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To my DEAREST pope, once again.


There, @Pontifex_es! LAY ppl, and NON Christians are saying these things, and you, despite having an accredited Twitter handle and a TEAM, I am Sure, to help you in tweeting, are Quiet as a Mouse. Shame.
The Catholic Church IS Racist. Where are Non white popes? By keeping Silence on Racist issues, or mewing like a Cat on them, is Compliance.
Add to that the Huge Caste-ism in India.
Thunder on these things, francis Pontifex, Inc
Vishakh Rathi @vishakhrathi

‘Inequality is the womb of violence, the cradle of fundamentalism, the playground of unelected power, and the graveyard of secularism and democracy’


Adios to Affluenza: Sentencing of the Rich and Poor

What we Call, and Think of, as Civilization, hides Much of Barbarism. Our Brother T is Very good in describing such things. This fills me with Rage and Shame.

The problem is Not just that people behave like this.

The Real Problem is that those who are Supposed to Teach us Values have Failed Us.

[For all that, I consider and call our judges and many police officers as Criminals, themselves.]