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Condition ‘for’ Liberty.


John Philpot Curran said in Dublin on 10 July 1790:

“The condition upon which God hath given liberty to man is eternal vigilance.”

You might like to read the Whole article:

How judiciary helped Hitler and Stalin in destroying political opposition


My Camera & My Chai: The Line


Addresses a Social Issue of National Interest, (to India), errr, I should change that, of International Interest, as evinced by pertaining to hitler himself. …Also, as seen by this, spanning across all barriers of Time!

AND HUMORUOUS! …Rajiv‘s writing is Super, of course, but the Video of hitler is a Gem.

Thank You, my Dear Rajiv! We Need More posts like these from You. Till the 15 Lakhs arrive, and even after that, Keep posting like this, Please, Please, Please! 🙂

Regards, One and All!



Now, I want to show you a line. It is essential for all of you who have forgotten all your junior schools mathematics.

Behold – the line


Now, ever since our dear and beloved Prime Minister decided that 80% of our notes are useless, we discovered the mathematics of two things:

  • The Line
  • The Zero.

Oh, did I forget to show you the zero?

Here it is.


So, here we are in the lines, looking for cash. But, there is no cash. Zero.



So now, news spreads fast. On the WhatsApp circuit, the news has spread that Sweden is a cashless society.

We are now a country of Brown Swedes.

And, we are conscientious of the climate. No cash. No plastic.


Only lines.

Then, someone posted a video of Hitler moaning about this problem.

Here it is

Now, life gets crazy.

One day, they say you can use…

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We are equal but we are not the same


As usual, my Dear Imran, a great title, but.

you talk of hormones and what not. What happens to Women on certain days of the month, etc, etc.

How Women are the weaker sex, in that, for example, what would happen to them in War if they were captured, etc.

But Wars, Occupation of Countries, and MOST of the humankind’s ills ‘WERE NOT STARTED BY WOMEN.’

From Nero to Genghis Khan to the Hitlers, Idi Amins, Pol Pots, and Saddam Husseins, and the other too many too numerous to mention, Most of the Misery of Mankind was Started, and is Maintained, by the Male.

I suppose you mean that Women, like good whatever you want to call them, should sit in the corners of their houses. From what I have shown, It would be Better if many ‘men’ would Sit Quietly in their houses.


Shake Your Conscience !


When Islam freed the people from paganism, equality between men and women was established. But somehow, somewhere, women in the west lost true meanings of ‘equality’ and ‘liberation’. As a result, there began a movement whose goal was to have women treated and thought of ‘ the same’ as men – no distinctions, no discriminations. This demand is not compatibles with a woman’s physical or spiritual nature. Because she is created in many ways distinctly different than a man. Modern women want to diminish the impact of these differences. This is an alarming sign that something is quite amiss. Women are not living their lives the way they are entitled, and they do not want to admit having any limitations nor admit their vulnerabilities as women. However, regardless of how much legislation has passed to treat women the same as men, one fact will remain eternally unchanged: the female gender was…

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Truth, and Freedom


hitler had said,

“If you tell a big enough lie and tell it frequently enough, it will be believed.”

As Friend Madelyn of <https://addandsomuchmore.com/&gt; shared with me…

Joseph Goebbels had said that the truth is the greatest enemy of the State. …Evidently, it Need Not be, Unless the State is an evil one! Goebbels admits to the evil of his time and regime by his statement. …And Conversely, Truth becomes the Way to Freedom from the evil state.

And here is the full quote that she shared (I had not know this).

“If you tell a lie big enough and keep repeating it, people will eventually come to believe it. The lie can be maintained only for such time as the State can shield the people from the political, economic and/or military consequences of the lie. It thus becomes vitally important for the State to use all of its powers to repress dissent, for the truth is the mortal enemy of the lie, and thus by extension, the truth is the greatest enemy of the State.” ~ Joseph Goebbels

I am Proud that India has ‘Satyameva Jayate’ (Truth Alone Wins!) as Our Motto. I give the words in the Devanagari script, or the Hindi script as it would be popularly known, below.

सत्यमेव जयते!


The Jewish Guy, hitler, and my comments


I have made it a habit to visit the sites of those who have given a ‘follow’ to my blog, or written a comment on my post. And I definitely add a comment there when I do this.

Came to this site, reference at bottom, and the graphics below will tell You the tale.

Jewish guy

Image from the site quoted.

And now my comment on that.

Jewish guy comments

Had not really wanted to ‘reblog’ that post. And, as my comment was put under moderation, did not really want my gem, (hehe, excuse me!) to be lost.

Reference: https://labrujulablogblog.wordpress.com/2016/05/30/respuesta-a-la-contra-conspiracion-sobre-hitler/comment-page-1/#comment-517


modi and the Godhra incident

narendra modi, the current prime minister of India, is held by many as responsible for the Carnage at Godhra. Since the courts, after their own fashion, have not passed any judgement on him, Many, particularly of the bjp and related parties, hold that he is guiltless.

My comments, via Twitter, on modi‬ and Godhra:

King HenryII‬‘s very Raj-Tantric (politically clever) words: “Who will rid me of this meddlesome priest” brought about the death of ‪‎ThomasBecket‬.

‪‎Hitler‬ did not PERSONALLY kill 60 Lakh people. It was his teaching and organization that did it.

modi giving the Free Hand to the Rioters, the Transfer of officials, the Disappearance of Witnesses, etc, show who is guilty.

BOTH communities might be to blame. But here We are talking of modi.


modi is just the biggest example at this moment of politicos being responsible for even communal carnage. But he is not alone in this.

mamata in WB saying ‘We will Protest,’ when she means Communal violence will take place is another very good example.

jayalalitha having given a free rein to the rogue elements who had brought her to power is another example of this.

Weekly Photo Challenge/B4 Retouch: Relic (Oradour sur Glane)

Even today, there are people who appreciate hitler. They are the least concerned about what happened at Oradour or places like that. But WE should not forget these kinds of things. More than that. We Owe it to Our Children and Grandchildren that Similar things do not happen again.

Violence, and the Christian

Everybody in their Right Mind Hates Violence. And Everybody cries out ‘Peace, Peace, Peace,’ Everybody says: “Down with Violence.” Can a Christian Use Violence? Even to me the question sounds peculiar! But it is a query that Many People have! And, I have used the word Christian as I am a Christian Priest, and cannot really answer it for those of Other religions.

Violence is taken as a Dirty word. As far as possible, it Has to be Avoided, of course. And its use in Aggression, Attack or Offence is Never Right.

On the other hand, the use of Force, even Armed Force – which is Nothing else but Violence – is Allowed in Defence. Violence is Not the Issue, but Aggression is. That is the essence of this article.

Defence is something ‘Of the Moment.’ If I am beaten up, I cannot come home, pick up a stick, and go back and beat up my attacker. That is Not Defence, that it Attack. And Violence in this situation would be Wrong. That is what the Lord calls ‘Vengeance’ in the Bible.

At the same time, if the fellow(s) are lying in wait and in ambush, it would not only be Necessary, but Right, to Defend Yourself and Yours. You would have to Encircle them and put them out of commission.

The example that springs to mind for this is that of Red Indian attacks on small settlements. In a situation like that, Proper Defence would have been to Fire the Shots First, if possible. I see No Wisdom in getting Your house set on fire, just because they had not fired the first shot! For background notes on this Please see below.

The Red Indian had been cheated, and No Proper Settlements/Arrangements were made for them. This was Violence against them. And just because certain peoples had advanced with reference to Iron weapons and guns, etc, they had seen fit to Enslave, carry away, and Sell practically whole nations. That Same method of Force and Violence is used in running houses of Prostitution today.

Going back to one more example of Offence (first) as the Best Defence, I would say that the Idea that the Law officer in the Old West was supposed to draw only after the ruffian had done so was Idiotic and Wrong. Whether a man volunteered to be a Law officer or whether he took a salary, How Long did We expect him to keep up the speed of Draw? When he got old, what was he supposed to? Be the Victim of Revenge? We have held the lives of Our Law men cheap. We made them Spectator Sport. It was Criminal on the part of those who drew up such laws.

I am not saying the above with reference to the Ferguson affair. Darren Wilson firing off TWELVE LIVE ROUNDS at unarmed Civilians was Criminal.

In the situation that followed, the mere presence of police force armed with semi-automatic weapons and APC-like vehicles where Unarmed Civilians are gathered is Violence. This is Aggression.


Was just watching the movie, ‘The Next Karate Kid.’ Two things there are Noteworthy. One, that physical instructor says at one point: “If You find somebody throwing a Candy wrapper, make them Eat it,” or words to that effect. I am Not commending or suggesting Violence like this. This is Stupidity. The other is the instance where Julie goes into a store to buy some things, and there are three men there, who set their dog upon her, and later come out and try to Grab her. Here I would I ask YOU a question: “If You were the Girl’s Guardian, What would YOU have done at that point?”

If one could at least Run and Escape, the discussion would be over. But would three men let a Young and Beautiful Girl Escape? The question is Not whether We know how to fight. Rather, it is, Whether We think pulling up a few chairs and starting a Counselling session would work here! Are these Impossible scenarios? Let us Not be Naive.

Came across the travails of one Gopika, who travelled by train and had some Nasty experiences. Upon Great Insistence from her and her companions, police did arrive, but went back after scolding her and her companions! To read her account, please click here.

I have read some Great peace-lovers writing just How they had allowed themselves to be beaten up, and never raised a finger. As I said, Great, Super, Wonderful and Marvellous! But the Question comes when one of Our Family members is Threatened. As Julie was.


Next, with regard to War. Do We Really think hitler would have stopped his mass murder, his ethnic cleansing, with just Germany? Had he not attacked even that giant, russia? If Everybody had gone around waving White flags, do We think he would have desisted? What about saddam hussein bombing the Kurds, People of his Own land? Or when putin is sending tanks into Ukraine, are We to start making passionate speeches in the UN? putin is going to stop by that? 🙂

Or is the ISIS going to lay down its arms if the pope, the dalai lama or the shankaracharya asks them?


I am Not saying that We Stock up on guns. Nor am I saying that You take up arms against Your own government. Interestingly, The BEST way of protesting against one’s own government is through Absolutely Non-Violent and Peaceful means.


Let us now come to The Time when the Hebrews returned to their Homeland. They had dwelt there after the time of Moses, circa 1250 BC, to the Fall of Jerusalem, circa 587 BC. That makes it about 700 years. From about 587 BC to about 445 BC, they had been Slaves By the Rivers of Babylon, first to the Assyrians, then to the Neo-Babylonians, and at the end to the Persians. It was Cyrus of Persia who gave them permission to return. Prior to all this, they had been slaves in Egypt for four hundred odd years. Altogether, they had been Slaves, since the time of Abraham, to the time of Christ, for Centuries. No Wonder they hated the Idea of Slavery, and that they still do! These details are just by way of Background and Interest.

Safety, in those days, meant living within Walls. The crops were raised outside the Walls, and if attacked, they lost, at the most, the Crops. So, upon the return from slavery, building the Walls of Jerusalem was one of their priorities. And Naturally their ‘neighbours’ did not want those walls raised. The Hebrews would build, and their enemies would pull them down. What were they to do? Build or Fight?

sword in one hand n built w other neh 4.17

What is More Important is What they were Inspired to do. Nehemiah, whom We can call the leader of the Hebrews at that point, writes: “Our enemies thought (of) Killing Us and Putting an End to our Work. …So I armed the People with Swords, Spears and BowsEven those who carried building materials worked with one hand and kept a Weapon in the other.” (Excerpts from Nehemiah 4:11-17). You know, they were not there at some Fancy Dress Contest. Those Weapons, were to be Used, if Necessary. Image: www.artbible.net


It becomes a question of giving the evil minded a little Thrashing, or handing over Your Hard Earned money to ruffians and see Your Family Suffer Want. It could also be a case of Your coming away with a Child in the Womb. If You Fight there, Society would say, “You were Violent.” The church would say, “No Abortion.” And I Agree with it too. So, Let society say what it will. Defend Yourself, with Force, if Necessary.

As Mr. Miyagi had said, “Fight to Win.” If You had to fight, and If You had to be Violent, in Defence, No need to have a party, but have a Good night’s sleep, and Carry on with Your Life!

WHY Free jaya? WHY Free Other 3 Also?


Below, a collection of tweets, (plus some ‘add-on’s!), on the ‘most probable freeing of jaya,’ ex cm of Tamil Nadu of India, jailed over charges of corruption.

And Let’s Not quibble saying that she is Not going to be ‘Freed,’ But Only Released on Bail. In practice, what difference between the two?


WHY should this woman get bail? If punishment is not to be suffered, why spend Crores in court expenses? To further burden the Common man?

jaya fox

[My gosh! Look at that face! Enough to Frighten even a Jailer! Do You think that the Jailer asked the courts to take her away, as she was giving him Nightmares? Hahaha! And this is a Poor, Weak Woman! Picture from Internet.]

Healthy enough to sit in High pressure chair of cm for years on end. As soon as in jail, supposed poor health? Courts Blind? Pressurized? Naive? Bought?

What reason to give bail to the 3 cronies? Are they too too broken up? Jails just for those who cannot pay for expensive lawyers?

Person Loots Country and People for decades. Thorium and Sand robbery alone should go into Thousand-S of Crores.

j vaikundarajan thorium thief

[Loot for 20 Years, come out in 21 days! Graphic: From Facebook.]

What difference between terrorists kidnapping and making demands, and admk burning, breaking and making demands?

sarita devi n saya fb

[For Sarita Devi: Please click here. Graphic: From Facebook.]

hitler, mao, fidel, gaddafi, ISIS… able to brainwash followers. admk, shiv sena, mamata’s tmc any different?

When parties like admk already Have taken so called law into their hands, what should people do? Drop pants and bend down?