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How to Travel in 3-tier in Indian Railways.

SUPERB! DO READ THIS. …This is supposed to be Humour, but it contains Stark Reality, and Some Very Good, Down to Earth Suggestions too! Not just our Friends from abroad, but even Indians, just might not have enjoyed the Pleasures of a 3-tier travel in the Indian Railways. This article is an Absolute primer for such potential travelers.

train travel in 3 tier

Graphic from article. Do Read the full thing; You will enjoy it… at:


Rigmarole for a driving licence renewal

I found this in Twitter, which in itself was from a Newspaper report. It contains a Superb Cartoon too! In short, do You want a Driving Licence Renewal? Just go through a Rigmarole!

license renewal

Read more at: http://www.thehindu.com/opinion/open-page/rigmarole-for-a-driving-licence-renewal/article6180901.ece …Graphic from article.