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Sarita Devi, Indian Boxer, and SO-CALLED Boxing officials

During the Incheon Games, Indian Boxer Sarita Devi made a Chutney of her opponent. But the opponent was declared winner. There are any number of Videos available on this issue. I cannot post them because my WordPress account is a Free one, and does not allow me to post videos.
Sarita, Brave heart that She is, refused her medal, and offered it to her opponent. The so called boxing officials are not able to bear this Insult. And like petty and small-minded people, are taking it out on her, threatening to forbid her from participating in further tournaments.
A Case of ADDING INSULT TO INJURY, IF EVER THERE WAS ONE! It is Really Shameful and Sad that such things are happening to a Winner.
Hence, below, two merry bunches of tweets from my side. If they had been near me, their faces would have got wet.
Note: One can easily say that Yesudas is being Uncouth and whatnot in this. But I think in terms of A Champion not just Sidelined, but Shamed, Insulted and subjected to Mental Torture and Injury, with Future Implications. I have always spoken against Injustice, and shall continue to do so. I consider that this alone is True Love. That We even allow ourselves to be maligned, for the sake of Others.
1 Hello, aiba! For a mere Amateur association, in the case of Sarita Devi, you have behaved DESPICABLY. EVERY SHAME ON YOU.

2 An Extraordinary number of video clips are available which show who Real Winner was.

3 The video proof shows that not only was the referee, but also the judges at event, an ‘you,’ aiba, are ABOMINABLY CORRUPT.

4 In India We would say, if You can find Just a Palmful of Water, You should go and drown yourself in that, out of Shame.

5 Go on, find some water and Do it, IF YOU HAVE ANY SENSE OF WORTH. Shameless Jackals and Coyotes.

1 @AIBA_Boxing officials should have Apologized to Sarita Devi AND to India in No Uncertain terms, over their fiasco.

2 On the contrary, to this day, these same @AIBA_Boxing is pressuring @BoxingIndia into licking their boots.

3 And the Shameful thing is that @BoxingIndia gladly licking boots and taking action on #Saritadeviboxer‘s Coach and Husband.