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My Health!

My Dear Folks,

Of late, actually for the last 3 or 4 weeks, my health has been troubling me. It started with an Innocent headache, which went away soon enough, but left a Cough, and a Fever that would not leave. Only after a blood test and some strong medication has this gone, but it sent in a Cousin, namely, Temperoray and Partial Loss of Sensation in the Arms, Fingers and Toes, and a little Giddiness.

Sorry for burdening You all with this. But The Reason I share is that I Request Your Prayers. I Very firmly believe in the Effect of Prayers.

That is why I have been a little Tardy on my Blog.

My Regards.

Almost Healthy

“Nothing on losing weight, only about being fit!” This from the post! Good one.

And, after going through the article, It Sounds Healthy Enough to me!

Eating something Right in the morning… This was something New for me. I am a person who ‘Has to Have’ his tea in the morning!’

From now I intend to eat 4 Nutrichoice biscuits at 6 AM and 4 PM as well, something I had not done earlier.

An Armchair Perfectionist

I wrote this while dreaming about this pizza

Almost is so full of possibilities and well, so full of out-of-reach reality. Almost single, almost graduate, almost drunk… 

I take pride in being “Almost Healthy” I have never been an out and out health-freak – impossible given my love for carbs, cheese and chocolates. But over the few years, I implemented lifestyle tweaks to not completely compromise my health. And it has paid off! My hemoglobin levels I tell you 🙂

Sometime back I reached out and read a book on a close relative’s recommendation – Don’t lose your mind, Lose your weight by Rujuta Divekar – my first nutrition based read. To the Indians – she was force behind Kareena Kapoor’s size zero national rage. 

And now I feel like sharing a few different/lost tips which she has so logically spoken about – nothing on losing weight, only about being fit! Do check it out. Just ignore the frequent name…

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Achieving Optimal Health, Wellness And Weight Loss With Yoli

First I thought that this is a post by ‘Taking the Mask Off,’ and maybe it is! The profile picture looks similar.

More Importantly, I thought, Who can read 3,500 odd words. Yet I had liked the Intro, so I went into the post.

And I found it surprisingly Readable, with lots of photographs.

Above all, it has points about Health, which made Sense to me.

For Indians like me, it would be very difficult to get products of Yoli, or the many other things suggested there.

But from the site, on one of the suggested links, I found that we can easily make Alkaline Water. There too, the kind person forgot to mention just How much Water is for the recommended half a teaspoon of Baking soda.

But I have decided to ask my chemist for products, and am going to try the Baking Soda thing, using half a teaspoon for 1 litre. If You people can suggest something here, it would be Most Welcome.

So, Here goes! To a Healthier life for All of Us, and let thank ‘The Island Traveler’ for the post. 🙂