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India’s P.V.Sindhu, Football, et al.


For me, it is always a Delight to watch P.V.Sindhu, the Badminton artist of India, playing. And today again she fought bravely, very bravely and well, and lost.

One Reason why she lost is the Stupid Rules about Time allowed one to freshen up. The match had gone on for more then 90 minutes, She was sweating, and even had some problem with her nostrils, and the ‘umpire’ being short with her could not have helped.

A match held at Dubai can’t be cheap, yet people pay that, to see her play. And many people make a living out of the ticket sales that people like Sindhu bring in. The referees are some of them who make their living out of the games of Champions. The Referee should have the brains and the grace to allow the Champions to freshen up. Sindhu was sweating, the other one was not, does it matter? Can anybody ask why Sindhu should need time to freshen up, – which after all means only wiping off the sweat most of the time, – when her opponent was not?

Going back, that Sindhu was sweating shows she was Not at the peak of her Fitness. …Coaches seem to give ideas about play, and in that case does Sindhu another coach to see to her Fitness? The two globs of fat that she has started to carry up her hips towards her back are a good indication of the point I am making.

Football? The Reason Indian football is ranked 60th or something world wise is because, our players cannot run for 90 minutes; run the 9 to 10 Kilometres that other international players can. A Question of Fitness.

Wish You Victories, Sindhu. You bring us Joy. Love to You. 🙂



I Want Clean Football!

Very sadly, NEYMAR has received a SPINAL INJURY. A Belgian player is on crutches. So many ‘Professional’ fouls. I Prefer a Clean Game. Nay, I would go further and say that I WANT the game of Football, more so at the level of FIFA, to be Clean.

FIFA shoes that are taking on about 40 kilos on each foot, coming down on Insteps… Intentionally, can and Would be creating Serious Injuries. Do We Want that?

football shoes

I have an Elderly Friend in Erode, South India, (all these details mean that I am giving Your Real Facts!), who has Numerous, Deep Scars on his legs. He was a football player in his time, though definitely not of a very high degree. Yet he had been playing football Involving Boots (that means something, it was years ago, after all).

He has said that players would ‘grind’ the Spikes on the legs. Sportive, What?

I would Prefer Clean Football. If We are going to have Drug Tests and whatnot for Sports, thought should be given to making sports like Football Free from Serious Injury.

Tweets… on Football!

1. In Cricket, people and Science seem to have ‘progressed.’ Referrals are used.

2. In Football, where an Uninformed decision can allow/disallow a goal, or get a player banned, Referrals not used! Progress!

Hulk ball on chest good

“English referee Howard Webb was in the spotlight during Brazil’s second-round clash with Chile on Saturday when he and his assistant elected to rule out a Hulk goal for handball, with replays proving inconclusive.”

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