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My Losses and Gains!

Right from my Youth, I have kept pictures of the Poor, usually inside my books. I would cull them from Magazines, and Old Issues of the Catholic Digest that We used to get were a Rich source. One of my favourite pictures was almost exactly like this one, though in Black and White.


Picture from Internet.


Our Family Situation was a Comfortable one. My Dad was in the Indian Railways, and his last salary was about rs. 450. As that was back in 1968, We Lacked for Nothing. …We could See People living like this in Gorakhpur, where We were.

During my Youth I did not think in terms of Christ living in Each and Every one of Us. I just wanted to do something about their Poverty. And Happily, I have lived for that Ever Since.

Now, this Post asks the Question: What did I get from living like that?


First of all, It has Cost me LOTS and LOTS of my Energy. Tons and Tons of it, so to say, so that I am one Very Tired Old Man.

Secondly, because of this my Nature, Many have kept away from me! They find me too Burning?


On the Plus side, …I Realize, and Experience, that I am Loved. It is seen in the Smiles and the Welcome on People’s Faces.

I also Enjoy a Lot of Peace. If things Upset me, it is only to move me to Action, like Trying to Get my Fellow Humans Involved in Creating a Better World.

All these things should make one Happy, and I Am Happy. Quite Happy.

Maybe a Very Short list. But when You are Carrying Your ATM card, what is the need to carry cash? Or, in other words, One Diamond is better than a Piggy Bank full of Coins!

I am Satisfied, and am Ready, Even Eager to Go, to my Rest!


Fellow Travelers Welcome!

How Make Happiness Permanent!



I Already have a post on ‘The Way to Happiness!‘ This present post will help Us Imbibe, Personalise and Make Our Learning and Particularly its Effect, PERMANENT. And not just Happiness, but that of Love and Trust.

And it is Not only the Experience of Happiness that has to be Made Permanent. Those of being Loved, and Trust has to be made Stable too! The same method works for all of these.

Named my blog as Love, Happiness and Peace. And Most of the time have been writing on Current Affairs! But these have a Direct connection with the Subject of the blog! Am presenting today some thoughts on How We can Achieve Happiness.

I have been through thick and thin, (Who hasn’t?). If, in the Rainbow, Red is to be the Best, and Violet the worst, I have been through Violets too, many times, for long durations. In all this, Came to Understand that God Really Loves Us.

Achieving Happiness would require Many things. It does not come by waving some Magic Wand. If there is a Problem like Lack of Money, Discord in the Family, Lack of Internal Peace, etc, all those have to be Addressed as far as possible.

This post will be of Particular Use for those Who have Money, Things, and People Around them, yet feel a Vacuum in their Hearts.



Even if You do not Believe in God, Start by saying, ‘It is said that You are Love. That You want to Us give Peace and Happiness and Blessings and all that. If You are there, let me Experience them.’

Next, Start saying this verse from the Bible: [Note: Saying this does Not make You a Christian!]

Surely, Only Goodness and Kindness, Shall follow me, All the days of my life.’

That is Psalm 23:6a, and my own translation.

You are supposed to say this Repeatedly, Whenever You have the time and the opportunity. Say it As many times as Possible in a day! Say it when You have difficulty in sleeping, as You are walking, waiting, etc, etc.

I would ask You to keep at this for at least a goodly Three months. Try to say it with Emphasis on the Underlined words. You do not have to say them Aloud.

Let HIM explain Why He gave Us verses like these. By Making You Experience those Good things.


Do Not think the Mind will Not go off on those Tangents. It is Famous for going round and round its favourite topics! Thoughts will arise in Your head, saying:

  • ‘What foolish thing have You started?’
  • ‘Do Your Really think that All those supposed things are going to happen Definitely? You are saying ‘Surely.’
  • ”Only’ Good things are going to happen? Is it even possible on Earth? Why are You wasting time after seeing this one word?’
  • ”All’ the days of Your life? No Breaks? Hahaha,’ and all that.


The suggested words, if Uttered with Love and Reverence, will Calm Your Mind, even Silence Your Mind. The Brain Cannot Multi-task! That is why they say Do not Talk on the Cell Phone while You are Driving! And other things like that.

We can do Only One thing at a Time. If We have told ourselves to just keep Pronouncing these words, and Keep our Attention on Pronouncing them, then our Famous Subconscious is Not able to bring up its subjects for one more viewing!

All this, Incidentally, is called ‘DHYAAN.’ To learn about this, please click here.

toddler good

Image credit: www.indrayanikaathi.com

It is something like this: We would like to Lift Up and Hug a Child. But the Child might be too busy, and interested in other things. Our Subconscious Mind too is Too Busy with Other things, to pay attention to, and to Receive, What God would like to give.

If We give our brain¬†big things to do, it will¬†become active!¬†Silence the Mind by giving it¬†something Small to do. And Only in that Silence Can it Receive God’s Gifts of Love, Happiness and Peace.


tweets: (20th March ’14). 3.

1. Dissatisfaction with party; AAP. IF Our candidate or self Not chosen, shd We also leave AAP, like other parties? Why did We join?

2. Dissatisfaction with party; AAP. After leaving, are We going to start new party? Or pull AAP down?!

3. Dissatisfaction with party; AAP. Can We show enough Love for COUNTRY by Staying on, and Working for AAP? Address problems later?

4. Dissatisfaction with party; AAP. Example: Volunteers Not Organized/ Mobilized in TN. Those with Exp shd do THAT for Love of Country.

5. Dissatisfaction with party; AAP. So, instead of criticizing, Let us DO something constructive and positive for COUNTRY. Not just talk!

IN-Experience – Preferred!

There are Many instances where In-Experience is PREFERRED! What Experience do We Demand from Our Toddler? What E can We carry to Our First Job? Would Not Both Spouses Like their Partners to be Virgins?

I am going to write on the AAP, the Aam Aadmi Party, a newly formed one in India, brought into being just to Combat Corruption, which has turned India into a Sieve. Nearly 50% of Public Monies is eaten up by those in the Administration. The Poor Infrastructure, So Well pointed out to jaya by Bill Gates, in the form of Poor Roads, Poor Electrical and Water Supply, etc, is Proof that those who Sanction and Distribute Govt monies eat up a Large part of it.

You go to an office, and Bribery, Expected and delivered, often with Silent Curses, is a Way of Life. Corporates have to pay HUGE bribes if they expect Licences and such. Crony Capitalism is the Enemy for both the Rest of Business and for the Citizen, because of its effect.

If You ask me WHY, in a Blog named Love, Happiness and Peace, I am writing about Social Affairs, I would answer You, it is out of Love. As an Example, the Dearth of Water in our Area is something that ‘Burns’ in my Heart. Lakhs (100s of thousands) of Coconut trees have dried up and Died; Paddy on the point of Fructifying starts Dying for Lack of Water, and such.


The photographs above show Two Live Coconut Trees, and FIVE Dead ones! All these are Just around Our Ashram. There are Many More (Dead ones) just in the vicinity.

The Lack of Water is NOT affecting me Personally, nor will it do so in my Life time. But in a Scant 20 years or so, Water is going to become a Phenomenal Problem. Being a Sannyasi and a Catholic Priest, I do not have Children of my Own. But I am like the Grandfather who kept Planting Saplings.

Doing Something Meaningful and Useful is What Brings Happiness. And Peace. Hence writing on Social Issues in a Blog named Love, Happiness and Peace is both Justified, and above all, to be Emulated. This is where We see Love Combines with politics!

The Ganges Floods Every Year. Joining the Ganges to the Kaveri in the South of India had been a Project considered for Decades, but Never Executed because of the Absence of political Will.

The Administrations which had Charge of the Country for Decades, in the form of major political parties, are Chock Full of Experienced politicians. And AAP is just a Baby, a mere 15 months or so Old. Experienced politicos have developed control over their Words, Speech, Face and Body Language, etc, and are past masters of filling the air with blah. If ever You have the misfortune to listen to them, You come home and wonder Why people criticize them at all.

For instance, India’s ruling party is citing the thousands of schools opened, the metros brought into function, the telecom services added, etc, as proofs of their ‘achievement.’ But there are Sickening Crowds in the Trains and the Buses, which are the Lot of at least 90% of the Population of the Country.

The Schools are churning out Youth in the Hundreds of Thousands every year, but Many of them do not have even the 3 R’s. Our Youth are Experts at twiddling at the Cell Phone, but the Education system has not made them into Original Thinkers, or Even Thinkers.


The Military has Poor Gear, but the politicians have ALL become Richer Many Times. The pic at left shows How Poorly Our Soldiers are equipped compared to the Others. The one at right shows some of India’s Richest politicos. A politico from pune, dutta phuge, has a rs. 1.25 Crore Shirt! Reports say that some politicos increase their wealth by SIX times and more during their tenure of 5 years. …Of WHAT use have our ‘Experienced’ politicians been to US?

Experience has its Value. But Give me HONEST people who will not Play the Fool with the Future of Our Children. The Nation has Enough Experienced Personnel in Every Field to Guide the Administration. Yes, AAP ministers do not know the lingo of Sweet Talk; How to Keep Smiling while Stabbing You in the Back. AAP ministers are So Eager, they seem Hotheads. But AAP seems to be the Answer to India’s Problems just now. It needs to be supported. We can do that by Joining the party.

It is Indeed criticized Right and Left, Every Day, Many Times, especially by the media. It is bashed if it Does, and bashed if it Doesn’t. The latest charge, as I heard it last night over the Headlines Today, was, something like: ‘The AAP was always criticizing, talking hard; Why is it changing its ways now?!’ And if the AAP is Such a Useless party, WHY ALLOT SO MUCH TIME TO CRITICIZING IT?

The Time, Attention, and Care given to AAP’s Criticism – All Very Professional, Very Well Thought Out, and Very High Brow – Shows that the AAP, within this Short span of 15 MONTHS or so, has become a Threat to the existing political parties, the corrupt in the courts and the offices, and to Crony Capitalists. And That is Why these are taking the Time and Effort to come down on AAP like a Ton of Bricks and a Pack of Wolves.

I will take the IN-Experienced AAP as Opposed to the present ‘Experienced’ Looters. Any Day.