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To the Editor of @TimesNow


Here goes.

“Woman, (who were anchoring Times Now, 9 o’clock debate) you, and those of your ilk, meaning #media, having Fat salaries, with all the perks, and the power to Control the mikes during your so called ‘debates,’ (so called because Most of the time you dingies are speaking),

you are ever so ready, not only to believe, but to air the views, data and numbers dished out by the administration.

We, the people of India, have been seeing Horrible videos of lynchings, in ever greater numbers, BECAUSE you people have been airing it, since #modi2.

…I just gave a You Tube search for: ‘forced to chant jai shri ram,’ and the number of answers kept going on.

Shall give links to the first three:

Here is the search:


I rest my case.

woman, you are acting so arrogantly because if you do not do so, those who hold your reins politically, will shut down your sweet channels in NO time.

I will give you my worst Gali (bad word):

you are Beneath Contempt.

[ The Fringe Elements of the Majority community of India have gone out of hand. ]