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Child Abuse, Forgiveness AND…


Am sharing here with You my Dear Friend Anna’s article via Ever-Faithful Copy and Paste; the Reblog/Pressit buttons not seen. Link at the end.

This brings out Very Well the Value of Forgiveness, on the part of the Victim:

Two quotations:

“Genuine forgiveness can provide victims a release from their past which nothing else can.,

“No longer to expend(ing) emotional energy focusing on his/her loss.”


Over and above this, I would like to Add that Temporal Punishment is Very much Needed, and is Very Biblical.

A (Catholic) Priest is a combination of Priest, Prophet and King, as Vatican II teaches us. And the Kingly part means keeping things (like erring priests) in check, and that would mean Punishment. …Of course a LOT of Wisdom would be needed for this.

By Not punishing the guilty,

the officers of the church (the bishops and the popes) have called punishment on themselves.

Please read her article at:

Unbiblical, Part 6 – Forgiveness v. Victims’ Rights




This refers You to my previous post, 3 Words that Changed my Life!

Where Madelyn had written that ‘People are desperate for answers,’ I have Answers. I am Not desperately searching for answers; I am not even searching for them! I have Answers. And they are Hard Earned ones.

But my Answers are Not of the kind that TV media expects, wherein the Anchor ‘forms’ his questions in about 20 sentences, and Very kindly gives the Others 15 Seconds to respond. The questions and answers referred to here deal with Life. As such the Answers are Deep.pwen

Self rt

You can choose either pic! Haha! The first one is from the Internet. As You see, Humour, when possible, is an Invariable and Necessary part of my Answers! 🙂

Sadly, as Madelyn has said, Others Charge heavily for these Answers, and since I offer it Free, people tend to Undervalue mine. But Undervaluing my Answers shall not be my Loss. 🙂

Happy Answers to You!


3 Words that Changed my Life!


This is Again one of my Most Important posts. 

I have to Thank ‘Madelyn Griffith-Haynie’ (reference at the end of this post) for getting me going on this article. In our conversations, she had written: ‘People are desperate for answers.’ 


But What are the Questions? …I have not met Anybody who does not want Love, Happiness and Peace, and whatever they might say, finally, after all the running around and exhausting themselves, these three things are what they are searching for. So the question is: How to get Love, Happiness and Peace?


Image from the Internet.

Children are the Perfect example of these gifts. This Child Feels Loved, He is Showing his Love., Feels no threats or worries., and Is Happy!

I got a Healthy amount of Love, Happiness and Peace by the Practice of:

Love, Forgiveness and Trust.

These are the Three words that changed my life. And though these are common words, I learnt their depth from Christian Teachings. To do Justice to these Three words, I would need to talk for about 8 hours on each of them, which I have done many a time, to Great Satisfaction all around. But here, it shall be Very short.


Love, Forgiveness and Trust are words to be Experienced and Practised. All of us already understand what is meant by them. So it is Not understanding We are after!



Love has to be seen from Two aspects.

  • One is the Conviction that We are Loved, and
  • Secondly, To Be Loving Persons.

How Loved do we Feel? We have to be even BRUTALLY HONEST when dealing with these questions. No Use in Fooling around. After all, when We answer these questions, We are answering to ourselves, Nobody else.

…Whatever the Situation, …There IS Love. It might be Very, Very Hidden. But it IS there. That is what takes me all those hours to show!

I have already shared How being Rejected, and Feeling Rejected, was my Bane. Having been able to overcome that, Today I place the level of my Being Loved, my level of Loving Others, my Peace and Happiness at 80%. (I like to go by numbers). Most people stand at 30%. I speak as a Guru.

People seem to think that Loving, as a Verb, is all about Loving Oneself. That is Dog Manure. Any and Every fool is loving himself. Christ said: “Love One Another as I have loved You.” (John 13:34). He did NOT say: ‘Love yourself more.’ So-called preachers and teachers had better pay goodly attention to this.

Passion-of-the-Christ e

We All come back home Tired. That is How much We work for ourselves and ours. Just HOW much have we worked for Others? For the Good of Others, without any profit to ourselves? How much time, effort and money have we given and spent on this? …No Pain, No Gain, my Friends. Real Love entails Suffering.

Jesus Died for Us. Have We even Sweated for Others? Unknown persons?

If We have Loved (Others), Love Comes Back to Us. Otherwise, The ‘Desperate Search for Answers’ Continues.



Forgiveness is Absolutely Necessary if We are to have Peace. I have an 8,000+ word article, (as You know, it will be Very Readable!), which can and should be read at leisure. Particularly Those who are Searching for Peace will find this Satisfying. It is already uploaded; I have to go through it again, before publishing. And its title is: Forgiveness.

Here are the Salient points:

  • Not having Forgiven, Lack of Forgiveness – in other words, leads to many Diseases, particularly pertaining to the Respiratory track and organs.
  • We are Supposed to Forgive Only the Hurts caused by others. Forgiving Sin is God’s business, NOT ours.
  • We Forgive others Whether they ask for it or not. We Forgive even those who have passed away.
  • We Specifically Use the Words, ‘I Forgive You.’ (We will find out just How difficult this is!) And We are NOT supposed to tell it to them to their face.
  • We have to Wish the person who has Hurt us, Every Well Wishes. If We do not wish the person Well, We have Not Forgiven.
  • We Forgive for Anything and Everything. Rape, Murder… (Is there anything bigger than these?) And As many times as it might have happened. If it happens again, We Forgive Again.



My Bane, as I have said, had been Anger, and anger starts with Irritability. I had Plenty of this too.


  • When I find the net ever-so-slow, though I have paid a goodly Rs. 948 for 28 days to Mr. Airtel for it, (We are informed that India ranks 123rd in the world in internet speed! Yuck), [ PS: This is Old stuff, from years back. ]
  • When I find Squirrels and RATS running in what I can call my Attic, endangering my flimsy ceiling,
  • When Monkeys jump about with glee and abandon On the Tiles, shaking their placement and making the roof leak,

Have I not enough reasons to be Irritable? But that I am Not! I must admit that I noticed this myself, with a Lot of Thankfulness and Satisfaction and Surprise!

And I have reason to Worry, if not to be Anxious. I have 3 bank accounts, (one of them in the name of the Ashram), with a total savings of Rs. 8811.74. Even in an emergency, I can draw out only about Rs. 5,800, as a thousand has to be kept in the account as per their rules. And I have about a Thousand in my Cash Box, and 3 Thousand in Mad Money. [PS: Now I have closed down the Ashram account. ]

And I have, coming up, my Internet and Phone Recharges which will come to a Thousand, about 400 rupees for the electricity bill, And, about 2,000 rupees in promised help as expenses!

I subsist on Donations, and the Good Lord has seen Fit to bring it down to Rs. 3,700 this month.

YET I am at Peace. I Sleep Soundly, I am able to Enjoy my Food, and have No Sicknesses. This comes by Trust. I am Convinced, to the point where I would like to say ‘I KNOW,’ my Father would send me Whatever is necessary, where and when necessary.

Trust means Not Even Repeating what You have Asked the Lord.

Trust means Accepting, with the Firmest Determination, that

  • (God) The Father Knows what He is doing,
  • I am Safe in His Hands, and that
  • He is doing What is Best for me.

So Trust is Needed in what makes us Irritable, and what causes us Worry.

It is a matter, as I said, of Realization, and Not mere understanding. This comes only with Dhyaan. For Children, of course, it is Instinctual!



Happy Answers to You!

All pictures from the Internet.

The reference to Madelyn’s post:

For a REALLY Happy New Year


Tears in Heaven

Dear Anna has spoken about the Pain of the Sexually Abused, and their Healing.

God’s Love, His Plans, the Role of Forgiveness, and perhaps Time, all would play a Role in Healing, as would Positive People.


I want to add Quite a few things to this post; hence, If You are Interested, Please visit this again. 

ANNA WALDHERR A Voice Reclaimed, Surviving Child Abuse

Street art by Nitzan Mintz, Jerusalem, Israel, Source https://www.flickr.com/photos/zeevveez/8765164478/, Author zeevveez https://www.flickr.com/people/29001414@N00 (CC Attribution 2.0 Generic)

I curled up on the couch a few nights ago, expecting to watch a good old-fashioned whodunit on television.

Unfortunately, I discovered too late that the corpse in the story belonged to a child molester. A woman sexually abused as a girl had killed him, in her effort to protect another child from abuse.

Suddenly the program was deadly serious — raising all too familiar issues of credibility, deception, violence, guilt, and justification.

The Lens of Abuse

Though this blog regularly deals with the topic of abuse, victims must strive not to view the world through that lens.

There are countless good things — and good people — in the world. Victims deserve better than to be robbed of those, in addition to having been battered and violated.

A Happy Face

There is a deep and pervasive sadness associated with abuse.  Our childhoods were stolen from us, our lives shattered.  We cannot pretend our abuse never occurred; cannot…

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Christ’s Emphasis on Forgiveness seen through His Use of the word


Christ Unabashedly used the word ‘Forgive’ an Astonishing 6 times in a mere 3 verses, that too, near Consecutive ones. Matthew 6:12,14-15. As under:

“12 Forgive us the wrongs we have done, as we Forgive the wrongs that others have done to us. …14 If You Forgive others the wrongs they have done to You, Your Father in heaven will also Forgive You. 15 But if You do not Forgive others, then Your Father will not Forgive the wrongs You have done.” (TEV).

That’s How Important Forgiveness Is!