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modi and the Godhra incident

narendra modi, the current prime minister of India, is held by many as responsible for the Carnage at Godhra. Since the courts, after their own fashion, have not passed any judgement on him, Many, particularly of the bjp and related parties, hold that he is guiltless.

My comments, via Twitter, on modi‬ and Godhra:

King HenryII‬‘s very Raj-Tantric (politically clever) words: “Who will rid me of this meddlesome priest” brought about the death of ‪‎ThomasBecket‬.

‪‎Hitler‬ did not PERSONALLY kill 60 Lakh people. It was his teaching and organization that did it.

modi giving the Free Hand to the Rioters, the Transfer of officials, the Disappearance of Witnesses, etc, show who is guilty.

BOTH communities might be to blame. But here We are talking of modi.


modi is just the biggest example at this moment of politicos being responsible for even communal carnage. But he is not alone in this.

mamata in WB saying ‘We will Protest,’ when she means Communal violence will take place is another very good example.

jayalalitha having given a free rein to the rogue elements who had brought her to power is another example of this.

My Tweets to O P Chaturvedi


One O P Chaturvedi ‏<@opchaturvedi44 @mazhar_jafri @babayesudas> had tweeted this to me.

अपने हममजहब हत्यारे नही दीखते क्या जनाव?गरीब मुस्सलिम के असली दुशमन आप जैसे कट्टर ही है

In effect, he asks Why We don’t see the Killers in our own religious groups.

And a Valid question it is too. Below, my Responses:


My Dear OP, I am a Christian. But You should know that I Criticize my own Christian leadership QUITE A LOT too.

Please visit https://lovehappinessandpeace.wordpress.com/ and see my posts for this. Even now I am writing a post against the pope.

Bec others are guilty does NOT mean I am Not guilty. #modi shd accept his hand in the #godhra carnage.


Christian leadership, starting with the Vatican, should publicly, and repeatedly Apologize for The Inquisition, the pope’s Silence (Whimperings not accepted!) during the nazi atrocities, the Paedophile mess, Violence in Ireland and in other places, etc.

Similarly the Non-catholic Christian leadership. Again, their Greed for Ireland, faraway Falklands! To show that I am not writing these things for the first time, pl read: https://lovehappinessandpeace.wordpress.com/2014/08/08/extreme-love-for-money-on-part-of-catholic-church/

Now for the ISIS, Boko Haram, etc. I consider these the Most Barbaric. ISIS, etc, killing not only others, but also children of their own religion, as the 130+ at Peshawar.

You as a Hindu, how do You feel threatened by Christians? If You have problems, You have the police. But We Christians, running Hospitals and Schools for EVERYONE, face Fear and problems in India.

KANDHAMAL Christians, 10s of thousands, cannot return to their lands. One image is given below, taken from the Internet.


We face re-conversions, #bjp says it has no hand in re-conversions. But #bjp did not come to power without support of rss, etc.

We Christians, even after 2,000 years in India, are just 2.6%. Hindus are 80%+. What is the problem? So, Each of Us has to Clean his own house. Even if the Neighbour’s house is dirty, the smell will come to US!

So Help Clean Your house too, as I do in mine. Good day and Regards.