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A Family that…

True, the Old Adage: The Family that Prays Together Stays Together is Very True.

But I have also found that in Reality,

A Family that Works Together Stays Together!

A family working together

Too often have I heard Indian Wives complaining that their Husbands would not Bother to take them to the doctor even if they were ill and lying down with Fever. But those Same husbands would put on their shirts and start off on their motorcycles in a Jiffy, even when their Wives were Sick, if their friend phoned up and called them to come.

Husbands in India think that it is beneath them to do Housework, even unto washing their own Underwear! Their female-folk have to do it for them, and they say their Love their Wives! Yuck.

Husbands in India think that only They do Meaningful work, and work that Tires. The Indian Wife working without the Machines and Gadgets of the West, according to them, does not, or may be Cannot, get tired. Meaning: Women are not Allowed to Get Tired!

Only a Family that Works Together Can, and Will, Stay Together.


This graphic had been posted in Facebook with the thought that Instead of Saving Our Children from Work and Labour, the Parents who Teach their Children to Work are the Better ones. This is True too.

And The Leaf Falls…

WordPress informs me that this is going to be my 500th post. I had wanted this one to be Special. And Gacia’s post on ‘Family’ is Well worth it. Kudos to her.

As I had written in its ‘comments’ section, An Absolutely Beautiful article on ‘Family.’ Well Worth our read. Hearty Kudos, my Dear Gacia! Much Love.

Sheet music of life

Family, is it love that binds the leaves of a family tree?(Not Groot). Or just the fact that we’re supposed to stick together? An ideal family is that where the members talk and sort out their differences. Because even the best of families have problems. When people gather to live in a group, problems arise, it’s only natural. But is there more to family than just following an old habit? I wonder if family members instinctively share a more intimate bond, but then my own family proves me wrong. Family is just a label. Blood-relation does not magically draw people together and make them care about one another. True friendships are more valuable, because there is no pretending, there is no ‘doing what’s expected of you’. With family, we don’t have a choice. We don’t pick the members, we’re born into it and follow through.

Just because it’s…

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I am Perplexed!

Even two years ago, I had not known what a Blog was! I had some very hazy ideas about web pages. I had thought that You create a web page, and add to it from to time, maybe even once in six months or a year, if at all. People told me that a Blog was just like those w-ps, only You Kept Writing in these. I had a look see at some blogs, saw their Archives listed, and Trembled! Whatever could Anybody have to keep writing like that, I had wondered.

As I was floundering around, I found that creating a Blog was easier than a w-p. As I kept reading up on these, particularly on suggestions given by WordPress and Blogger, etc, I was told that Blogging is All about Community. Or maybe like Family! Slowly that made sense to me.

Living my dream of being a full-time Dad s

Photo from Internet. Actually, for me, this is one of the Loveliest pictures of a Family, though the Mother is missing. Or is She the one with the Camera? Anyway.

I did see that Bloggers had an Easy Rapport between them. I took this to Heart. But wait, did I not start with Perplexity? Well, here it comes.

Even when I go to Your ‘About’ pages, or refer to Your Gravatar, I do not always get Your Names! I am like Thomas Aquinas! Hehe! But only in One aspect. I too believe. That We are a Community. Family, even. But,

How am I supposed to address You, Folks, if I can’t even have Your Names? 

Please do something about this, and Unperplex me! Let it be that when We write-in our comments, We Address one another by Name.

As for me, You may call me Swami, Baba or Yesudas. I prefer Baba! It stands for Grandfather, father or even a small Boy! Regards and Love.

How I make People Laugh!

My Mom Smiles Easily, but does not laugh too much. If We discount that, I keep up with my Quips, which is my way of making People Laugh. I Succeed in getting them to Smile, anyway! Ours is an Ashram, but I do not believe too much in ‘Physical Silence.’ I would rather that We Share the Joy that We have Received!

Grp 03

L-R: Sr. Pushpa (Tresa), who serves as a Volunteer, Thangamma, who works and helps us, Thane Mozhy, 40 years old, Mentally handicapped, who has been with us for some 12 years or so, my Mom, and my Sister Rosy Dinaker who had come on a visit from Chennai.

I do not know how many points out of 10 You would give me as a person who makes Others Laugh. But what I keep saying as I go around, is… (You Are Allowed to Laugh!)

  • “Mom, I am going to give You Asafoetida Tea this evening!”
  • “Mom, please peel and dice some 30 Kilograms of Potato for lunch.” (We are usually 5 or 6 at lunch).
  • “Did You all Stand on Your Head?”
  • “Please Pour Six pots of Water into the River.”
  • “The Cat is calling You on the Phone.”

And Other delicious things like that. Would be glad to get new Ideas from You.

“Yaam Pettra Inbam – Peruga Ivvaiyagam,” (May the Whole World Share the Happiness that We have had), as We say and Pray in our place.

‘You’re grown now’: Sex work in Samaná

What do You do when Society or the Family tells a 13 year old: “You’re not little anymore, you’re grown now.”
And then: ‘The 15-year-old was 13 when she told her parents she was pregnant. She was given three days to pack her things, leave the house and find her own way.’ In effect, Abandons her.
What I would do is, I would Spit on the Family and the Society.


I had come across this post when I was searching for graphics of overgrown 8 year olds for my next article.

Documenting the Dominican Republic

Samaná, a cruise ship port town on the northeastern coast of the Dominican Republic, draws ­thousands of tourists to the island each year. Colorful sarongs, postcards, and Dominican paintings fill souvenir shops along the main road. The locals can lead you to authentic restaurants, idyllic beaches, and, if you can spare a few pesos, girls of all ages.


“This place is a man’s paradise,” said one tourist. “These girls just love to have sex.”


Berenice, Yolei and Chabeli – best friends, mothers and sex workers –  will do whatever it takes to feed their children. So in the town of Samaná, where job opportunities are limited, the three women sell their bodies for money.  

Jan. 6 was Dia de los Reyes, a national holiday for Dominicans. To celebrate, the girls packed their bags with bikinis, snacks and orange soda, and headed to the beach with their children.



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