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How two Young Girls managed to Rape and Hang Themselves

The CBI, the central bureau of investigation of India, that August body, says that: ‘Badaun gangrape accused clear lie-detection test.’ Reference below. Badaun is the place in UP, India, where 2 Minors had been Gangraped and Hung. Lest We Forget, Here is the Infamous picture, (from the Internet).

Minors gangraped n killed in up 0514

Sherlock Holmes, Rex Stout and G. K. Chesterton, all agree that in that case the Girls must have Raped-and-Hung themselves. Sodomizing oneself is difficult enough. But I suppose all these things ‘Are’ possible, after all.

In India, even the agency that counts Farts is a government one. The cbi is no different. They fawn up to the ruling parties, and fall over themselves in doing so. That is One Reason I just ‘Love’ these government Servants.

It all comes from their thinking that the ‘government’ pays them their salaries. So Sad.

From the President down, the ministers, the judges, the police and ALL ‘government’ Servants Receive their Salaries from the People, the Citizens, of India. As such, It is the Citizens, their Real Masters, that they must learn to Serve.



Raped? Get Ready for Lie Detector Tests.

The Ministry of Confused Affairs
Road Side Cafe a ala Carte

To All Citizens, Wayfarers and Tourists

In view of situations prevailing in India, it is Advised that You Avoid getting Raped. And If, after getting Raped, You think it will help causes to Report it, Forget it. And, Not that You will Lie and get Detected, but be ready to face Polygraph tests.

Here is What You will be facing:

Endless, and We mean Endless, Questionings. The Questions will be detailed. You will have to answer to the Address, the Size of the Room, Whether it was a King sized bed or a Queen sized one, Whether there was a Ceiling Fan, Was it On, Whether the Lights were On, How many lights were there, Whether You Shouted, At What Volume, And Especially, The Exact Spots where Your Assailant(s) touched You, the Number of Times, and Whatever else they can Think Of.

Please Be Careful. If Once You said it was 3 cms above the Knee, and the next time You say 4 cms, be prepared for 6 years of Jail. It will called Awaiting Trial. You will Lucky if You get out. …If You have Lots of Money, many lawyers may approach You to represent You. But it will not help.



They will take Lie Detector Tests. We are showing You the machine so that You do not faint the first time You see it.

The test is done by administrative (previously called government) agencies, whose personnel (as All government SERVANTS in offices) are Required by law to leave their So-called Brains at home before starting for Work. After reaching Work premises, they await the orders of the current regime. The work of government SERVANTS is to do the Least bit of Work, Agitate for greater salaries and benefits, and speak for the administration, etc. It is very hard work.

Altogether, it is Best to Avoid getting Raped. Or else, face Lie Detector tests. Even Your Family Members will have to go through these Polygraph tests.* Our Own ministry, due to lack of Luxury Aircraft, will not be able to reach out to help You. We are Warning You, You will be On Your Own, On Your Own, On Your Own. Don’t say We didn’t let You know.


* Refer to case where 2 Minors were Raped and Hung on a Tree:


On Servants

In this post I want to share with You that:

  1. I do not like the word ‘Servant;’ It is too Demeaning, and should be Abolished, if not Dis-used.
  2. But there are some who Rejoice and Glory in the word ‘Servant,’ and in Being Servants! It seems to be something like the Stockholm Syndrome!

Let us get down to it!

servants 1880 e

Family photo NE India 1880’s, Source: ebay, Nov. 2006

Source: http://www.columbia.edu/itc/mealac/pritchett/00routesdata/1800_1899/britishrule/servants/servants.html

1. The picture seems to bring out what a Servant was/is supposed to be: One who sits at the feet, and does the things somebody called a ‘master/mistress’ does not want to do. Namely, Menial Jobs.

Let us Note a few things in this photograph.

(Particularly) In the Indian Culture, a Woman is supposed to keep her head Covered as a mark of Respect. A man ‘bares’ it for the same effect, to ‘show’ respect. If he is ‘wearing’ his headgear, he is deemed to ‘stand tall.’ Children would not be bothered about such things. Also, More clothes signify Affluence and Demand Respect.

The picture clearly shows how, in the case of Servants, all these norms were Flouted. There is No worry about Child Labour. The men are ‘made’ to wear all those ‘extra,’ unnecessary clothing, and the headgears, while made to stand, and made to understand that for all the paraphernalia, they are there to do the bidding: the ‘master’ saith come, and he cometh, and vice versa. …Even the boy has been made to don the turban.

…The Lord Jesus Himself, Surprisingly and seemingly Shockingly, refers to the way Servants were supposed to behave. See Luke 17:7-10. It is totally Bereft of Dignity.

The word Service, coming from the Same Roots, means something very different from that of Servanthood. Mother Teresa Served. Nobody thinks any the less of her for that.

There are indeed instances where those who are called Servants are High Dignitaries. Abraham’s Servant, the one who was charged with finding a wife for Isaac, ‘Was Incharge of All he (Abraham) had.’ Genesis 24:2. Jesus is the Suffering Servant. The one in the parable of the Unforgiving Servant owed his master ‘Ten Thousand Talents,’ Matthew 18:24, KJV. One Talent was a Measure of Weight, of More than 34 Kilograms! (That was how the Kings of Old measured their Income!). Thus, at least the Servants mentioned in this paragraphs were not Menials!

But In General, the Term Servant is a Put-Down word. There were ‘Service Entrances,’ and ‘Service Elevators.’ In many parts of the World, a ‘Servant’ cannot travel on the same ‘lift’ as …Others!

At least for the present, at this point of time, Doing Odd Jobs for Others is a Powerful Means of Earning one’s Livelihood for Very Many indeed. It is Poverty and Circumstances that forces them to take up these kinds of works.

We Should Not Shame them Further by calling them Servants. The Right word would be: Employees.


2. There is a category of people who are known as ‘government servants.’

[First of all, let me reiterate my Repugnance, Abhorrence and even Hatred for all words connected with ‘governance.’ I am Nobody’s Servant, except, as my name signifies, one of Christ Jesus, and by Choice at that. And I Absolutely Refuse to be ‘governed’ by any human being. Down with the word government. Let us use the term: Administration.]

‘A Clerk is a Jerk,’ has famously and rightly said Wayne Dyer, in his ‘Pulling Your Own Strings.’ These clerks and their cousins are whom We are referring to as  ‘government servants’ here.

While, by definition, there are bound to be Exceptions, for the most part, in India at least, people seek a ‘government’ job with their tongues hanging out; and most people obligingly, and like servants themselves, look ‘up’ to government servants.

Not just Clerks, but even officers, for instance, in the Electrical department, become servants to the SERVANT MENTALITY. Meaning thereby, for them, the master, in this case the Administration, can do no wrong!

These Employees get fat salaries, increments, housing, travel and medical facilities, etc. And, Even when they go to vote, where they can Choose the Right People in Complete Privacy, they faithfully cast their votes for their ‘masters.’ And the Administration in turn, knowing this very well, rewards the Employees with Increments at Just the Right time, (before elections, etc). You scratch my back, I scratch yours.

Just saw in Facebook that another group of ‘government servants,’ in the ‘Law department,’ called judges, etc, work a mere 188 days a year! That makes it just about 50%.

 …’government servants’ as a body are a fairly educated group.

They can be Great Instruments of Change, If only they would WISH to be That! It is a Tragedy that they CHOOSE to Remain Servants in Every sense of the word.

I would even dare to say that the World would Change for the Better if they Start Using their Brains, which, along with their Souls, they seem to have ‘sold’ to the Administration. They are, as I said, an Educated, Organized, Huge Group, after all!

But what they actually do is calculate under which political party they would be the better able to collect More Bribes! They even Talk about it! You can hear this in Buses, at Tea Shops, and such, before election time! And being this Supposedly Educated, Organized, Huge Group, History shows us whom they have helped choose.

Here’s to Wishing that they would Wake Up one day.


There is another group of ‘government servants,’ who serve in the ‘Armed’ services, namely, the military and the police. Except in the case of the Famous Exceptions, they help the so called Administration, and prove to be Instruments of Destruction of the Individual and of Society. On this group, more later.