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Educated Fools


The quaint phrase, ‘Educated Fools,’ was one used by my Father quite often in his life. He referred to the class called ‘the educated,’ but are Fools in Reality. As for instance…

This so called ‘yogi’ adityanath, the current chief minister of the Indian state of UP, has come out saying that the Muslims holding their Namaaz (Namaz), their worship, on the roads, be stopped.

Peculiarly, or maybe Not so peculiarly, I am not aware that our Muslim brothers resort to the above mentioned practice on a regular basis. My impression is that they do that on special occasions.

AND, as the YouTube representative graphic itself shows, the worship is being held on the side of the road, with the traffic flowing nearby.

Which is totally unlike processions like these, where You can not even think of trying to go somewhere.

I DO find it Ugly and Unseemly to speak thus openly in Religious terms, but I have done so earlier, Only, I was criticising my own community, namely, the Christian one, as in here, here, and here, just to cite a few.

Speaking of that, the very kind Indian police, would practically Chase Us off the streets, virtually Compelling the (Christian) processions, for instance, the Corpus Christi ones, to be carried out on a most Disreputable, Running-way. I attest to that from Personal experience.

Then we have political, marriage and funeral processions, of course. Like:

It all comes to this: Processions and worships on the streets, as mentioned above, would, hopefully, come to an end within a span of time; are thus temporary, and do not cause physical damage.

Unlike the Disruptions of Train services and Road traffic, Damaging of rail road rolling stock and transport vehicles, the Uprooting of Rails(!),

throwing stones and breaking windows of buses carrying Children, 

Above: Karni Sena Goons Hurl Stones on School Bus in Gurugram. This because they are objecting to the release of a movie, Padmaavat, which, they claim, denigrates one of their historical persons.

But they have have proved that they can be Stupid, Idiotic and Bastardly enough to hurl stones and break windows with staves, of buses carrying School Children.

Just Who would be Bastardly enough to break windows of buses carrying the Country’s, nay, One Own Children? And the cousins of yogi adityanath, meaning the concerned chief minister(s), did zilch about this.

But, to continue, Burning buses carrying students, and things like that…

Above: One of the buses not just damaged, but Burnt by (ex) chief minister jayalalitha‘s followers following her arrest, who had gone to the extent of getting three college-going young women killed by burning.

Above: The young women who had died in stated incident.

…Which are Not objected to, or dealt with, or stopped, by these Jackals-of-chief ministers.

While loving and respecting Nature, one is forced to seek examples and similes, and we all know just what the Jackal refers to. Let’s carry on.


Hey, were we not speaking about Educated Fools? Who are these, in all the above mentioned?

As Wiser people than poor ole me have said, paraphrasing them again: “Let’s meet the meet the Enemy, Gunga Din!”

We shall the Greater fools if we think that this post refers to cleaning up the garbage.

We are Ever so eager to clean up the Physical garbage, while the Spiritual one is killing us.

What is the use of having a million friends if we do not share the Same thoughts? People who will not photograph, write and post on such things, but will, on the Most Inane matters? Bah.

Just for the Most, Most simple ones:

WE are the Educated Fools.


To the judiciary


Deepavali is just here. A time of blessings and happiness.

Only, it is a happy time only for a few.

On the one hand, because of age old poverty, a large group just watches its celebration if and when it can instead of celebrating it themselves.

A new group is coming into to being, that of the large body of Farmers, who had faced years of drought, a lack of rain, and are now having too much of it, which is damaging the crops they had ventured to sow.

These farmers had got into large loans, — large for them, most of these not even to the tune of 10 Lakh (1 Million) Indian rupees — from banks, most of which are administration (government) operated. These farmers had been literally begging for waivers for these loans, as they have been, and are, in no condition to pay them back.

The administration, which has been pampering its cronies, by writing off loans of Billions for the super rich like the Ambanis, the Adanis, and Mallaya, – had sent off relief cheques of a single Rupee (literally), to Farmers in distress.

Above: Mallaya owed Rs. 7,000 Crores (70 Billion!) and has paid only Rs. 6 Crores (60 Million). Regarding the rest, the administration is watching its tail.

Above: Interest on loans for Study is 14%, for Small Industries is 15%, and for Mega business is… 0.1%

Going back to farmers, the methods used for the recovery of loans are so harsh and loathsome that the farmers choose to commit suicide. Hundreds of these have occurred.

The administration, with its big mouth, says that it has done this and that, announcing that it has released mega bucks for their relief. But that is tied up in such red tape, that nobody except the lucky few have seen the colour of that money. And here is an example of some who did receive compensation:

This one got the most princely sum of Rs. 17.46,  (about 27 cents, according to Google, on 20th October, 2017).

More, from the same site as from which the above was taken:

“The person who received the most was Neela Bai. They got an insurance amount of 194.24 rupees for a total soybean crop loss on her 22 acre land.

Neela Bai’s son commented, “We had paid a premium of 5,220 rupees for the insurance under the Pradhan Mantri Fasal Bima Yojna and we are getting Rs 194 as compensation. God knows how they have arrived at this conclusion.”

The incident has happened in the Tilaria village in Sehore district which incidentally is the home ground of Madhya Pradesh Chief Minister Shivraj Singh Chouhan.”

From: https://www.indiahub.com/flash-news/national/crop-insurance-crap-insurance-farmer-receives-rs-194-claim-rs-5200-premium/


Let me go back to Deepaavali.

If any politico, judge or civil servant did not celebrate Deepaavali this year, – for other reasons than those of bereavement, etc, – let them put their hands up. I see no hands raised, Thank You.

They and their families bought new clothes, a lot of gold and jewellery too, I am sure, a great amount of sweets, and fire crackers.

Where the supreme court of India itself had decreed that no firecrackers were to be burst in Delhi during this festival this year (2017), those who had already bought the crackers were allowed to let them off. Now, …the Air above Delhi, Mumbai and Chennai were all at Nasty levels, and hazes of smoke hung over these cities.

Let’s go a little back. The supreme court of India, in front of which we have to put our hands over our mouths like one of the monkeys of Gandhi, had decreed No Firecrackers over Delhi.

It did not have the Brains to announce: “Let’s put an end to the pollution, both to the Air and in Decibel levels, in say 3 years time, or something like that.” 

The point is, Nobody wants to Bell the Cat.

The problem is that a Laaarge group is out there, brainless, absolute sheep, aided, abetted, and goaded on by the business class involved in the manufacture and sale of firecrackers, whom it is easier to placate than to Conscientize.


Worse than this,

Our dear courts have found No way to resolve the problem of Citizens remaining in Jails for Decades without even having been tried; and where Justice has not been  rendered for Decades.


Let the courts pick up some dictionaries, or phone up their old English professors, and ask the meaning of:


As things stand, I have No respect for Most of the judges. Judge D’Cunha who delivered the verdict on jayalalitha and the few like him whom I do not know are exceptions. Let’s remember that exceptions do not make the rule.

They can certainly trace me, and have me put in jail. I can do nothing to prevent that. But putting me in jail will NOT make me respect them even an iota.


A Fair Exchange, do You Think?



From Tamil Nadu to Kerala – Fruits, Vegetables and other goods. 

From Kerala to Tamil Nadu, …Medical Waste.

We should not blame the People of Kerala for this. It is just that the people of Tamil Nadu, (as Most people), have all gone to Sleep, and are Busy with Important things like drinking. After all, it is the TN govt that is ‘offering’ them all that liquor.


These so called men, staunch supporters of jayalalitha’s party, evinced by their sporting her picture on the front of their shirts, and the party logo, a double leaf, on the back, have ‘shaved’ their heads as part of offering/prayer for her well being, etc. Now, paid, they go to ‘Relax,’ to — where else, one of thousands of liquor shops jaya has opened.


This school going boy was not ‘paid;’ he just spent the money he got from his father.


New scenes in India. Women drinking like this. The ‘glory’ of jayalalitha’s Tamil Nadu. What is this but Slumber?


The men are wearing ‘black,’ which signifies that they are the devotees of Aiyappaa. They are supposed to refrain even from such things as smoking, and I have known then to avoid eating in restaurants if some others were eating Non-vegetarian foods there. …Now ‘they’ are serving these Beers, given instead of plain old water, along with the meal.


It used to be ‘men’ drunk on the ground like this. Now the women of Tamil Nadu, under jayalalitha ask why ‘they’ should be left behind?


Catch them Young! jayalalitha’s legacy. she and her party say that it had been started earlier, and that if the govt does not run liquor shops people die of drinking spurious ones. …And this bastard of a father is rejoicing in offering his Young boy this satanic drink, thus making his, and Tamil Nadu’s very Future Dark.


The two ‘Mothers’ of Tamil Nadu. One Struggling to feed and bring up her child, and the other, feeding them liquor. Let me repeat that liquor is supplied to the govt run shops by factories run by her cronies, for which she gets Fat commissions, without a doubt.

And to wind up,


Money is generously spent in opening and running liquor shops, bringing in nuclear projects, etc. Bus Passes are duly issued to school children, but lo and behold, they just ‘forget’ to provide enough buses!

Though it is True that one does not hear of these children falling down from running buses, the travel itself must be Unhealthy. If I were to travel like that, I would have my Heart in my Mouth! Why not They? 😦


So, not only Medical Waste, but also nuclear projects, which have been Strongly Opposed in Gujarat, and opposed in Kerala by Wile, (they have cleverly said that they don’t have enough ‘space’ for it!), have found ‘refuge’ in TN, thanks, no doubt, the fattened bank accounts of politicos, and the Slumber of the people!

Am Sure the Current generation of Tamil Nadu thinks this is a Fair enough exchange. Yuck. 😦


Democracy Simplified!


I like to give people, even those I meet on the streets and in buses, etc, little Booklets. Did I tell You that I had been working on an 8-page one, for over two months, but which was not coming along to my satisfaction? I stopped working on that project for now, as I seem to have found a palm-sized answer!

This is a little ‘Badge-like’ thing I have prepared, which I shall be wearing on my kurta (the long, top garment of the men of Punjab), as well as distribute to those interested:


The photograph is of Our leader, Mr. Udayakumar, of Pacchai Thamizhagam Katchi. The words speak, based on the little picture in the middle, of taking care of Our Life, Resources and the Future, Without Burning or Breaking anything!

These last two allude to the Infamous practice of politicians getting their followers to Burn things, even to the point of Live college students inside buses, and breaking things up at the drop of a hat.


The three girls who had been Burnt Alive by followers of TN chief minister jayalalitha, protesting her arrest.


Typical political culture.


I will put up my favourite little picture again:



Let Us decide in Own minds to Stand Up to Bullying (politics today seems Nothing Else!), Arrogance, Injustice and all that. The Future of Our Children Demands that.

This Standing Up for the Way want Our Country to go is Democracy.


Tamil Nadu, the ‘Supposed’ 1st state of India


jayalalitha, the current chief minister of Tamil Nadu, had once promised that she would make the state the First one, meaning the Most developed one in India.

Showing just two of her accomplishments.

Girls on footboard

The administration gives free bus passes to school children, but does not see to enough buses for them. In most cases, boys hang on the foot boards. Today I see a picture of girls having to do the same. As I said in Twitter, ‘Thank you, jaya.’


Further, in the state which she claims to be the one of the safest in India, SIX Women/Girls have been killed in Chennai alone this month. In broad daylight, in places like busy Railway stations.

6 women killed in chennai in 24 hours june 16

One  of the Six women killed. Photo from Facebook.

Infosys girl nungambaakkam

Another of the girls killed, Swathi, an Infosys employee.

Infosys killing nungampaakkam

The scene of the crime. The brave policeman, arriving and present, After the Horse has bolted, as usual.  From: ‪#‎Infosys‬ employee killed in broad-day light at ‪#‎Nungambakkam‬ railway station. From Express News Service Published: 24th June 2016.

rpf w guns

We can see Useless Police Force toting Automatic Weapons on railway platforms. Here, An RPF (Railway protection force) personnel standing with his Automatic weapon at Guwahati, in the North East sector of India. This is by NO means exceptional. Armed police personnel are deployed at All important stations. But it seems they would go on alert ONLY IF they see somebody who ‘Looks’ like a member of Taliban or something.


Hence proved that good old jayalalitha has made Tamil Nadu into the 1st State of India.

[ All images from the Internet ]


Where are the Protectors?


Came across Two Cases of Defencelessness, in both cases those concerning Women. Though, in the first, it is Incidental. As Under:

A. It seems that these 4 Women, aged between 71 and 61, were ‘caught’ by these ‘brave’ policemen when they were trying to sell the Birds they had caught.

Bird sellers

Image from Facebook.

Tax defaulters to the tune of Thousands of Crores are roaming Free, those who had Cheated the country are settled abroad and enjoying themselves, those who steal and sell Statues from Temples are Free, but…

Birds by the Thousands have died because of the Radiation from the Cell-phone towers; and Whole Species of Birds, especially the Indian House Sparrow, has practically Disappeared because of this. But…Sittu pair

Image from the Internet.

But these poor Women are Caught, because they are easy to ‘Catch,’ [ they can’t run too much, can they?  😦 ]. They are the prize catch of these policemen. And ‘they’ are sure to get some prizes for this. Yuck.


B. Came across this also, also in Facebook:

10 Countries where Women are Not Safe; and the Countries mentioned are: Afghanistan, The Congo, India, Somalia, Columbia, Egypt, Mexico, Brazil, Pakistan and Thailand, in that order.

…Some Images, (not in order), from the post by Screen capture:

Defenceless a

Those who have ‘buried’ this Woman thus, Are they human being? And just how can they go about their business as if nothing has happened? …I Absolutely Admire, and Salute this Brave Woman, who is not showing even a Bit of Fear.

Defenceless W India

Defenceless b

Defenceless c

Defenceless d

All these images too by screen capture as they were in a slide show.

The reference:



And in the meantime, this person, jayalalitha, the current chief minister of Tamil Nadu, cannot speak without raising and pointing her finger!

finger aa

finger b

Images from Facebook.

And We are supposed to be a Free, Democratic country. And Safe, too, I forgot to add. At least, they say We are Safe. Yuck again.


Our Law Makers


I speak Only about Indian law makers, of course. We shall see them under Two headings, namely:

  1. How Close the politicos are to the People, How Well they must be Knowing their Situation, and
  2. How the politicos Live for the People.

Now sit back, and Enjoy Yourselves!


1. How Close the politicos are to the People

politico wearing gold shirt

This Indian politico, named Datta Phuge, is Unabashedly wearing a shirt made of Gold, estimated at 12,000 English pounds, and that was some years ago. Plus a Lot of Bangles and stuff. Not Bangles, Oh, Sorry! 🙂

And he is Not the only one who does these sorts of things. Indian prime minister modi wore a coat costing a Million Indian rupees! [ Edited: It is learnt now that the suit has been auctioned off at FORTY THREE MILLION Indian rupees! ]

Indian prime minister modi's million rupee suit

modi does himself well in other ways too, while constantly referring to his ‘poor’ beginnings! As under:

modi does himself well

Can You guess whose bedroom this would be?

Chennai CM's bedroom

This belongs to jayalalitha, the current Chief Minsiter of the Supposedly Advanced state of Tamil Nadu in India. And this ‘poor’ woman, kindly drawing a salary of One Rupee to save the exchequer money, has a Ninety (90) Room house, all of this quality. Don’t We all Wish We were Poor like her? 🙂

Nuff said. They Become politicians Just for this; to Make Money.

But are they at least lifting the Standard of the Nation while they fleece Us? You tell me.

politicians suck up to business

politicos, in order to make all that money for themselves, have first to ‘spend,’ throwing a lot of ‘bones’ to the Apathetic Masses, the ‘Sheep’ of George Orwell, by way of Money for Votes, etc, etc. This money they get as Donations from Business houses. And then the politicos give them large business contracts, write off their debts to the tune of Billions, while the Common Man takes up All that Burden.


Once elected, the politicos Calmly go to Sleep, Looking Very Busy All the While!

politician making law

Common scenes at the parliament

Just Resting, please! …Common Scenes at the Parliament

And what is the Mindset of our Law Makers? Below is the man Siddaramaiah, the Chief Minister of the state of Karnataka, famous for Bangalore, who asked: ‘ What is the big deal about the Rape of a 6 year old?’

What big deal in rape of 6 year old

This man is not an isolated case. Rapes, Gang Rapes, are Nothing for Our lawmakers. Mulayam Singh Yadav, below, said: ‘Boys will be boys.’

Regarding Rape: 'boys will be boys'


‘From dismissing rape to suggesting women who get raped be hanged, Indian politicians have been giving us the creeps at regular intervals.’

Reference to above:


For doing all this, they are Literally surrounded by Our Empty-Headed police force, at Our Cost.

untouchable politico, surrounded by security


2. Let Us see How Our politicos Live for the People

jayalalitha, already mentioned, and her ministers make a very good example in this. The other politicos may not be So very Sycophantic. But they also simply ‘live’ for the People, just like this lot.

Here is my opening Shot:

from the Jungles to a Law maker

Man’s development from the Jungles to a Law maker

They Welcome jayalalitha –

lawmakers welcome their chief

sychophancy extreme

Lawmaker presenting his backside to the Electorate

Lawmaker presenting his backside to the Electorate, a ‘chinese’ insult. 😦

CM's heli welcomed reverently

ministers, Our law makers, welcome the helicopter in which she is arriving, Oh-so-reverently.

The Chief Duty of Tamil Nadu’s ministers? To be Bent before jayalalitha, of course. I do believe they hold Competitions for this.

admk bent


Top picture in this composite group shows some Relatives.

Ok, just a few more, I promise!

law maker at jaya's feet

jaya is Obviously enjoying this. I have not been able to ascertain just How this fellow, a minister, a law maker, is feeling. Nor do I know How his Children feel. I do suppose his Wife does not mind this, as he would be bringing home quite a lot of money, by way of being assigned important posts.

It is not only ordinary ministers who live these lives, Totally and Absolutely Devoid of Honour. Here is Panneerselvam, the Ex Chief Minister of Tamil Nadu, doing the same Dog with Tail between Legs Stance.

Ex chief minister of TN

Dog with tail between legs


And These, my Dear Folks, are the People, who Make Laws for the Country. Laws that Release the Most Brutal Rapists.

But, as Wise men, notably Periyar has said:

So Long as We are Ready to be Fooled, There WILL be people to Fool Us.


A Tale of Power, Spine and Guts

Or the Lack of these. That is the Reality. Humanity  today is Powerless, Spineless and above all, Gutless. Do excuse me. A collection of Tweets sent today.

1. #jayalalitha: WONDERFULLY PUT in Tamil! The Captions say: MINISTERS Without POWER, and OFFICIALS Without SPINE!


Graphic from AAPTN’s page on Facebook.

2. #jayalalitha has been sent to JAIL for 4 years, and STRIPPED of her post of CM ans as MLA. YET…

3. The RUBBERSTAMP (acting, REALLY acting!) cm of TN, does not even SIT on Ex cm #jayalalitha’s chair!

4. And that MOST USELESS OF AGENCIES, the #judiciary, having #suomoto and all that, on #jayalalitha, grins and sleeps.

5. And We the People of TN, are We Not GUTLESS? How many Dare even speak or write about #jayalalitha on Facebook or Twitter? Haha.

modi and the Godhra incident

narendra modi, the current prime minister of India, is held by many as responsible for the Carnage at Godhra. Since the courts, after their own fashion, have not passed any judgement on him, Many, particularly of the bjp and related parties, hold that he is guiltless.

My comments, via Twitter, on modi‬ and Godhra:

King HenryII‬‘s very Raj-Tantric (politically clever) words: “Who will rid me of this meddlesome priest” brought about the death of ‪‎ThomasBecket‬.

‪‎Hitler‬ did not PERSONALLY kill 60 Lakh people. It was his teaching and organization that did it.

modi giving the Free Hand to the Rioters, the Transfer of officials, the Disappearance of Witnesses, etc, show who is guilty.

BOTH communities might be to blame. But here We are talking of modi.


modi is just the biggest example at this moment of politicos being responsible for even communal carnage. But he is not alone in this.

mamata in WB saying ‘We will Protest,’ when she means Communal violence will take place is another very good example.

jayalalitha having given a free rein to the rogue elements who had brought her to power is another example of this.