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GAD… Dhyaan in the Most Surprising Places!


The Method I describe for Dhyaan is Really a Very Simple, and Practical one.

I shall give You an example. A young woman, whose husband had been horsing around, was naturally distraught. After she had shared with me, I had asked her to do Dhyaan, just the thing(s) I describe in my GAD series. See ‘Why do Dhyaan?’ …here.

She had asked me, When and Where am I going to find the Time? I go to work, and, on top of that, have to take care of the House and Home. (In India, though the households are small, because of the Dust, keeping the house clean is a Task. So, Cleaning the house, Washing the Clothes, Doing the Cooking – which in turn means washing up afterwards, etc, turn out to be Near Un-Ending work).

Bharati, (fictitious name, but the case is Real), was also taking care of their Son, a very active 5 year old boy, who had started schooling.

And, as We have seen, the husband, raising Not a finger to help at home, had lady friends, (plural). So her mind was Not in a Condition, We can say, to do Meditation.


After listening to All this, this is what I said to her:

“You get a Ten-minute period where You are Standing in the bus on way to Your Work. Hold on to the Strap, see that You don’t fall, (Indian buses can be quite Jerky), and Do the Dhyaan there, in the Bus, Standing.

NOTE: Doing Dhyaan does not mean going into a Trance, though that Can happen. The Idea is to Be Aware of Your Surroundings, – Do not go and dash into a bus, for instance, And Use Your Time for Dhyaan.

Crowded bus

This is the Kind of bus Bharati had to board en route to her work. You can Imagine the condition and situation Inside. Yet it could not Stop her from doing her Dhyaan. One has to Appreciate and Laud her Determination, of course.

I met her the next month. And this is what she told me: “En mind-u Blunt Aayiducchu.” This is in Tamil, with, as You see a great deal of English thrown in, and means: My mind has become Blunt. I have quoted the Actual word she had used. I was not a little Nonplussed. But when asked to explain, things became clear. She had said that because she does not know much English. What she had meant was that her Mind had Become BLANK, Silent, …At Peace.

Bharati is continuing with her Dhyaan, and has progressed quite a lot!


Some Important points:

As I have shown, Though Doing Dhyaan in Noisy, Boisterous surroundings is difficult, It Is Not Impossible. …I utilize my journey times, done in Buses, with Blaring music/movies, for Dhyaan. I take the aid of some surgical cotton that I always carry for the purpose of ear plugs, though they are not totally effective.

The MIND is More of a Block and Hindrance than physical surroundings. The Din that the Mind raises, by way of Questions, challenges, sad memories, fears, worries and such pose Greater Difficulties to doing Dhyaan.

YET these can be overcome too. It will depend upon Our Interest and Motivation.

Hence, Motivate Yourself; Keep Your Target, for instance that of Attaining Peace, in the forefront of Your mind, and Keep on Reminding Yourself.

Happy Dhyaan, and Peace to You All!



The word Yoga occurs mainly in Sanskrit and Hindi, and in both means, primarily, an Addition, a Joining. From this, in Philosophy, Yoga is the Union of the Soul with the Divine.

Yoga is All too often Confused with Hatha-Yoga, the Yoga Aasanaas. Aasanaas are part of the Ashtaangik Yoga, also called the Raja Yoga. Aasanaas Help one to do Dhyaan Well.

In Simpler terms, it can be said that Yoga belongs to the Mind, and the Aasanaas are of the Body.

Also all too often the philosophy of Yoga is taught along with Yoga Aasanaas, which is Unacceptable. So the different Names have to preserved, and Used separately for both these realities.

Intimacy is the Last word in Psychology. Though this may not mean what many would think.

Psychological Intimacy is the Possiblity and the Situation that a person develops in time, to Share His Deepest Thoughts, Feelings and Experiences with Another. The More People one has to share with, the More Successful and Mature that person is.

Thus, Intimacy being something So Desirable, Intimacy with God is to be Desired too, is it not?

Intimacy of the Highest Kind and Degree with God is Yoga.


Yoga can be attained by a Number of Ways:

  • By Service to Others, known as the Karma Yoga,
  • By Devotion, known as Bhakti Yoga,
  • By the Ashtaangik (the 8 fold ) Raja Yoga, and
  • By Gyaan (Jnaana) Yoga.

One reaches the Same destination by Any of these Paths.


I offer GAD, the Guha Anubhav Dhyaan as a Wonderful Way to Attain Yoga.

GAD, (Guha Anubhav Dhyaan), …WHY do Dhyaan


This is the second post, part of a series on Dhyaan, under:

My Method Verbalises certain points, which I have Not seen in other teachings of Dhyaan.

[This series of posts are Intended FOR THOSE WHO ARE SERIOUSLY SEARCHING FOR PEACE, and Other Higher Things. As such, these are not just for Reading, but for Systematic Study and Practice.

A Great number of Links are offered to connected subjects. Anyone who is interested in GAD will Have to go through All of them, for Best Results.

Terms, like GOD and man, Prayer, Meditation, Contemplation, Dhyaan, Yoga, Dhaaran, etc, might mean differenet things in various systems. These links will help You see Just they mean in GAD.]


Jyoti Ashram has always been open to People in Need. Among the many who stayed with us, one Manju takes special place. Here she is!


Of note are Manju being So Full of Life; and the Closeness We can in this little family. The Girl holds her mother; the Mother, carrying her smaller child, has her hand on Manju, and even the little boy, less than a year old (meaning: he could not have been given instructions on ‘posing!’), is in loving contact with his elder sister! Rublev’s Trinity in Real Life!

For this post, Manju will be remembered for her words: ‘Naan UNNA Vida Matten,’ and the Way she spoke these. As she used to go dashing around the place, she would catch hold of me by my leg tightly, and say that. And the Way she said that was Poetical, Musical. You would enjoy it when I speak it to You!

And the Meaning of those words is this: “I will Not let You go!

Just as Manju and Other Children have Expressed their Sentiments, Adults Love, and Express theirs. God Loves, and Expresses His Love for Us, Each and Every Moment. It is Only that We have not Realized that. Our Heart has Not Accepted it.

How many Retreats have We attended? How many of them began with the theme of the Love of God? Why so many times the Same point?

Father and Son Hug

When I was searching for pictures of Fathers hugging their children, I chose this one, because this shows a Grown-up sort of Boy. God is Not Loving Just Toddlers. And He Loves Us Just as Madly, or, More Madly than this.

But We, on the Other hand, are more like this:

Son Runs from Father

The Handsome Young Man in Tie and Full Pants would rather Play BY himself. Just like Us.

The Question is: “Have We Realized… ‘These’ Things?” Namely, Love, Peace and Joy, to begin with?

Naturally, once it is explained, We can Understand the meaning of the words: ‘Naan Unna Vida Matten,’ or any other. But Does it make Our Hair Stand on End? Make Us Breathless? Bring Tears to Our Eyes out of Sheer Joy? At Every Memory?

How Much and How Well have We Experienced the Love of God in That Way?

The Love of God is something that has to be Experienced, and Realized. The Same goes for Peace-that-Passes-Understaning, God as Our Father and We as His Children, and one of the very last graces, Joy. All these, and Many Other Realities of the Bible have to be Experienced, and Realized.


Dhyaan is the Best Way and Method to Realize the Deepest Realities. That is Why We should do Dhyaan.


01 GAD, (Guha Anubhav Dhyaan), …WHAT Is DHYAAN


This is the first post, part of a series on Dhyaan, under:

Basically, GAD is a method of doing Dhyaan. Any adept at Dhyaan, after reading this, will say that this is Dhyaan, pure and simple, and he/she would be right.

My Method named GAD Verbalises certain points, which I have Not seen in other teachings of Dhyaan.

This series of posts are Intended FOR THOSE WHO ARE SERIOUSLY SEARCHING FOR PEACE, and Other Higher Things. As such, these are not just for Reading, but for Systematic Study and Practice.

A Great number of Links are offered to connected subjects. Anyone who is interested in GAD will Have to go through All of them, for Best Results.

Terms, like GOD and man, Prayer, Meditation, Contemplation, Dhyaan, Yoga, Dhaaran, etc, might mean different things in various systems. These links will help You see Just they mean in GAD.



Dhyaan is among those Supreme Methods of the East, which help us to Silence Our Mind. Dhyaan is the Method of Listening to the Spirit. This ‘Listening’ is Not a Physical one, of course. …Though Dhyaan Can and Should be followed All through one’s lifetime, it is Not the End or Goal of Life. Living, according to the Teachings of the Divine is the Goal of Life.


Dhyaan is Not a question of Sitting for Hours.

Sitting Frog

A Frog Sits. That does not make it a Master.

Dhyaan is Being in Contact with God.

GAD really offers You the Simplest and the Best Way of Practising Dhyaan.


How to be Happy!

There have been times when I have been Devastated. Even Literally Weeping, over Unnecessary things! Yet, even in those days, Methods I have learnt Not only kept my Sanity, but even gave me a modicum of Happiness. That is the ‘How’ that I share with You today.

It was Precisely on the day to which I have provided the link above, that I had to travel, by bus, for about 10 hours, at night. The One positive thing about the journey was that I found an Empty Seat, that too next to a window, a Real Rarity, particularly when You board a bus On the Way. But there were Plenty of Negatives.

First of all there was my Mental situation. (See link). Then, in the bus, I found that the ‘window‘ on my side, – which in India is just a piece of Plexi-glass, was Missing! Well, Open to God’s Good Air, what! But No. It was the Rainy season! …There were no other seats available; I could have stood in the Aisle of the bus, which was already crowded(!), or I could have remained in my seat. I chose to remain, with the Sleet coming on to me in its Merry Way. On top of it, I found that it was Dripping Right on my head! (Many of Our Indian buses are Famous for such things!)

Bus window missing!

[This picture is from the Net, of course. And these people are taking it Very Coolly, (Apathetically?!), in the way of Indians. But this does not appear to have occurred, in this instance, during the Rainy season.]

To go back and to Repeat, That was my situation.

How I kept myself Happy.

It is Possible to Achieve Happiness, and to Remain Happy, even in the Midst of the Greatest of Trials.

I Started Recalling, as I had learnt, the Happy Memories of my Life. I shall recount a few for You just now.

When I was studying Theology in Ranchi, one evening, I suddenly noticed some Children rushing towards me. Upon reaching me, They Surrounded me, Embraced me clutching at my legs (they were of that size!), and were looking up at me with Happy Faces! They Thrust something into my Hands, …Flowers! I learnt that these my Little Sweethearts had been Keeping these Treasures, Just to give them to me, since morning, when they had started for School! They were Wilted and Crumpled. But it made them all the more Precious! I kept them under my glass (pad) on my table, for a very long time.

wilted flowers

When my Nephew was about 8 years old, I had gone to visit them. At the end of the visit, my brother brought me by motor bike to the Bus Stand. My Nephew had accompanied us. After I got down, my brother started back, and my Nephew, in his turn, turned back towards me, holding on to my brother rather generous ‘waist’ with one hand, and Waving to me with his other, …Till – they – were – Out – of – Sight! I just stood there and Drank that Sight in.

My Nephew

This is the same Young man, Kenny, on a same kind of motor cycle!

When I had occasion to stay with my Uncle, my Sweet Little Niece, all of about 2 years old, would climb about 20 steepish stairs on her Fours and come to see me, many times a day. Oh, How She Loved me. To share the whole story, She Died within a few days of my leaving them. …Though this memory brings Tears to my eyes even as I type this, it is One of the Most Precious memories of Love in my Life. Horribly Bitter Sweet though this is, I Will recall it whenever I feel that there is No love in my life.

Happily, I have, and I had, even on that day, Enough Happy memories to last me the whole 10 hours!

Whatever Our Situation, We All, Do have Happy memories like these. Count Your Blessings, as they say. Recall Your Happy memories, Time and Again, whenever You feel You Need it. And this, my Dear Folks, is a Real Good Way to Be Happy. 🙂 For More on Happiness, here is a quick link. For Happiness over Pleasure, please click here. You could also search for the Word Happiness and find More posts. Here’s Wishing Happiness to You!

How Make Happiness Permanent!



I Already have a post on ‘The Way to Happiness!‘ This present post will help Us Imbibe, Personalise and Make Our Learning and Particularly its Effect, PERMANENT. And not just Happiness, but that of Love and Trust.

And it is Not only the Experience of Happiness that has to be Made Permanent. Those of being Loved, and Trust has to be made Stable too! The same method works for all of these.

Named my blog as Love, Happiness and Peace. And Most of the time have been writing on Current Affairs! But these have a Direct connection with the Subject of the blog! Am presenting today some thoughts on How We can Achieve Happiness.

I have been through thick and thin, (Who hasn’t?). If, in the Rainbow, Red is to be the Best, and Violet the worst, I have been through Violets too, many times, for long durations. In all this, Came to Understand that God Really Loves Us.

Achieving Happiness would require Many things. It does not come by waving some Magic Wand. If there is a Problem like Lack of Money, Discord in the Family, Lack of Internal Peace, etc, all those have to be Addressed as far as possible.

This post will be of Particular Use for those Who have Money, Things, and People Around them, yet feel a Vacuum in their Hearts.



Even if You do not Believe in God, Start by saying, ‘It is said that You are Love. That You want to Us give Peace and Happiness and Blessings and all that. If You are there, let me Experience them.’

Next, Start saying this verse from the Bible: [Note: Saying this does Not make You a Christian!]

Surely, Only Goodness and Kindness, Shall follow me, All the days of my life.’

That is Psalm 23:6a, and my own translation.

You are supposed to say this Repeatedly, Whenever You have the time and the opportunity. Say it As many times as Possible in a day! Say it when You have difficulty in sleeping, as You are walking, waiting, etc, etc.

I would ask You to keep at this for at least a goodly Three months. Try to say it with Emphasis on the Underlined words. You do not have to say them Aloud.

Let HIM explain Why He gave Us verses like these. By Making You Experience those Good things.


Do Not think the Mind will Not go off on those Tangents. It is Famous for going round and round its favourite topics! Thoughts will arise in Your head, saying:

  • ‘What foolish thing have You started?’
  • ‘Do Your Really think that All those supposed things are going to happen Definitely? You are saying ‘Surely.’
  • ”Only’ Good things are going to happen? Is it even possible on Earth? Why are You wasting time after seeing this one word?’
  • ”All’ the days of Your life? No Breaks? Hahaha,’ and all that.


The suggested words, if Uttered with Love and Reverence, will Calm Your Mind, even Silence Your Mind. The Brain Cannot Multi-task! That is why they say Do not Talk on the Cell Phone while You are Driving! And other things like that.

We can do Only One thing at a Time. If We have told ourselves to just keep Pronouncing these words, and Keep our Attention on Pronouncing them, then our Famous Subconscious is Not able to bring up its subjects for one more viewing!

All this, Incidentally, is called ‘DHYAAN.’ To learn about this, please click here.

toddler good

Image credit: www.indrayanikaathi.com

It is something like this: We would like to Lift Up and Hug a Child. But the Child might be too busy, and interested in other things. Our Subconscious Mind too is Too Busy with Other things, to pay attention to, and to Receive, What God would like to give.

If We give our brain big things to do, it will become active! Silence the Mind by giving it something Small to do. And Only in that Silence Can it Receive God’s Gifts of Love, Happiness and Peace.