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Share Your Story – Nechama Sklar

Picnic with Ants

I’m proud to present to first contributor to Share Your Story.  Nechama Sklar is a chronic illness warrior and writes at The Life You Gave Me.  After her story is a small bio about her.  I encourage you to jump over and check out this young woman’s blog.  I’m sure you will become a follower just like I am.

I am Nechama and I have a chronic disorder known as MCAS, mast cell activation syndrome. Basically, my cells are having way too much fun done, treating many things that should be harmless as dangerous invaders.

When I am exposed to one of those triggers, my body desperately tries to get rid of it, any way it can. It usually doesn’t go for the typical reactions. Coughing fights, muscle spasms, flushing, and chest tightness are more its style. On some occasions those tiny little cells that are supposed to protect me…

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On Trust


Once, a Famous Retreat Preacher in the North named Fr. Jim Borst and I were travelling by train. We were in one of what are called those ‘Super Fast’ trains of India, this one from somewhere in the North East to Delhi, if I remember rightly.

The point is that the place where We were to alight was Not a scheduled Stop, and Fr. Borst knew this! But when I mentioned this to him, he calmly replied: “It Will Stop.”

India, and particularly places like Bihar, have become Notorious for ‘Chain Pullings.’ These are opportunities provided by the Railways to Us to Stop trains in case of emergencies. Once my own father had nearly got left out when he had got down to buy some eats. We had pulled the chain as the train started moving and he got in.

to stop train pull chain

The red knob is attached to the Chain.

to stop train...

It is supposed to be used in situations like these. This particular one, I suspect, is a still from some movie! But it gives You the idea. But the fellow is doing it wrong. Either he thinks she can run faster than the train and catch up, or the idea of pulling the chain has not entered his, or any of the other passengers’ heads.

But it is quite often used by ‘local’ passengers to get down where they want, – at times near their villages Miles from any station! – and by vendors and their companions!

tea vendor

All images from the Internet.


Nowadays the Railway is doing away with this system altogether, but when/where they still exist, the pulling of the chain creates a partial vacuum, creating a drag for the locomotive, and to save power, the driver pulls the main brakes, (those who pulled the chain have their way), the vacuum is restored by flipping a lever at the end of the coach, and the train starts again. But train drivers many a time allow the train to go on for many a mile even though it costs more power, in order to discourage the ungodly.So Fr. Borst could not be Sure that the train would stop where We needed it to!

But it happened. Some fellows did pull the chain, the train stopped at the station where We needed to get down, and taking advantage, We alighted.

For me, it was a Great Lesson in Trust.

Others I have admired in this regard are St. John Bosco, who kept a house for Poor Boys, himself with No income, and Mother Teresa.

don bosco

John Bosco, also called Don Bosco.


The Saintly Mother Teresa

I had YEARNED to have Trust like theirs. But I Literally lived in Trembling and Fear. I was taking care of about 40 people at that time, as seen partially below, and many a time, I would have Only about Rupees 20 in my cash box!

That was when I started practising my Dhyaan, this time with the Intention of experiencing His Providence, and for me to Learn to Trust. It is a literal Miracle that We Never had to eat Our Rice without Pulses and Vegetables! Not to mention the Other needs. To see How to do Dhyaan, and How to become Steeped in Trust, etc, please click here.

The Good Lord WANTS to Shower His Blessings on Us. We are the ones who Block His Grace. …On this in another post.

One thing I consider a Negative in Our prayers is that

  • We are Constantly Asking,
  • Asking for Things,
  • Asking them for Ourselves (Alone), and
  • Constantly Asking!

As I have said, if We Trust, We Shall Not Repeat those Requests! Ok, No more than Once in a Day! 🙂



We cannot say to God: ‘YOU have created me. Now it is YOUR responsibility to keep me in luxury.’ Through the centuries, people have found that this does not work.

The Most Famous example that comes to mind is that of the Lord telling Moses: ‘Lift up your stick and hold it over the sea.’ Exodus 14:16.

What We have to note is that Moses too had expected the Lord to do Everything, and had been seemingly Crying out to the Lord (praying). It was then that the Lord spoke those words to him.

Again, ‘Moses held out his hand over the sea, and the Lord drove the sea back…’ Exodus 14:21. We have to do our bit, and then the Lord makes it happen.

Moses parts the red sea



Trust does not mean going with Our Eyes closed, because HE gave Us Eyes! And Brains. We are supposed to Use them to the Full. When We have done All We can, to Our Fullest ability, and yet have not achieved, Then We can and should relax, and leave things to Him.

God is Nor running a Grocery shop where we can give us lists and expect them to be fulfilled, Nor is He our Baby Sitter, running around behind us when we want to run on walls.


There is, after all, the thing called ‘Fools rushing in where Angels fear to tread.’ Even the Most Able soldier, the highest trained Spy, does not Rush in without having been briefed or reconnoitring the area. But what do We find?

The heroine of the movie Taken goes on a spree, her mother does not mind. …And elsewhere in another movie the girl goes for a party, is given drugs and raped. But the point is that the girl goes upon the invitation of casual acquaintances. This is NOT Trust, but Stupidity. If anybody wants to say these things happen only in movies, then…


I have not had the ‘Faith that moves mountains,’ or the ‘Faith that passes understanding,’ or, least of all, ‘The Gift of Faith,’ etc. Faith I have had, and my Faith has Grown.

Only when the human being Constantly Sees God’s Presence, His Actions and His Support in his life, does his Faith become Trust. That has happened to me.

I have only had the Tenacity and Persistence to Stay in my Dhyaan. And that is what brought me to Trust. The experiences of His Goodness take place in a Million ways for Each and Every one of Us. But We are talking of Experience, with a Capital E.

These Experiences are available to Everybody. I Wish You All the Experience of Trust! 🙂


PS: Though this is a subject on which I have spoken much, as such have had the material, the inspiration, the ‘push,’ as it were, to make a post of it came from some comments fellow blogger, the already mentioned Madelyn Griffith-Haynie, as in her <addandsomuchmore.com/> …again!


EXTRAORDINARY account of Brutality vs Faith

Am sharing with You Another post by Anna Waldherr, again by Copy and Paste, (well You know the reason by now. Sigh).

I Only Pray that I too might have this YOUNG boy’s Love and Faith.


Below, Anna’s post:

“Below is an excerpt from the August 2015 edition of the Voice of the Martyrs Newsletter.  VOM, http://www.persecution.com, is a Christian non-profit serving the persecuted church.

boko haram in nigeria

[Bombing by Boko Haram 4/14/14, Source Voice of America (PD-US federal govt.)]

The events described are brutal.  The faith of this 13 y.o. boy stands in sharp contrast.  It should be humbling to the rest of us.

Danjuma Shakaru’s…face is marked by horrendous scars…and by a beaming smile…He remembers running for his life and then being confronted by some of the more than 1,000 Islamic insurgents who attacked his Christian village, burning homes and killing villagers who didn’t manage to escape…

Danjuma can’t recall the attackers hacking at his left arm with a machete.  He has no memory of them cutting out his right eye.  And he doesn’t remember them cutting off his genitals.

Danjuma is among the thousands of Nigerians who have been brutalized in violent riots, bombings and village raids since 1999, when Islamists began their campaign to establish Islamic [Sharia] law and an Islamic territory in the north.  The Insurgency escalated in 2009 with the rise of the extremist group Boko Haram…

In spite of what he has suffered, Danjuma is certain that God is still in control…Danjuma not only forgives his attackers but almost pities them for the condition of their hearts.

‘I forgive them because they don’t know what they are doing,’ he said, echoing the words of Christ.  ‘If they had love, they wouldn’t behave that way.’

Following the attack, which left 23 villagers dead and 38 injured, survivors began to dig graves for those killed.  Villagers had walked past Danjuma’s body and assumed he was dead, but later they heard him crying and shouting…

Danjuma said his relationship with God has only grown stronger since the attack.  He continues to pray and seek God’s guidance…

[But] Danjuma’s life is much different now.  A catheter extends from his lower abdomen, draining urine into a bag that he must carry as he walks.  He is fully dependent on God, on his mother and on the care of others around him…

‘If they hear the story, they should pray for me – for my [broken heart] and that I have strength to serve the Lord,’ he said…

‘If they find themselves in such a situation, they should embrace God,’ he said, still smiling.  ‘They should believe that the God who created us knows everything about us, so let’s be faithful and let’s be kind…’ ”

Ref: http://alawyersprayers.com/2015/08/02/brutality-and-faith/

[Emphasis mine]


My Thanks to Anna Waldherr for sharing this Extraordinary account with Us.

Have faith in all that you do

Eastern Sea Star


When we see a fork in the road, sometimes, when we’re not sure what is the correct path to take.


We may proceed down one path with extreme caution.


For awhile we may be walking on eggshells until we feel more secure about the path that we are taking.


If we have faith, the Lord will show us the correct path to take and he will walk with us to be sure that we reach our destination safely.


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On Faith


Am just starting a little series on this subject. This post deals in particular with the ‘Amount’ of Faith each one of has. As to What Faith is, and How Increase it, shall be dealt with in further posts.


Faith? Who does not have faith? And Who has Enough Faith?!

Below We have a Very Good picture of Christ’s saying: “If You have Faith as much as a Mustard Seed, You can Move Mountains, etc…” Matthew 17:20. In this regards, this is what I have to say about my own Faith. I do not think I have even that much.

I think I may have just a ‘Speck’ of it, as little as a speck of Dust.

But this itself Seems to be Quite Good! I do not mean that I can or should be satisfied with the situation, of this Small amount of Faith that I have. I shall be trying my level best to Grow in this regard. But We should Not get into a Panic about this, Much Less Despair about it.

God has used a fool like me, and the Small amount of Faith that I have, to do many Great things. To recap them in VERY short order, they would be – My Getting the Courage to Live; and Many Major Healings, etc, that HE Effected through this Unworthy Instrument. I shall give my Witness Elsewhere, in time, as it would make this post too long If I give it here. You can read part of that here.


Image from: http://monteskewed.blogspot.in/2012/03/0-false-18-pt-18-pt-0-0-false-false_14.html

What I want to say by all this is: If You think You do not have Much Faith, LET IT NOT ‘WORRY’ YOU.

There ‘is’ the Gift of Faith, and Some are gifted with it.  But EACH of Us has been gifted in one way or another. We have this in 1 Corinthians 12:7 and 11, a Powerful Double mention. Gifts are given by Others. And it would not be nice to tell the person, ‘Give me such and such,’ would it? OK for Children, but for Us? In the present case, since the Giver is God, Would He not know what Gifts would be Best for Us? So let us not Cry if We do not have the ‘gift’ of Faith.


Image from: http://byuwsr.blogspot.in/2013/05/lord-i-believe-by-elder-holland.html

The picture above is supposed to depict the Very Famous words, and the Wonderful Prayer of that good man in the Gospel who said to Jesus: “Lord, I Believe; Do THOU Increase my Faith.” Mark 9:24. If We change the Emphasis, it can Rightly become: “Lord, I Believe; Do Thou INCREASE my Faith.” Who does Not Need this Prayer?

So let us keep Walking with the Lord. Doubts ‘Will’ arise. Let us Just keep praying: “Lord, I Believe; Do Thou Increase my Faith.”