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One More Salvo on the Vatican!


From my latest tweets: [ Edited for Emphasis. ]

Swami Yesudas @SwamiYesudas


Just noticed a video in You Tube: ‘The Revolution has entered the church.’

WHAT Revolution? Is somebody from Africa going to be the next pope? Or from China, or any such?

Has there been a Diktat against ‘Caste-ism,’ SO prevalent in India, particularly in the South?

There is a rather famous story of the Barber who became Busy shaving Cats because he had no other business.

Let the #Vatican address the Serious issues.

Not because I say it.

But because Matthew 25 does.

HE is Hungry yet; and is going around Homeless and Naked.

It is NOT enough, to Open a few more Soup kitchens.

#Paul and #Peter and #John THUNDERED through their writings.

‘It is not right to Neglect the preaching of God’s word in order to handle finances.’ Acts 6:2.

Speak about Mexican #Children held in #Cages. About #Freedom being destroyed.



Phil Hughes, RIP, and Victims of Rape and Acid Attack

Phil Hughes demise is a sad thing. My Condolences to his family. EXCELLENT article on this, reference at bottom. Even Queen Elizabeth II gets involved in this. Australian govt declares National holiday. Calls him one of great sons. His demise postpones a Whole Cricket match, a Test! BILLIONS involved, with ticket and TV rights.

Phil Hughes died. Are ‘his’ problems Not over? (Except for hell for what wrongs he might have done, but is that not another matter?) His demise has been made into Big news, and bigger bucks. WHEREAS…Victims of Rape and Acid Attack are mere 9 day wonders.

A survivor of an acid attack attends a rally with her child in Dhaka

Phil Hughes’ wife and children, if he had them, might have needed support. WHEREAS Victims of Acid Attack and Rape NEED Support.


My Full Sympathies to Phil Hughes’ family. His govt declared a National holiday. Great. BUT WHY DO WE NOT DECLARE SAME over Rape and Acid Attack? Pains of Phil Hughes ended. But DO AGONIES and SHAME of Victims of Acid Attack or Rape EVER END? They Cancelled a Test Match over Phil Hughes. DO THEY EVEN WEAR A BLACK RIBBON When Rape and Acid Attack happen? Phil Hughes’ family must have received much support. But do Victims of Rape and Acid Attack get support even for Medical bills?

Alisha Gawri acid att victim

As We remember Phil Hughes, let us examine Our Hypocrisies. Here is Sonali Mukherjee, before and after Acid Attack.

Sonali-Mukherjee-acid attack victim

Here is the reference to the Excellent article I was talking about: