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Courts Invite, and Beg for, Contempt.


The #courts of India BEG for, and INVITE, #Contempt. …I Freely offer it to them.
Many (bjp) ministers are on record, inciting- ‘Goli maro salon ko,’ (Shoot them). This does not prompt action from the courts.
Rape threats are starting to come freely; Dhoni’s daughter, now Vijay Sethupathi. ‘This’ does not disturb our judges.
But WEAK targets like oppn politicos (Kamal Nath), and of the film world (latest… Kangana) – not that I support them, – but, as I was saying, Weak targets are ‘Boldly’ targeted by the courts.

They all seem to think We are still living in the uneducated 1930-40s.
For all that, Changes are not going to come in 2 years; not even in 50, I would say.
But, when it does, these same judges will be literally spat upon, and Driven from their own houses, and have Every photograph of theirs removed from their walls, by their Own Grandchildren. I will not be here on this earth to enjoy that, (am 73).
But the Bally judges Will enjoy, read that as Suffer it, IN their lifetimes. That’s my Curse and Wish.

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Shame on Indian Courts


Some years ago, while travelling on a train, I met a magistrate of the Indian courts, who revealed that he was receiving a salary of 1.5 Lakhs a months, which works our to Rs. 5,000 every day. And that for a measly magistrate. My guess is that most judges would be making Rs. 10,000 a day by way of salary alone.

Given that, it is said that they work just 6 months a year, and:

“A recent report by the SC shows that about 19,000 judges, have  3 crore (30 million) pending cases, resulting in a civil case continuing for around 15 years on an average. The total number of pending cases in Indian courts is expected to touch 15 crore by 2040.

And according to the monthly pending cases report of the apex court, out of the 63,843 pending matters dealt with last month, only 5,484 cases have been disposed of.” (Which is less than 10%, comment mine).

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A little more, Very Juicy, from the above site:

“Both lawyers and judges are guilty of delaying justiceone by seeking adjournments and the other by allowing them.

At times lawyers are found requesting adjournments on flimsy or outright absurd grounds, ranging from a lack of preparation to the death of a colleague!”

One ‘special court’ postpones the ‘judgement’ for the 4th time in 2 weeks, as the culprit is absconding, ‘fearing retribution!’ …Do the bally courts want to say that there are fellows, that too Rapists, who do not ‘Fear’ retribution?

See: https://timesofindia.indiatimes.com/city/mysuru/rape-case-accused-absconding-judgment-deferred/articleshow/61953065.cms

What simply is the Bally Idea of Postponing the Announcement of a judgement just because the culprit is not there? Why can’t they Announce the judgement and leave it to the police to find the bally fellow and put him in?

I recall an Excellent Tamil proverb, namely,

“சோத்துக்குக் தெண்டம், பூமிக்கு பாரம்,”

meaning, A Waste to the Food they Eat, and a Burden to the Earth!

I reiterate: Shame on you, courts!

चुल्लू भर पानी में डूब मरो.

And that means, If you have any honour left, go and drown yourself even if you find just a handful of water.

Signed: Yesudas. 08.01.2018.


HC Judge who ought to be in jail


I hold the so called joodeeciary of India Responsible for MUCH of the Sorry state of affairs of Our Dear and Beloved Country.

As I have shown time and again in my Blog, the judiciary has the Power to Keep India free of Corruption, Crime and even Dirty politics. Instead, dirty politics going on inside the courts themselves, India is in this Sad situation.


Indian judiciary

On the one hand, one is surprised by the Strictness of the court wrt jayalalitha. And this was not just by One judge, who sentenced that she be jailed. The one who judged that she was not to get bail has also encouraged those who love Justice. But, both these examples come from Karnataka.

Otherwise, judges from all over India disappoint. On the latest front, court in TN wants to know details of the Schools that remained closed at her arrest. Of course a huge lot of those schools/colleges are owned and operated by jaya’s cadre. But if courts do not know that Tremendous amounts of Pressure is put on establishments to comply with these ‘Shutdowns,’ then courts are Naive.

Courts in TN did not take notice of Violence perpetrated by admk cadre after jaya’s arrest. Shame.

One now awaits what the so called supreme court is going to say wrt to jaya’s bail plea.

Can courts also explain Why no action has been taken wrt to vadra, mamata banerjee, etc? Why are these not in jail? Hugely disappointed.