that I get pains if I eat even a little extra. So,

3. I have decided to be Very Strict with the Amount of my Food.


All this is working. Have not had serious pains since I started all this. Considering my Output, more than 300 posts in about 225 days, I am doing Well. I have indeed ‘Managed’ my Heart Condition. So Can You!

Wish You All Love, Happiness and Peace.