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Quote of the day – Jim Rohn


And this Lovely little Pussy Cat shows Us just what happens when We cross those barriers We have built; The Sheer Wonder in His Eyes are Ample Proof!

Kudos to Dear Patricia for Illustrating this lovely thought with Equally Lovely pictures.


New Bloggy Cat [NBC]

The walls we build around us to keep sadness out…


also keeps out the joy.”


– Jim Rohn

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Love brings More Happiness than Money


So Ok, I do feel happy when I have a cup of Coffee, or have something nice to eat, like a Samosa. And Please, this post is NOT about Samosas.

Indian Samosas

Image from the Internet. …Samosas are made from mashed, spiced potatoes covered in dough and deep fried. I buy just one about twice a month. These cost about Rs. 12 per piece, without Chutney. That leaves me with a good feeling for about a fortnight.

But When I Love Somebody, and when Somebody Loves me, as for example I get a Smile or a Kiss from Children, that leaves me Glowing practically the Whole Day.

Lesson: ‘Love brings More Happiness than Money.’

Thus, We can be Spending Much Less, and be More Happy. It has to be Tried.

The Amount of money that is just ‘Blown’ on useless things like New Year Celebrations, or that of Christmas, or Any other Festival, When We live the Way We do…

New Year celebrations Australia 2016

Let us not blame the Australians for this. It is the same the World over, even in Cheesy little villages; Out of Proportion to the Income of the Common Man…

A Homeless Family in the US

When We live the Way We do When The World Lives like this, …Is Sin. Actually, Our living (on), Unconcerned, Takes Away Happiness. This also has to be Reflected, and Examined.

The above image is from Dennis Cardiff’s site:


This Wonderful man, Dennis Cardiff

Dennis Cardiff

Has a book the proceeds of which he gives for the Poor, whom he considers his Friends, and I consider myself fortunate to be one with him in this.

To continue, The World lives like this too:

Don't Cry, Mama, I am not feeling Hungry

The caption says: ‘Don’t Cry, Mama, I am not feeling Hungry.’ Very much in lines with ‘He ain’t heavy, he is my Brother’ below.

He Ain't Heavy, he is my Brother

I KNOW, Folks, Money does not grow on trees. At the cost of being Odious and Obnoxious, I want to share with You some things; Please bear with me.

I used to sup on two parathas, supplied with just some gravy, the whole costing Rs. 16.

Indian Parathas

Only, the ones I get to eat are Nowhere as Fancy as these! 🙂

Then I found that if I am ready to Spare some time, then I can make Chapatis (Parathas are harder to make, and Chapatis are Healthier), which, Along with Vegetables and Curry, cost A Good Deal Less.

From time to time I get Visits from Poor People, one of whom is a Lovely Child of some 13 years, who will come, expecting some little help, to buy maybe a Pen, or Notebooks or some such. I give her Rs. 30. (My Monthly Income for December was Rs. 4,000; Promised for Individual Caritas — Rs. 1,800).

You see what I mean: If I would be ready to spend the time on Cooking, which for me takes some 90 minutes on a Wood fire for Two meals, then I can spare these Thirty Rupees from time to time.

Let’s Go at it. Let’s Cut down Our Expenses. Let’s Give More to the Poor. This will Bring Us More Peace and Happiness than the Things We spend on.


How to be Happy!

There have been times when I have been Devastated. Even Literally Weeping, over Unnecessary things! Yet, even in those days, Methods I have learnt Not only kept my Sanity, but even gave me a modicum of Happiness. That is the ‘How’ that I share with You today.

It was Precisely on the day to which I have provided the link above, that I had to travel, by bus, for about 10 hours, at night. The One positive thing about the journey was that I found an Empty Seat, that too next to a window, a Real Rarity, particularly when You board a bus On the Way. But there were Plenty of Negatives.

First of all there was my Mental situation. (See link). Then, in the bus, I found that the ‘window‘ on my side, – which in India is just a piece of Plexi-glass, was Missing! Well, Open to God’s Good Air, what! But No. It was the Rainy season! …There were no other seats available; I could have stood in the Aisle of the bus, which was already crowded(!), or I could have remained in my seat. I chose to remain, with the Sleet coming on to me in its Merry Way. On top of it, I found that it was Dripping Right on my head! (Many of Our Indian buses are Famous for such things!)

Bus window missing!

[This picture is from the Net, of course. And these people are taking it Very Coolly, (Apathetically?!), in the way of Indians. But this does not appear to have occurred, in this instance, during the Rainy season.]

To go back and to Repeat, That was my situation.

How I kept myself Happy.

It is Possible to Achieve Happiness, and to Remain Happy, even in the Midst of the Greatest of Trials.

I Started Recalling, as I had learnt, the Happy Memories of my Life. I shall recount a few for You just now.

When I was studying Theology in Ranchi, one evening, I suddenly noticed some Children rushing towards me. Upon reaching me, They Surrounded me, Embraced me clutching at my legs (they were of that size!), and were looking up at me with Happy Faces! They Thrust something into my Hands, …Flowers! I learnt that these my Little Sweethearts had been Keeping these Treasures, Just to give them to me, since morning, when they had started for School! They were Wilted and Crumpled. But it made them all the more Precious! I kept them under my glass (pad) on my table, for a very long time.

wilted flowers

When my Nephew was about 8 years old, I had gone to visit them. At the end of the visit, my brother brought me by motor bike to the Bus Stand. My Nephew had accompanied us. After I got down, my brother started back, and my Nephew, in his turn, turned back towards me, holding on to my brother rather generous ‘waist’ with one hand, and Waving to me with his other, …Till – they – were – Out – of – Sight! I just stood there and Drank that Sight in.

My Nephew

This is the same Young man, Kenny, on a same kind of motor cycle!

When I had occasion to stay with my Uncle, my Sweet Little Niece, all of about 2 years old, would climb about 20 steepish stairs on her Fours and come to see me, many times a day. Oh, How She Loved me. To share the whole story, She Died within a few days of my leaving them. …Though this memory brings Tears to my eyes even as I type this, it is One of the Most Precious memories of Love in my Life. Horribly Bitter Sweet though this is, I Will recall it whenever I feel that there is No love in my life.

Happily, I have, and I had, even on that day, Enough Happy memories to last me the whole 10 hours!

Whatever Our Situation, We All, Do have Happy memories like these. Count Your Blessings, as they say. Recall Your Happy memories, Time and Again, whenever You feel You Need it. And this, my Dear Folks, is a Real Good Way to Be Happy. 🙂 For More on Happiness, here is a quick link. For Happiness over Pleasure, please click here. You could also search for the Word Happiness and find More posts. Here’s Wishing Happiness to You!

Wishing You All Much Happiness!

Hello, there, My Dear Friends! Much Love, Regards, and Hearty Wishes for a Lot of Happiness in Your lives come to You, All You Great People, from Your Favourite Pest, Yesudas! 🙂


(Graphic from Internet).

As Happiness comes Only when one receives Love and has Peace, I think it is a rather Complete Wish.

And I Do Wish You All that, and Pray for that! 🙂

Some Very Needed Qualities!

You know the old and wise saying, which mention Qualities that are Really Needed:

God grant me

Graphic from: www.aliexpress.com

Evidently the Wisdom lies in Knowing the Difference between What Can and Cannot be Changed by Us. BUT. There are More, Important Elements involved in this too:


A person who does not Care about Others is not going to worry about Changing the situations. Nor is the person who is Lazy. And it Requires Honesty, Even BRUTAL HONESTY, to Acknowledge the Realities about Our Selves!

Too many of Us would like to Escape by saying: ‘I am not the Wisest of Men!’

There is Much We CAN Do. Honesty is Needed to Accept this.


If We Genuinely Care about Others, and Raise Our Voice in their Support and Really Do things for them, That would be Love. And Only Doing these things Can and Will bring Us Peace and Happiness.

So, Love, Happiness and Peace can be Attained Only when We Put to Use these Very Needed Qualities. We are Born with them. It is upto Us to Use them.

A Post that does Not make much Sense

Upto 5 years ago, our Ashram used to House and Care for about 16 Homeless People at a time, while helping some 40 more by way of Daycare. I have had to stop as I had to shift, and have no facilities to house People just now. My Help these days takes the form of Daycare alone. …As for today’s post, came across what I would say a Meaningless and Senseless one in Facebook in this regard. As Usual, am Pulling No Punches.

Homeless People are No Novelty in India. You will find them Outside our Railway Stations, Near or Bus stands, and In our Bus Stops, looking Lost and Dejected. Not only that, there is an Old People’s Home in our Very Street, and Two more within 2 Kms of where I sit just now, but our Village is special, as there are many Ashrams here.

Let us now come to the post:

homeless a w bg

First of All, let me make it Clear that I am Not writing this post against ‘Jesus Daily.’ Who Knows what all Good things they are doing. BUT. Here are the Problems: This Man looks Educated, and seems to come from at least a Middle Class Home. In India, People would think Nothing of Lying Down under a Tree on the Bare Ground, and if Homeless, find the Shelter of a Bus Stop as a God Send.

bus stop comp

Composite from: j0035001.blogspot.com and fox2now.com …Evidently both are different ones. But they are only to show the Dilapidated conditions they are generally in. For most Indians to live in these kinds of conditions is Old Hat. But for Educated People!

The World is creating the Homeless day by day. russia downs another Civilian airliner (this Malaysian one is the second, as far as I remember, there was a Japanese one some years ago), and Bingo, how many families of the passengers affected? The ISIS decides to kidnap, hold hostage, chase out or frighten away People, who had paid Lakhs (Hundred of Thousands, albeit Rupees), to go and work there, and where are they Now? AND How many are Abandoning their Parents?

Where I do not see the sense is in the Post in question is in these things:

  • Somebody photographs a Homeless Man,
  • Leaves Him Sitting there,
  • Posts His picture and gather ‘Likes,’
  • AND Thinks that Everything is Solved by Saying an ‘Amen.’

Was the Man ‘Posing’ for this picture? His Eyes say it is Not so.

What We Can and Should Do in situations like these, besides providing Him with a Meal is this:

Offer Him Shelter. Do it as a Community. A Few Neighbours, together. Work at it. BOLD Steps, Sure. But I am Used to Talking to Lions.

Let us Not think He would Not be Pestersome. People who have had to live like this would be full of Resentment.

Too many are Ready to say: “There are details that maybe we don’t want to hear, things we didn’t want to know.” Let us Firmly leave such statements to Others. Let the Blood Run Red in our Veins.

Frankly, this ‘my’ post comes under all the headings/tags I mention: A page called ‘Jesus Daily’ posts this. I would expect ‘Leadership’ in Religious Issues from such a page. But such a Spineless kind of a thing Disappoints, Hugely.

By Saying an Amen and going away, We Cannot Expect to Receive God’s Blessings, His Love, Peace or Happiness.

Taking a picture of a Homeless Person, getting ‘Likes’ out of this, and asking People to say ‘Amen’ makes No Sense. If We would Profess that Christ lives in Each and Every one of Us, then We have to Prove it to Him by our Actions.

How Make Happiness Permanent!



I Already have a post on ‘The Way to Happiness!‘ This present post will help Us Imbibe, Personalise and Make Our Learning and Particularly its Effect, PERMANENT. And not just Happiness, but that of Love and Trust.

And it is Not only the Experience of Happiness that has to be Made Permanent. Those of being Loved, and Trust has to be made Stable too! The same method works for all of these.

Named my blog as Love, Happiness and Peace. And Most of the time have been writing on Current Affairs! But these have a Direct connection with the Subject of the blog! Am presenting today some thoughts on How We can Achieve Happiness.

I have been through thick and thin, (Who hasn’t?). If, in the Rainbow, Red is to be the Best, and Violet the worst, I have been through Violets too, many times, for long durations. In all this, Came to Understand that God Really Loves Us.

Achieving Happiness would require Many things. It does not come by waving some Magic Wand. If there is a Problem like Lack of Money, Discord in the Family, Lack of Internal Peace, etc, all those have to be Addressed as far as possible.

This post will be of Particular Use for those Who have Money, Things, and People Around them, yet feel a Vacuum in their Hearts.



Even if You do not Believe in God, Start by saying, ‘It is said that You are Love. That You want to Us give Peace and Happiness and Blessings and all that. If You are there, let me Experience them.’

Next, Start saying this verse from the Bible: [Note: Saying this does Not make You a Christian!]

Surely, Only Goodness and Kindness, Shall follow me, All the days of my life.’

That is Psalm 23:6a, and my own translation.

You are supposed to say this Repeatedly, Whenever You have the time and the opportunity. Say it As many times as Possible in a day! Say it when You have difficulty in sleeping, as You are walking, waiting, etc, etc.

I would ask You to keep at this for at least a goodly Three months. Try to say it with Emphasis on the Underlined words. You do not have to say them Aloud.

Let HIM explain Why He gave Us verses like these. By Making You Experience those Good things.


Do Not think the Mind will Not go off on those Tangents. It is Famous for going round and round its favourite topics! Thoughts will arise in Your head, saying:

  • ‘What foolish thing have You started?’
  • ‘Do Your Really think that All those supposed things are going to happen Definitely? You are saying ‘Surely.’
  • ”Only’ Good things are going to happen? Is it even possible on Earth? Why are You wasting time after seeing this one word?’
  • ”All’ the days of Your life? No Breaks? Hahaha,’ and all that.


The suggested words, if Uttered with Love and Reverence, will Calm Your Mind, even Silence Your Mind. The Brain Cannot Multi-task! That is why they say Do not Talk on the Cell Phone while You are Driving! And other things like that.

We can do Only One thing at a Time. If We have told ourselves to just keep Pronouncing these words, and Keep our Attention on Pronouncing them, then our Famous Subconscious is Not able to bring up its subjects for one more viewing!

All this, Incidentally, is called ‘DHYAAN.’ To learn about this, please click here.

toddler good

Image credit: www.indrayanikaathi.com

It is something like this: We would like to Lift Up and Hug a Child. But the Child might be too busy, and interested in other things. Our Subconscious Mind too is Too Busy with Other things, to pay attention to, and to Receive, What God would like to give.

If We give our brain big things to do, it will become active! Silence the Mind by giving it something Small to do. And Only in that Silence Can it Receive God’s Gifts of Love, Happiness and Peace.


How I make People Laugh!

My Mom Smiles Easily, but does not laugh too much. If We discount that, I keep up with my Quips, which is my way of making People Laugh. I Succeed in getting them to Smile, anyway! Ours is an Ashram, but I do not believe too much in ‘Physical Silence.’ I would rather that We Share the Joy that We have Received!

Grp 03

L-R: Sr. Pushpa (Tresa), who serves as a Volunteer, Thangamma, who works and helps us, Thane Mozhy, 40 years old, Mentally handicapped, who has been with us for some 12 years or so, my Mom, and my Sister Rosy Dinaker who had come on a visit from Chennai.

I do not know how many points out of 10 You would give me as a person who makes Others Laugh. But what I keep saying as I go around, is… (You Are Allowed to Laugh!)

  • “Mom, I am going to give You Asafoetida Tea this evening!”
  • “Mom, please peel and dice some 30 Kilograms of Potato for lunch.” (We are usually 5 or 6 at lunch).
  • “Did You all Stand on Your Head?”
  • “Please Pour Six pots of Water into the River.”
  • “The Cat is calling You on the Phone.”

And Other delicious things like that. Would be glad to get new Ideas from You.

“Yaam Pettra Inbam – Peruga Ivvaiyagam,” (May the Whole World Share the Happiness that We have had), as We say and Pray in our place.

Is Yesudas Dis-Satisfied?

Many things are happening in my life just now. That is, things worth mentioning. Anyway, while I was talking about them with an old friend my mine, TM, I had said that I was Satisfied with the way things were going. He expressed Surprise. He seemed to be under the Impression that I am not Satisfied with life.


Is that the Impression I am giving? That I am Not Satisfied? Let me tell You that just Quite the Contrary is True! I am Very Satisfied with Life.

02 w elali g e

… I had used the word ‘satisfied’ with reference to a particular situation. With regard to Life, HAPPINESS may be more pertinent. And let me tell You I am Quite Happy too. On the mundane levels, I have a good Appetite, I find my food Tasty, I Sleep Well, and my Health is quite good. Consider my Output!

More Importantly, on the Higher Levels, I am Loved. This my little Kitten had followed me and sat down beside me Unbidden. And though I have many who do not like me(!), there are More than Enough in my life who Love me, Deeply. I have Serenity. …Love, Happiness and Peace, what More could anybody want?!


There Are Conditions out in Life in general, which are Far from Satisfactory, and I Refuse to take it lying down. Was GANDHI supposed to be satisfied with the conditions of Slavery in India? Was NELSON MANDELA expected to be tranquil with the situations of those times in his country?

36garh large

Many define it in different ways, but One gets Happiness when One has Done the Right thing.

There are many who long for ‘tasty’ Foods from restaurants. That means they are Not happy with their food at home. If Tasty Food is what is going to make us happy, that could mean We are Not happy most of the time!

If only ‘Nice’ Clothes are going to make somebody happy, then how is he feeling in his everyday clothes? Another example would be Sex. There is No denying that Sex makes one happy. But how long are You going to have sex?

Whereas, If We have Really done our Best, We have Lasting Satisfaction and Happiness.

I have Fought Hard for my Fellow Beings. Even God cannot ask me, “Why did You Not Open Your mouth? Why did You Not Speak Out for them?” Because I have done that. And that is Why I am Quite Satisfied, and Happy.