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A Cool Look at Global Warming (Part 2)


When I was a Youth I too had been much worried about Comets and what not, my Dear Charles. To tell the Truth, had been worried about the Y2K bug too. But I had been a Babe as far as computers were concerned, and so had been extremely worried about mine.

As You say, much of our Fears is due to lack of Scientific knowledge, and also, there are very few scientists, and lesser one who are not for sale! Also, Very true about those who stand up for causes while lining their pockets.

For all that, You have mentioned Climate Change many times without really seeming to take a Strong stand on that.

In my opinion, — I am No Scientist, just a Philosopher, — putting ‘Time Tables’ to calamities seems to be the problem.

As I have mentioned elsewhere, Many People in India, particularly in the cities, even in towns, are having to Buy their Drinking Water. I have heard of Water Rationing in California. California in the US! So Ok, if You say that is Not because of the Climate Change, …do Reasons need a Name and Category? Are we going to act Only If the name is correct? If low lying areas are getting flooded now, is it normal?

Water Scarcity, the Looting of Natural resources by the dirty elements in collusion with the politicos and the judges, Corruption, …Have to be Fought.


Mostly Bright Ideas


“The debate is over.”

Al Gore said that about man-made climate change. A lot of other people have said it, too. But it isn’t true. If the debate were over, then no one would be debating it anymore. There was a time when it was widely believed that there were canals on Mars and bathing was unhealthy, and just a few decades ago doctors said cigarettes were good for us. Those debates are over.

When you announce that the conversation has ended while someone is still disagreeing with you, it does nothing to lure them over to your side. In fact, it accomplishes the opposite. We don’t like to be told we’re wrong, but we really don’t like to be told that we aren’t intelligent enough to recognize the facts. Such an assertion causes us to dig in and cling more fiercely to our position.

That’s easy to do in a…

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