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A BIG Hello, and Some News!

So Hello, my Friends! This is my 600th post, as such a bit Special! I take this Opportunity to Greet You and to send You my Heartfelt Regards.


As far as NEWS is concerned,

Took a Conscious, 15-day Holiday, for the First Time in my Life!

Relaxing Kitten

The holiday was Celebrated Right in my Room(!), but the Rest has Invigorated me. A Very Severe Ache I had developed behind my Head has gone.


There are a few things I WANT TO INFORM YOU about:

Am making a Habit of Visiting the sites, especially of those who are Kind enough to give Comments in mine. I also go through the List of All whom I follow, Nearly 200 of them, and read their posts and share comments. Am able to do that just about 3 to 5 at a time.

There are some sites where I am not able to post comments, even after visiting and reading articles in their Entirety, as they do not open in https. I would ask You all to do things about addressing this Issue.

An example is: robertmgoldstein’s blog. There for comments, it asks for a New and Separate ‘Log-in,’ in WordPress, Twitter or Facebook. That means entering my Password. Since it is not https, the site is NOT SECURE, so my Norton informs me.

NOT https

I take this Opportunity to extend my Felicitations to Robert/Chester, and the Many whom I am not able to contact on their pages.


Hearty Regards Once Again! 🙂