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Why The Batman Who Laughs Is Scarier Than The Joker


A good presentation. Yet! 🙂

For me, being Terrifying is Not Appreciable.

A character/person, who loves to destroy, I would not even be afraid of him. I would look down on him.

If the Batman who laughs is Chaos in its purest form, then Minus points to him.

Yet it is True that those who stand for Good, want to Do Good, Are Weak and Soft.

Who asks them to be so?

Thus finally, A Hero who can Laugh at Adversity IS Awesome.

And let US become that.


via Why The Batman Who Laughs Is Scarier Than The Joker


YOU, CAN Be a Hero!

Who does not love a good Story? Who does not love a Movie? And, Just Who did not want, in the Secret of his Heart, to Become a Hero!

(NO Gender bias intended here, or anywhere in my Posts, Please. It just becomes Simpler to write thus).

In India, the Phantom of old, Colonel Ranjit of my days; All those Westerns, Spider man, Bat man, not to speak of Alistair Maclean, Robert Ludlum, is not the list Endless? Kennedy was very fond of James Bond novels.

We All have Heroes. And to have a Hero means, that We would have liked Very much Indeed, to be like them. But, in getting On with Life, We simply allowed Life’s pressures to Bury our Dreams.

…It seems that a new Hindi movie by the name of JAI HO is going to be released, and its adverts are running on the TV. Things are happening in the that, and among them, I noted that a small girl, a Child Labourer, gets hit on the forehead and is Injured.

Seeing these sorts of things, the HERO, Salman Khan asks his girlfriend, ‘It pains me even to watch all these Cruelties, Injustice and Problems. But am I the Only One who sees and notices these?’ And She replies thus:


Thus We have the definition of a Hero.

  • A Hero Notices things, and
  • He ACTS!

Even a Bare Ten years ago, there was not really Much We could do, even if We had wanted to. But the Modern means of Communications have given Us Weapons, whereby We can make a Dent. We are Blessed indeed, that We are Born in the Age of Democracy. But Democracy only works if Citizens Participate. And it is also, to a LARGE Extent, Dependent upon Numbers. The More, the Better, is the Principle here.

To BE like a Hero, Now We Just have to:

  • Allot at least 10 Minutes a Day for Social Affairs, things that Concern our Fellow Men and Women.
  • We can give Our LIKES and COMMENTS on posts that We already find Written, if We agree with them. These things Count! Likes and Comments Create TRENDS! And even politicians watch out for these things.

THIS IS THE SIMPLEST WAY TO BECOME A HERO. Our Heart Will Accept that. It will Sing. It will say, ‘Well done, Boss! You Acted! You ARE a Hero!’

Many so-called ‘greats’ have followers, who just want something, money, favours, recognition! If they do not get these, they leave.

If Our Innermost Self, Our Heart, Accepts things, that is Enough, and We will Feel Very Satisfied Indeed! But let us Remember, We Cannot Fool Our Innermost Self.