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5 Tips to Blogging


Good points, my Dear Nishi!

I must say that I am Deeply, Deeply Grateful for my FRIENDS of the Blogging world. Today, if I am going on after some 800+ posts in about two years, and blogging on for about 5 years, it is because of my FRIENDS!

So Thank You, One and All! Much Love, Regards and EVERY Best Wishes! 🙂


The Showcase

In 5 months it will be 4 years since I started this blog – The Showcase. All I wanted when I started blogging was to dust the cobwebs off my mind at a time when I was sure I actually had crickets residing in my brain 😀 and to write about random things when I felt like it. The truth however, is I’ve gotten so much more. Okay, I think I just sounded like an infomercial right there, but let me explain…

I’ve met some very cool people, learned a lot about them and about myself; I think more clearly, and I’m  more mindful about my place and purpose in this world…Sound too fanciful? but it’s true! If any of you, my dear blogger friends  have felt the same way, please drop me a few lines in the comments…

Today with blogging being free/affordable there are millions of blogs and…

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Your Prayers would be Highly Appreciated [EDITED]


Hello, Again, my Friends! …This may sound peculiar; But I, who like Friends so much, do not have one with whom I can make contact, within a reasonable distance. My (once) Best Friend, Fr. Alphonse F., is nearly 2,500 Km away! …I have come to Look Upon You All, of the WordPress community, as my Friends now. So this sharing is even by way of Catharsis.

Am Editing my post of the 22nd of Jan this year. My Mom had looked like this, as You at the Bottom, then. On the 31st of Jan, she became Immobile, as in ‘Our Cat Oversees things.’ Day by day She is getting Weaker. …She is on a Catheter and ‘Under-pads,’ but the Instinct to get up and to go to the toilet, so as not to soil the clothes and the bed, is so powerful, that she tries trying to get…

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Wishing You All Much Happiness!

Hello, there, My Dear Friends! Much Love, Regards, and Hearty Wishes for a Lot of Happiness in Your lives come to You, All You Great People, from Your Favourite Pest, Yesudas! 🙂


(Graphic from Internet).

As Happiness comes Only when one receives Love and has Peace, I think it is a rather Complete Wish.

And I Do Wish You All that, and Pray for that! 🙂

Life is Not a Bed of Thorns!

The Old sayings is: ‘Life is not a Bed of Roses.’ That is also true. But, We have to Accept, Life is Not a Bed of Thorns either!

Not while there is So Much Love and Beauty around us!


Photograph from: http://markovicharts.com/

Cacti are fearsome things, which We would like to keep at a Safe distance. But when We get to come this close to them, even though through photographs, they Do Lift Up our Hearts!

Finding pictures to Express our Thoughts is always a difficult work. You will find that ALEX MARKOVICH is Ready to Share his Works! And Such Good Works they are too, are they Not?

So here’s a Little Thanks to Life, more to the Creator, as also to All my Friends, and to Alex Markovich!