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A Superb Witness to the Goodness of the Lord

Came across this Superb piece of Witness in Facebook, which I have shared in my Other site, under:



Prime Minister Modi, Police, and Screen World

On the 2nd of this month, during talks of Improving India’s police force and its efficiency, etc, modi had said that the Indian Screen was showing the police in a poor and bad light.

On the SAME day, this picture had appeared on Facebook. WOMEN are there. All of the People are Unarmed.

police brutality fb 021214

Are Citizens Toys for the police, Instruments for their Sadistic Satisfaction and Pleasure?

As Usual, We will find that the great ministers, prime or otherwise, conveniently Do Not even See writings like mine.


Thomas Matthew is one of my Facebook, and Real life Friends. He had shared this in Fb. His Student, Raghavan, has written this.


And, by the way, For those interested, some suggestions for iPhones from good ole me!

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That simple little thing above is the Apple iPhone 6 Gold, 64 GB, and costs a mere 62.5 thousand rupees.

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16 croresThis is Apple’s Something Something phone, and costs just, …wait, SIXTEEN CRORES!

Now, to the Article:


Thomas Matthew had introduced it thus: A SHARE FROM RAGAVAN, MY STUDENT WHO TOO LOVES TO WRITE LONG…….

“Yesterday, I was at the driving wheel, and the FM radio went off for a few seconds. I thought, I should have taken my iPod. Then I realized suddenly that I had not used my iPod for the past 6 months. And then,,,,, more things,,,,,,, Handy cam in the last 2 years, Digital Camera in the last 2 months, DVD player in last 1 month and many more.

Now I can say that I bought that Handy cam just out of sheer impulse… I have used it only twice in the last 4 years.So, what’s wrong and where?

When I look at myself or my friends I can see it happening everywhere. We are not happy with what we have; but all are stressed and unhappy for the things we don’t have. You have a Santro, but you want City; You have a City, but you want Skoda. Just after buying a new phone, we need another one. A better laptop, bigger TV, faster car, bigger house, more money,,, and the examples are endless.

The point is: ‘Is it actually worth’?

Do we ever think if we actually NEED those things before we want them?

After this, I was forced to think what I need and what I don’t. May be I didn’t need this Handy cam or the iPod or that DVD player.

When I look at my father back at home.,,, He has a simple BPL colour TV, he doesn’t need 32″ Sony LCD wall mount. He has a cell phone worth Rs 2,500. Whenever I ask him to change the phone, he says calmly, “It’s a phone; I need this just for calls.”And believe me; he is much happier in life than I am with these limited resources and simple gadgets.

The very basic reason why he is happy with so little is that he doesn’t want things in life to make life luxurious, but he wants only those things which are making his life easier. It’s a very fine line between these two, but after looking at my father’s lifestyle closely, I got the point. He needs a cell phone but not the iPhone. He needs a TV but not the 32″ plasma. He needs a car but not an expensive one.

Initially I had a lot of questions….I am earning well; still I am not happy…why? I have all luxury about me; still I am stressed…. ……why? I had a great weekend, still I am feeling tired…… why?

I have met a lot of people,…. I have thought over it again and again; I still don’t know if I have got the answers. But I certainly figured out a few things… I realize that one thing which is keeping me stressed is the “stay connected” syndrome. I realized that, at home also I am logged in on messengers, checking mails, using social networks, and on the top of that, the windows mobile does not let me be disconnected. Even on the weekends, trying to avoid unwanted calls keeps my mind full of stress inevitably.

I realized that I am spending far less money than what I earn; even then I am always worried about money and more money feeling insecure….

I realized that I am saving more money than I would ever need. Still I am stressed about job and salary and my spendings.

May be, many people will call this approach a “non-progressive attitude”, but I want my life back.

Ultimately it’s a single life, a day gone is a day gone. I believe if I am not happy tonight, I’ll never be happy tomorrow morning.

I finally realized that meeting friends, spending quality time with your loved ones, spending time with yourself….. is the most important thing.

If on a Sunday you are alone and you don’t have anybody to talk to and you begin to feel lonely, then all those luxuries of life, all that money you saved is wasted.

May be cutting down your requirements, re-calculating your future goal in the light of today’s happiness is a worthwhile thing to do.

May be, selling off your Santro and buying Honda City on EMIs is not a good idea. I believe, putting our happiness ahead of money is the choice we need to make.

I think, a lot can be said and done but what we need the most is re-evaluation of the value of happiness and time we are giving to our life and people associated with it…

Think about it….. (Having more money is as problematic as not having enough money !!!!)


Formatting in Raghavan’s article is mine.


PS: This post is receiving very good comments. Please Do Read them. Regards.

The Least We Can Do!

We Find Our Circles Growing. We Not only Like Some People’s Posts, but Find that We Agree with their Thoughts. This is the Stage Where Support is Needed. We can do that Many ways, of course. But I have found a Simple Way of Supporting and Encouraging my Friends. The Least We Can Do, which Actually becomes Quite and Very Effective, is to:



The Simplest and the Least: Share it On Twitter! Of course, We would Do Better to Do it on:

fb n twitter


I actually Share many of my Friends’ posts on Twitter and Google+. To tell the Truth, I do not do it so much on Facebook. These do not seem to like ‘Longish’ posts! But You have to decide about Your Friends there.

fb twitter g+


I would do it on Pinterest too. Only, I have not yet worked out HOW, yet! Naturally, We would Reblog Only in Rare cases. So, There is MUCH of the Least We Can Do! So Let us be Supportive, Active, and Generous!

Challenge… The Establishment!


We See that there are Very many things that Need Change, and in which We can play a role. The Establishment, the Administration or the government, (to use the old word), Needs to be Challenged. So let us Challenge It, which will start with Criticism!

Here are Two Great Cartoon, which, again Are Not Mine. I found both of them in Facebook.


Here, the Journalist is asking ‘corruption,’ ‘Who is your Best Friend these days?’

To which corruption relies: ‘Section 144.’

This is the law that forbids People from gathering in groups of more than 4. It is supposed to be used when Violence is expected. But apply it to Peaceful Protests, and We have Goodbye Democracy, because it would  take away from Us the Very Means to Protest.


We have laws which Effectively make us Fools and Slaves. You are Not allowed to Question the judiciary. OR ELSE it becomes ‘contempt of court.’

Do Not these kinds of things, the Establishment, Need to be Challenged? I call this Criticism. And of this I do a lot. …Let us also Remember to Question, Criticise and Challenge the Religious Establishments too! More on this later.


Is it Growing Darker?

Are the forces of evil surfacing? Is the Situation of the World Growing Darker? Just Yesterday I had posted asking if the Chances of Horrors touching Our Own Lives are Possible. Striking the Iron while it is Hot, have Two Videos of Child Abuse, in this case, of the Corporal kind.

In one, on the left, a THREE year old Child is first THROWN, Violently, down, then bashed Repeatedly on the Head, by a WOMAN teacher. Later, the TV channel showed this woman beating the Child even more, and More Violently, AND Kicking the Child, Twice. I had wanted to post the First video. It seems Videos cannot be posted on this Blog as it is a Free and Basic one. I am Absolutely Thankful to WordPress as it is, of course. To have a Free Site is No Ordinary thing. To watch the Video, please go to the Photos/Albums in:


Giving You a Frame from the same:

Ch bashed

Actually, in the Right hand frame of the presentation, We have a Burly, so called Teacher (again), Violently Caning, this time, Visually Impaired Children. Is the World Growing Darker?

In the Rise of Crime, the judiciary is Very Much Responsible. Cases Dragged on for Decades, Senseless, Meaningless, Puny Sentences, at which the criminals laughingly Thank the judges, etc, Embolden Crime. Keep the Reform and Accountability of the judiciary Very much in Your mind.

Are Our Children Safe in School?


Incidentally, the man who had raped the 6 year old child has been arrested, Thanks to the Relentless Protests. Add Your Voice to the Rising Crescendo, and Keep at it. It brings Results.

On Privacy, Personal Space, and Responsibility


It seems that Facebook had conducted an experiment on no less than 689,000 of its users, presenting them, for instance, with Sad stimuli, to see if the users Did become Sad. It seems that Facebook had done this without taking the permission, or even informing the subjects of this. This has created Resentment. There is talk of Invasion of  Privacy and Personal space. But, What about Responsibility?

To Continue, there is talk of people not able to ‘Hold up,’ and ‘Not being Able to Handle their lives,’ and their ‘Mood’ being ‘Affected,’ when they see such presentations there.

This post is Not about Facebook. …How do these people handle Real Life situations? Does Life Itself pick and choose what it is going to deliver to them? No Accidents? No Snakes in the Bathroom? Neighbours and Bosses and All Nice and Quiet?

What are We? Have We finally become a Race of the Pitiable? Should We hand over the planet to the Apes?

It seems to come down to this. Too Many are Wilfully going after what should only be called a World of their own. Which is Actually their Comfort Zone!

rapes up s

Saw a report of a 9 year old Raped. Photo, taken by me with my Nokia cell phone, shows news of not just one, but two incidents, much to our shame. The news channel is Headlines Today.

The Real Tragedy in above news is that both the police and the medical staff did not Care for this Child.

No, I do not have a ‘Fetish’ with Rape. But I do not become ‘Affected’ when I see or hear of such things. On the Contrary, I try to do the Best I can, which is, Raise an Awareness, and Encourage People to Concerted Action. Martin Luther King, Mahatma Gandhi, Nelson Mandela, and of recent times, Arvind Kejriwal did the Same.

Talks of Privacy or Personal Space do NOT bring Success. Facing Issues, Taking Up Responsibility and Doing One’s Best, IN ANY AND EVERY CIRCUMSTANCE, give one a sense of Satisfaction.