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To Speak, Or Not to… Part 2.


[ Would make better sense if You start from Part 1. 🙂 ]

Continued from Part 1.

Here’s what I think; What say You?

Let me talk today of Prisons.

Here’s what an Indian prison looks like:

The Odd thing is that Many of them might not even have been proved Guilty. India has a LARGE percentage of those who have not yet been Tried; yet are in jail, for Decades!

Whereas for people like this man, Norwegian mass killer Anders Behring Breivik, who, it is said, killed 77,

Norwegian mass killer Anders Behring Breivik (C) gestures as he arrives in the court room at Oslo Courthouse August 24, 2012. The Norwegian court delivers its verdict in the ten-week trial of gunman Breivik on Friday, deciding whether to send the anti-Muslim militant to jail or a mental hospital for the massacre of 77 people last summer. REUTERS/Heiko Junge/NTB Scanpix/Pool

live like this in prison:

Two inmates are watching a television program in one of the common kitchen and living room areas established to be a meeting point between inmates and guards and to facilitate rehabilitation inside the luxurious Halden Fengsel, (prison) near Oslo.

An inmate is brushing his teeth in the bathroom inside one of the single-person prison cells build with various amenities in the luxurious Halden Fengsel, (prison) near Oslo.

Yet, even these Norwegian/Scandinavian things are called ‘Prisons,’ aren’t they? And they are Hated, if not Feared. …Loss of Freedom is a Terrible thing.

We might not be Raving and Ranting, but would Scream, (perhaps without effect), if We get ‘Banged Up Abroad,’ which is Reality. Would We not?

We would expect Help from our family and friends, who might have to run from pillar to post for an unspecified amount of time; with or without success.

From Whom are The Voiceless to Expect Help?

We Rejoice in our Freedom, from Hunger and Restrains, and,

Seem to have Forgotten Words like Duties and Responsibilities.

Cont. 🙂 …



Long walk to freedom (Hong Kong, 2019)


Yes, as my Friend reminds us, the Walk to Freedom is Always Long, and Always the Colour of Blood.

It is for those who Dare.

For their Children.

And so called Democracies like India and the US need it, This Walk, Very much.

Salutations to All Martyrs on this Road.

via Long walk to freedom (Hong Kong, 2019)


No Right to Protest = No Democracy


Today’s (Oct. 8, 2017) international news over NDTV says that the opposition leader of Russia, Ilya Yashin, along with his supporters, was arrested by the Russian police on the grounds that they were staging/organizing a protest for which permission had not been granted.

[ Once again the Brutality of the police in handling Citizens, in this case Ilya Yashin, is clearly seen in the photograph, from the internet, of course. I shall contrast this with the police’ behaviour with regard to criminals in another post. ]

Interestingly, and sadly, this is the second time in a mere 20 days that this opposition leader has been arrested, the first also being on the grounds of unpermitted protest.

From centuries before George Orwell, police, likened to dogs, have been brainwashed to obeying blindly; fed, housed and coddled – upto a bit, of course, – by tyrannical, despotic regimes.

That these police have to give one the permission even to protest is ludicrous in the extreme.

  • If I am not getting water in my area, I cannot protest.
  • If there is no electrical supply in my area, ditto.
  • If You do not want a nuclear plant in Your area, You cannot protest.
  • If Your highly arable land is being given to mega-business, You cannot protest. The list can go on and on. (All these things happen very often in India).

  • The police, along with the politicians, judges and officials, receive their salaries from the tax money of the Citizens.
  • If the Citizen says jump, they have to jump.
  • If the Citizen wants to protest, the police has to give him/them protection, so that no hidden member of ruling parties disrupt, much less cause harm to the protester(s).
  • That is their Only job.

It is Not the job of the police to decide whether or not the Citizen can/should protest.

If, When and As the Citizen is not given the Freedom to Protest, as is Most often the case, that means Freedom has disappeared from the Land.

The administration, in the form of politicians, judges and police and other officials alone are responsible for this. When this is the case, they should all be sacked ignominiously.


Democracy, Communism, Socialism, et al.



My friend over Facebook, good Dennis Wells shared this link, which says that Donald Trump hires a Mennonite Auto harp player to perform at his inauguration, Many others having Refused, at the Princely sum of… $50! Hahaha!

Trump Manages to Convince Mennonite Autoharp Player to Perform at Inauguration

After going through the post, and similar ones in that site, it dawned on me that the Daily Bonnet was created to Pull Our Collective Legs. But in any case Dennis’ post got me thinking and inspired this article!

Yet another post, this one from the BBC, said this, – which is very similar to the previous ones in that We get: ‘America’s next president is struggling to find musicians to perform at his swearing in ceremony on 20 January,’ from multiple and varied sources. Here is BBC’s report:


And Rebecca Ferguson tweeted she would “graciously accept” the invitation from the American president-elect if she can perform Strange Fruit!

So what is Great about Rebecca Ferguson choosing Strange Fruit? 


Well, Evidently Rebecca Ferguson is Not… Black. Swedish by birth, and looking Very White in Wiki’s page on her, and all that. And Strange Fruit is All about Blacks, so to say.

I find the Poem Impressive enough for me to want to Share it with You All:

Southern trees bear a Strange Fruit
Blood on the leaves and blood at the root
Black bodies swinging in the southern breeze
Strange fruit hanging from the poplar trees

Pastoral scene of the gallant south
The bulging eyes and the twisted mouth
Scent of magnolias, sweet and fresh
Then the sudden smell of burning flesh

Here is fruit for the crows to pluck
For the rain to gather, for the wind to suck
For the sun to rot, for the trees to drop
Here is a strange and bitter crop.

More about this in this link, if You are interested:


I have the Bad Habit of Not paying too much attention to things that do not concern me Directly. Trump’s election speeches is one of them. Yet I Do have the Impression that he does not Exactly Love the Black people of America. Correct me if I am wrong.

This being the situation, for a White Woman to sing a song about the Black People, In the Face of one who had created Problems in this regard, is Nothing Short of Amazing!

Viva la Rebecca Ferguson, and Viva la Democracy!


ESPN FILMS is offering some Really Good pieces on Sports (History). As part of it, watched their piece on Chile winning the FIFA world cup during Pinochet‘s era.


Chile has Declared Pinochet ‘Most Violent Criminal Ruler‘ in (their) History. And according to the ESPN FILMS, …the US had put him in place, (and must have supported him for him to remain in power for his 17 years of Tyrannic rule).

This Shocking Fact about the US is presented by the ESPN which is owned by Disney and co, in… where else but the US!

I call this too… Viva la Democracy.


Before I proceed, let me Forcefully say that this post is Not in Praise of the US, but of Democracy.

So Now to a little on good old


Poor Ole Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn had wanted to publish his book in ‘Praise’ of the communist regime, but could do that Only Out of his country.


Google search for russia’s Siberian camps show Nice pastures, Well dressed ‘prisoners,’ all jolly good.

I forget where I had read this, which went, from my memory, about a person travelling by train through the Siberian region, the train stopping somewhere en route, and people coming up to the coaches begging. The person thought he saw one of the women having the darkest coloured dress on, only to notice on careful inspection that She was Stark Naked, and the dark colour was Coal Dust.

putin, having passed through the ranks of the Richest men in the world, has further emphasised his ‘Smallness’ by doing away with dissidents.

Here is Mikhail Khodorkovsky, once Russia’s Richest man, now in jail, courtesy good old Puny putin.

Jailed former Russian oil tycoon Mikhail Khodorkovsky stands in the defendant's cage during a court hearing in Chita August 21, 2008. Khodorkovsky's appeal for early release comes before a court on Thursday in what his lawyers say will be a test case for President Dmitry Medvedev. REUTERS/Tatyana Makeyeva (RUSSIA)

Jailed former Russian oil tycoon Mikhail Khodorkovsky stands in the defendant’s cage during a court hearing in Chita August 21, 2008.

More on Khodorkovsky at this link:


I had given a search in good old Google for ‘man who opposed putin.’ Please note: It was man, singular. But ever faithful Google gave ‘About 58,00,000 results (0.54 seconds).’

Among them, We have:

Assassination of Boris Nemtsov – Wikipedia

The assassination of Boris Nemtsov, a Russian statesman and politician opposed to the government of Vladimir Putin, happened in central …. According to Russian media another manblew himself up with a hand grenade in Grozny when …

(Copied and pasted from the search results).

Litvinenko: Not first Putin critic to end up dead – CNN.com

Jan 20, 2016 – The business magnate backed an opposition party and accused Putin of … In January 2009, a masked man shot and killed Markelov, …

(Again copied and pasted from the search results). And,


Mar 3, 2015 – Boris Nemtsov is the latest in a long line of opposition figures who have died …

(Same as the above two).

Given all that, I just simply cannot understand just How any Freedom-loving being can support communism. They must be people who live their lives from their armchairs, either with No touch with Reality or No Concern for reality.


A lot of the outrage occurred over one Dr. Ravi‘s death in Karnataka in India. The IAS official was seen as an upright officer who had been taking on powerful corporate lobbies. There have been large protests over his death.


But the CBI, (central bureau of investigations), a government agency, has declared that his death was by suicide.

But the pictures above and below show how the Country saw that.


Evidently, as the Toon below says, You have to Prove that You were Stabbed in the Back.


After all, Just Where IS the Proof, Jack? The whole system works on ‘Proof.’ The Tiger or the Dog has to Prove that it was Kicked.*


The System will Rape, and the Citizen has to prove to the system that it raped him.


It is not that the so called justice system works like shit in India. …The might of the government, ably aided and supported in these negative instances by the judiciary and the ever Servile police force, are quick to slap cases and labels of Sedition, Anti-Nationalism, and what not to and on anybody and everybody who Objects.

We have a powerful example of this from some decades ago, this time no ‘cases,’ just Action, on no less than Kishore Kumar, a rather Famous (background) of the Hindi movie world of yesteryears.


“During the Indian Emergency (1975–1977), Sanjay Gandhi asked Kishore Kumar to sing for an Indian National Congress rally in Mumbai. An outspoken critic of Indira Gandhi during the emergency, Kumar refused.

As a result, Information & Broadcasting minister Vidya Charan Shukla put an unofficial ban on playing Kishore Kumar songs on state broadcasters All India Radio and Doordarshan from 4 May 1976 till the end of Emergency.”

From the article:


I have already written how Uday Kumar, the Anti-Nuclear voice of India, had, at one time, 380 cases slapped against him, and still have about 150 of them on him, None of which the govt (agencies) can prove.

SP Udayakumar

This ‘Habit’ of harassing Opposing voices by False cases has become the ‘Culture’ of Indian politics. As happens with Arvind Kejriwal, the Chief Minister of Delhi, and his team. Shame.

Arvind-Kejriwal-protest-by-Dijeshwar-Singh police man laughs_2

This is how the cheap, good for nothing police, treat one of the Greatest sons of India, with Smiles on their faces.

Your Humble Servant, Yours Truly, knows from personal experience that you cannot (effectively) criticise the government. Oh, You can ‘bark’ in and from the shadows. …The things I have written against the Looting of River (and Thorium) Sands in Tamil Nadu in the Internet cannot be replicated in Hard copy. The printers just Refuse to print my posts of that type, unless watered down to Meaninglessness.

Meaning, all thereby, that You cannot even Criticise the government in India (like russia and china – remember Tiananmen square?), and very much unlike the States!

Does it mean I want to leave  my India and to move out and settle in the States? Not in Your life.

So, Capitalism, Communism, Socialism, they are all just words, and Pretty Useless ones.


Democracy does provide Us with a(n) (Absolutely Non-violent) Weapon, of being able to Speak out and Changing things. It is for Us to Exercise this Right or Be Ready to Lose All.


* People will come forward to offer Proofs for a Dog, Tiger or any other Animal, but for Humans? Nah. Haha. 😦


Endru Thaniyum…


During our (political) meetings, they have asked me to sing, and have liked it! So, have started downloading songs of the Patriotic kind, in Tamil. And came across this one, ‘Endru Thaniyum,’ sung by the famed ‘Yesudas of Kerala,’ and It is the Second line of the Chorus that Impresses Us. As You will see:

என்று தணியும் இந்த சுதந்திர தாகம்?
என்று மடியும் எங்கள் அடிமையின் மோகம்!

( I am giving You the translation ):

WHEN will this Thirst for Freedom be Quenched?


Singer Yesudas of Kerala

Pictured above, the famed Yesudas, a Singer from Kerala, India. Image from the Internet.


It is a Beautiful Song. Even if You don’t understand it, You can Enjoy it. Here’s the link:



Yesudas, the singer from Kerala, usually sings Devotional songs and for the movies. Perhaps this is the first time I have come across one of his in the Social field.

And, in the second line, it IS said: OUR Yearning for Slavery. The use of the pronoun means something, after all.


Poland won back its Freedom from as despotic a regime as the ussr.

The People of Egypt rose.

The Young and Old of China faced Tanks, and Died.

And Indians are satisfied with living within their Shells.



What do We say to ‘this?’


People do not believe when I say that Indians have been Reduced to a State of Helplessness, (It is True for Most of the World too, of course).

security man ties shoe lace

Screen shot from Twitter

Security men don’t have the GUTS to say No when a ****ing minister tells them to tie a shoelace. The ****ing minister is Sure to have Peons who are paid fat salaries for these kinds of jobs, who travel and enjoy themselves at Our expense.

There ARE Private security personnel who can be kicked out on the whim of the employer. Not so the ‘government’ security people. Then WHY does he have to bend down?

We have to Remember that AT THE MOST the security man can be transferred. And if All security men start saying this, the ****ing ministers can do Zilch. Ah, it comes down to a Question of having GUTS.

While I admit that tying somebody’s shoelaces as a service of love is to be commended, here it is a case of being Forced. Which was why I had posted my article: I love my India. Can We call Ourselves a Land of the Free?

Well, for me to Say. The Wise will take note and Act. And see to the Future of their Children.


I Love my India!


See in हिंदी, and in English.

यह एक गहरा लेख है. शेर इसे पढ़ें; लोमड़ी कहीं और चले जाएं. स्वतंत्रता दिवस के इस दिन मैं आपको सिद्ध कर दिखाऊंगा कि हमारी स्वतंत्रता हमसे लूट ली गयी है.

Only for Lions. Herein I show that Our Freedom has been taken away from Us.

I Love my India

Love from the Heart, …அன்பு இதயத்திலிருந்து, …प्यार दिल से, …but ALL Images from the Internet!


Point 1:

FN kanhaiya-other hand

Kanhaiya being ‘Dragged,’ literally.


Point 2:


NINE ATOMIC REACTORS are being set up at KUDANKULAM, Tamil Nadu. NOWHERE ELSE ON EARTH do We have SO many at One spot!

तमिलनाडू के कूदंकुलम में नौ, मेरे मित्र, नौ परमाणु रिएक्टर स्थापित किये जायेंगे. एक ही स्थान में इतने अधिक रिएक्टर विश्व में और कहीं नहीं.


उपरोक्त के विषय में:

कन्हैया, एक अकेला निहत्था युवक को चार दढ़ियल पुलिसवाले खींचे लिए जा रहे हैं. जो समझदार हैं, वे देखेंगे कि कन्हैया का बायाँ हाथ किस प्रकार मरोड़ा जा रहा है. पर उस पुलिसवाले के माथे पर शिखन नहीं! …पुलिसवाले बिना घाव उत्पन्न किये मारते हैं, यह तो बहुतों को पता है. पर पुलिसवालों की पकड़ नसें, मांसपेशियां एवं हड्डियां मरोड़ देने वाली होती हैं. …क्या यह सब एक निहत्थे युवक के लिए आवश्यक था?

आज कन्हैया को दोषी ठहराने वाले १०० खड़े हो जायेंगे. पर पुलिस, राजनीतिज्ञ और यहाँ तक कि कोर्ट, भारत के आज के नागरिक पर झूठे आरोप लगाने में झिझकते नहीं.

आप सड़क की मांग कर के देखिये. पियूष मानुष ने यही किया था. उस पर राष्ट्रीय ध्वज जलाने का झूठा आरोप लगाया जा रहा था! आज पियूष को छोड़ दिया गया है, जो सिद्ध करता है कि उस पर लगाया गया ‘राष्ट्रीय ध्वज जलाने का आरोप’ झूठा था.  …मेरे गाँव में, मेरे एक परिचित पर पुलिस ने ‘गंजा केस’ ठोंकने की धमकी दी! …स्वयं मुझसे कहा गया कि मेरे रास्ते सम्बंधित विषयों को मैं स्वयं सुलझा लूं; पुलिस ने कहा कि वह नहीं आईगी. क्योंकि मुझे परेशां करने वाला ‘रूलिंग पार्टी’ का है!

७ वर्षीय बालक पर बलात्कार के आरोप! ३ वर्षीय बच्चे को जेल की सजा! …पूछो कि एक व्यक्ति के मरने पर मुंबई जैसा महानगर क्यों बंद हो, तो जेल. …हमारे जज लोगों को इतनी बुद्धि नहीं, कि इन्हें पकड़ कर लाने वाले बुद्धिहीन, चमचे पुलिस से पूछे, ‘इसके सवाल में गलती क्या है?’

परमाणु रिएक्टर जैसी भयानक स्थापनाएं खोलने के पहले स्थानीयों से यही कहते हैं: ‘आप लोगों को नौकरी मिलेगी.’ परमाणु के होने वाले खतरों की कोई बात ही नहीं उठती. जब सोलार, वायुमिल (Windmill) आदि से विद्युत् ऊर्जा प्राप्त की जा सकती है, वहीं जान लेवा, विश्व-त्यक्त परमाणु ऊर्जा, महा व्यापारीगण तथा राजनीतिज्ञों के लाभ के लिए, उनके चमचे  जज्मार और पुलिस की सहायता से हम भारतीयों पर ठोंक दी जाती है.

उद्योगीकरण आवश्यक है, जरूर करो. पर खेती अत्यावश्यक है, इसे क्यों भूल गए? गिन के दिखाएं, खेती के लिए क्या क्या किया गया. ऊंट के मुह में जीरा.

किसान आत्महत्या कर रहे हैं, खेती छोड़ रहे हैं…

अंतत, आज भारत में वही हो रहा है जो भारत के महा व्यापारीगण, जिन्होंने राजनीतिज्ञों को चुनाव के लिए पैसे दिए थे, इन्ही राजनीतिज्ञों, जज्मार और पुलिस से करवा लेते हैं. ‘वे’ जो चाहते हैं, उसे हम भारतीयों पर ‘ठोंक’ देते हैं.

इसमें, महाव्यापारी, राजनीतिज्ञ, कोर्ट एवं पुलिस की सांठ-गाँठ ने यह चापलूसी कर रखी है, कि चिड़िये के पिंजरे को बड़ा कर दिया! जंजीर से गठा कुत्ता हो या पिंजरे की पंछी, दोनों ही स्वतन्त्र नहीं हैं. चिड़ियाघर का शेर भी स्वतन्त्र नहीं है.

और जो स्वतन्त्र नहीं, वह गुलाम है!

Large bird cage

यदि कोई इन परिस्तिथियों को स्वतंत्रता कहना चाहे, तो मुझे कोई आपत्ति नहीं. …वन्दे मातरम.


Regarding the picture of Kanhaiya… It seems the Orders are to take him ‘By Pieces.’ And Our Dear Brainless, Worthless police are doing it with Great Fervour, with ‘Calm Faces.’ FOUR Fat policemen to ‘take’ One Un-Armed Civilian Youth. And then the politicos will say Our Youth are turning Militant.

People know that the Indian police beat Cruelly ‘Without leaving Marks.’ Those who know police methods will see that the Police ‘Holds’ are being employed here, …Twist Fingers, Wrists, Elbows, Shoulders, Put Pressure on Nerve Points. And the policemen present are doing it all With Very Calm Faces.

Kanhaiya is just another example. The police has ‘learnt’ from Kanhaiya’s arrest methods. In the more recent incident of Piyush Manush, all the Beatings up were carried out inside the Jail. No Cameras, No photographs.

It started with Piyush asking the Authorities to arrange for a Double alternative path where a bridge is being built. But that would have cost the Contractor a few Lakh rupees extra. He seems to have found it cheaper to ‘grease’ the palms of a few ‘Pet police’ who Not Only Beat Piyush mercilessly, They even tried to hoist the FALSE CHARGE of ‘Burning the National Flag’ on him! That he is out and moving about PROVES that that charge was False.

LESSON: Mega business, and their tools and servants the politicos, and their tools and servants the courts, Can, and Will, hoist False Charges on You if You stand up to them. Proving thereby that We are Not Free.

A 7 year old boy has been accused of Sexual charges and had been produced in court in Tamil Nadu. In the same TN, A 3 year old has been Jailed, I hear. Are Our judges Brainless? …It is possible that somebody intervened and things were corrected, because, these ‘headlines’ have disappeared. But, to become headlines, On Print, Is it possible that they Did Not happen?

A person I know in my village, a highly respectable man, was threatened by the police with a ‘Ganja case,’ as they call it, a False charge of Harbouring dangerous drugs. …I myself was told that I would have to see to my Path problem by myself, and that the police would not come for these things. Because the person creating these problems for me belongs to the Ruling party.

If, in spite of my showing, nay Proving such things, somebody wants to say that India is a Free Country today, can I stop him?

When such Dangerous things as Nuclear Reactors are to be set up, All the Administration tells the Locals is that a Factory is going to come up, which will provide them with Jobs. NO mention is made of the Dangers involved.

When People become aware of the Problems and raise their voices, by which time it is already too late in the form of a Large number of cases of Cancer, even to Two year olds, the locals are asked: ‘Why didn’t You object before? So much money has already been invested!’

Now, this time, when People are Objecting to New reactors, for which work is just beginning, Objections are Not even Heard.


Industry is Fine, and Needed. But What about Farming? HOW MUCH ATTENTION has the Indian Administration (government) paid to Farming? Farmer’s Suicide is Rampant, and Many, Many Farmers are Abandoning farming.

Finally, What is Happening is that politicos are fulfilling the wishes of Mega Business, which had contributed to their election campaigns. This is being done because the courts and the police are Ready and Willing Partners to the set up of Mega-business and politico combine.

For the profit of the few, such Harmful things as Umpteen Nuclear Reactors are Thrust Down Our Throats. And Farming getting Destroyed!

Thrust Down Our Throats are the Key words here.

The Mega business, politico, courts and police combine has been Clever enough to put the Citizenry on a Long leash. The Dog is given its Meal, – And It is Dog-Food, remember that! – The Dog is taken for its Walk, and all that. And the Dog Forgets that he is on a Leash.

Dog on a leash

In Our case, Most of Us have Our Food, Homes, TVs, Computers, Smart phones, the Movies and Restaurants. But We Do Not Have an Idea of Freedom. What Else to say When An Idiot calls a 4G connection as Life Changing?

A Dog on a Leash is Not Free. ONLY THOSE who would Desire Freedom and Work for it are Free. The Rest are SLAVES. …Vande Mataram.


Mahatma Gandhi’s Sacrifice and the Oceanic Circles


[ This pertains to my article: Mahatma Gandhi on Sacrifice. ]

When I was a youth, I distinctly remember buying Rice for Rs. 1.20 a kilo, (today, rice of the same quality is sold at about Rs. 50-75 per kilo), and Wheat for 90 pice, (Re: 0.90), – today, wheat powder costs Rs. 40 a kilo. Mutton, selling for Rs. 400 a kilo was bought at Rs. 6.

My Parents used to recount how in their youth, One Seer (c 900 grams) of Rice had cost One Anna, that is, 1/16th of a rupee. The rupee had 192 pice, and even these brought in goodies, according to them. And that was the time of the british raj!

Today, even modern India’s 50 pice (Half rupee) coin is Out of Circulation, because practically Nothing can be bought with that; Bus Conductors would refuse to accept 2 of those instead of a rupee.

Though Incomes have gone up, I do believe the ‘Buying Power’ is perhaps gone down. That is, when We remember that 70% of Indians are Poor.

So what were We lacking when the british ruled Us?

Nothing but Freedom.

But That Freedom is Such a Precious thing that People, including Mahatma Gandhi, took Lathi’s on their head. [ The Lathi is the Indian police baton, quite 4 feet long, used with a Swing… Just like Dhoni’s Helicopter Shot… I can’t refrain from Jesting even when on terrible subjects like these. ]

Here is a picture of some Brave policemen wielding the Lathi on Dreaded, AK-47 laden terrorists.

assaulting women

Photo from the Internet

These policemen and those command them, AND those who Instigate them, giving the Real Commands from the Background, ie, the politicians, are people Without Honour. For me, there is Nothing Worse I can say of Anybody. …So many of them are attacking a Woman who has fallen on the ground. …They cover their faces, knowing that they are doing a shameful thing. …YET not resisting it. Are they not Scum?


In Indian History, We are taught that the britishers had shot upon and killed a Large number of People at, to use the use Phonetic spelling: Jaalian-vala Baag in Punjab. Baag means Park. And that was the site of a Massacre. But why blame the british? They had come from abroad, and were here merely to make money. The Welfare of Indians was the Last and Least of their concerns. …As such, Indian police beating Un-Armed, Indian Citizens, as in the picture above, is More Shameful.

In the Heart of Hearts, We too know that Freedom has a High Cost. Like Broken Heads, (and Limbs). Not to speak of Useless and Un-Warranted, False Cases dumped on You. And, If We have Courage, and Honesty, We shall admit that We are Afraid!

Actually, there is Nothing Wrong with Fear. Nothing Wrong in being Afraid. The Wise and the Brave Man is Afraid. Only, We Should Not Allow that fear to paralyse Us into Inaction. 


And Action means, like Gandhi and S P Udayakumar, Being Ready to Pay the Cost for Freedom. Yes, We Are on the Topic of Freedom.

And I beg to state that We are Free Only for the name’s sake. When Our politicos Dare to Raise their Fingers at Us like this,

finger b

finger aa

Images from the Internet

It is Not just that Arrogant Finger. But the Set of the Face, the Eyes, and the Mouth, All give the same message: i am queen, and you had better behave, Or Else. ****.

To Continue,

  • When the media is Afraid to report as it should, fearing for its licence and existence even,
  • When the Citizen is Harassed by the government through False Cases; Getting Bank Accounts, Passports and Visas Blocked, Just for Protesting against a Nuclear world or government-run Liquor shops,

Please do Not tell me We are Free.


To Acquire Freedom AND to Keep Freedom is the Work of Lions.

Great Souls become the First to Lay down their Lives. (That Gandhi was not killed by the British Lathi’s is of No  consequence here).

cicles s

It is Only when the Ripple Effect starts to take hold that Things Happen. Gandhiji had taken Years to prepare his campaign. Today, the Average Indian, (and the World Citizen), with Danger no longer on the Perceptible Horizon, Chooses to Ignore it. Since Paying attention to the Situation would mean Danger to Life, Limb And Family, this Does Involve Courage. …And Definitely Sacrifice.

Speaking of Family, Our Immediate families might remain Safe, for the Nonce. But We are NOT thinking of Our Own Coming generations. Our Fault.


So. The Brave and the Inspired Soul comes forward, and either Outright Lays down his life, or Is Ready for that. ONLY WHEN His Sacrifice is Supported by A Flurry of Other Citizens Ready for Sacrifice, Becoming Part of the Oceanic Ripple(s), Is Freedom Achieved, or Maintained.

And That is the Ripple Effect. Regards.



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boy with confederate flag

But I think this is like saying I am holding a memory of the day my grandpa broke my grandma’s teeth. Bad things do not deserve a celebration, a commemoration.

Also, involving young children in things they cannot understand is like protesters sending children to throw stones at the police.


One recent thing in Indian news is the Murder of a so called thinker, who had endorsed the view that there is nothing wrong in Urinating on a Religious Idol.

In Tamil Nadu, the Dravidians say ‘There is No God,’ and that the one who thinks otherwise is a Fool.

But where does Personal Freedom have its limit?


If a fellow says he wants the ‘Freedom’ to hit me, he has to Remember that I too would have the Freedom to hit him back. Period. If he cries Foul, he would be a Fool. Horse Sense.


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