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Social Creatures

ISIS beheading-of-kurd

1. Is this Not COWARDICE? Two #ISIS with mcn guns, one killing a tied man, ALL COVERED FACES?

2. Behaviour of #ISIS more BARBARIC than photo. A Search for #isisbeheadings gives unimaginably gruesome pictures.

3. News is not for just Reading and Listening to. It is OUR world. If We cannot even TWEET for others, Who will STAND for US?

4. At Least Tweet: I Agree, Disagree, I Support, etc. Let us become Social Creatures. I condemn what #ISIS is doing.

Fence Sitting? :(

ISIS beheading-of-kurdcounterjihadreport.com

This picture is the Least shocking one. A search for ‘ISIS beheading’ gives really horrible graphics. Barbaric.


beheads one more,

threatens another Tiananmen against Hong Kong protesters.

On which side of the fence, and how active, are WE?


[Peace Comes with having Done the Right thing.]