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A BIG Hello, and Some News!

So Hello, my Friends! This is my 600th post, as such a bit Special! I take this Opportunity to Greet You and to send You my Heartfelt Regards.


As far as NEWS is concerned,

Took a Conscious, 15-day Holiday, for the First Time in my Life!

Relaxing Kitten

The holiday was Celebrated Right in my Room(!), but the Rest has Invigorated me. A Very Severe Ache I had developed behind my Head has gone.


There are a few things I WANT TO INFORM YOU about:

Am making a Habit of Visiting the sites, especially of those who are Kind enough to give Comments in mine. I also go through the List of All whom I follow, Nearly 200 of them, and read their posts and share comments. Am able to do that just about 3 to 5 at a time.

There are some sites where I am not able to post comments, even after visiting and reading articles in their Entirety, as they do not open in https. I would ask You all to do things about addressing this Issue.

An example is:┬árobertmgoldstein’s blog. There for comments, it asks for a New and Separate ‘Log-in,’ in WordPress, Twitter or Facebook. That means entering my Password. Since it is not https, the site is NOT SECURE, so my Norton informs me.

NOT https

I take this Opportunity to extend my Felicitations to Robert/Chester, and the Many whom I am not able to contact on their pages.


Hearty Regards Once Again! ­čÖé

Hello, Everybody!

Just staying in touch! Hope and Pray You and Yours are All Keeping Well.

As for me, Not Bad! My computer is playing up again. Can’t blame it. A Laptop, it is the very kind gift of some Friends of mine, and though second hand, my computer worked Very hard for me, as much as 12 to 15 hours a day, for about 6 years! Now she seems to be Dying on me, shutting down as many as 9 times, by┬áitself, in the last some 20 days!

As for the pages┬áI open, I do not know if it is the problem of the Sites of a Virus, though I pay and use Norton 360. Can’t give a Like, – a funny, small window opens on the side, and disappears. The only thing it does is to Frighten me! Can’t give a Reblog! And my posts page is Not Updating!

I Wisely (Haha!) disconnected my External Hard disk, in which resides my Precious Novel! So, No work on that! It has grown into a Healthy Baby, though! Shall give You Excerpts, by and by.

So, If You do not hear much from me, You know Why! Regards. ­čÖé