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Predator Priests, Part 2


Too much of all this springs from Man’s desire Only to ‘Get.’

People go to church to ask for material benefits, health, …things.

Though Jesus had paid So much attention to Healing, the Central part of His teaching is Love, Concern, Care, …Righteousness.

One is Absolutely Astonished at the fact that ecclesiastical authorities, of any and every denomination, seem Not even to have Realized that.

The ‘Laity,’ as they are termed, the Everyday, Non-Ordained Disciple of Christ, have the ‘Responsibility’ to Keep their pastors in check.


ANNA WALDHERR A Voice Reclaimed, Surviving Child Abuse

WARNING:  Graphic Images

The Roman Catholic Church is not alone in facing accusations of clergy abuse.

Pastor, Heather Larson and elders of the Willow Creek Community Church, a Chicago-based megachurch, recently resigned amid a sexual abuse scandal involving church founder, Rev. Bill Hybels, and multiple women [1][2A].  Hybels resigned in April, but denies the accusations made against him.

Willow Creek meanwhile paid $3.25 million to settle lawsuits against a volunteer who sexually abused two disabled children [3].  The volunteer, Robert Sobczak, Jr. pled guilty, and is currently serving a seven-year prison term.

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So Who IS my Neighbour?


The dictionary would tell us that the Neighbour is one who lives near Us. That is what We have been taught in Schools too.

But when Jesus had spoken about Our Neighbour, it had Nothing to do with Proximity of Residence. Refer His Example of the Good Samaritan, in Luke 10:25-37.

According to Jesus, A Neighbour is Any and Every Person within Sight; Especially those in Any kind of Need.


A Good Friend in WordPress, Shiva Malekopmath, has written a post entitled: THUS SPAKE JESUS: LOVE THY NEIGHBOR, at:


In that, he has shown the various kinds of dwelling We face these days, and the Ensuing ‘Neighbours,’ some of whom are More ‘UN-Neighbourly’ than anything else. Very True, of course.

Now, for the Houses of Jesus’ times:

Jewish houses

Jewish houses and street scene

Not too different, as far as Congestion is concerned, from today’s world. Images from Internet. For more, please visit:



That about the Houses. What about Neighbourliness?

  • We know that they had plenty of ‘Judges.’ So Crimes, Fights, Land litigations and Nastiness existed.
  • On top of that, even the ‘Judges’ of Jesus’ time, and even before, were Corrupt! [Luke 18:1-8, and the Book of Susanna, or Daniel 13, etc].
  • The Parable of the Good Samaritan shows that the man had been Beaten up and Left half Dead, Not just Robbed. No Use of Minimum Force! He was left in Blood and Gore. The Priest and the Levite did not want to dirty their Lily white hands on him. So once again, Robbers, Crime and Nastiness existed.

We cannot really call that as Much different from Ours. If We want to speak of Downright Barbarism,

  • Romans Crucifying People by the Dozens on the roadsides, and
  • Nero Fiddling away after having given the command to set Rome itself on Fire, are examples.


To Conclude:

According to Jesus,

  • My Neighbours are Not Just those of my Income Group, Caste and Creed,
  • Those with Whom We do Not mind Mixing and Eating .

We are All God’s Children; Children of ONE Father.

How We Deal with the Difficult Elements may be a Big and Separate question. But,

According to Jesus, EVERYONE is my Neighbour. To be Loved and Cherished and Cared For.


Is Jesus a Myth?

The article below is of Particular interest for those, particularly Christians, who would like Answers to doubts raised by those who say that Jesus is a myth.

What I give below is a Word for Word Copy and Paste of ‘Mary Jo Sharp‘s’ article. I had to resort to this as I could not find a ‘Reblog’ button there.

For those who would like to go through this article in short, I have put certain Headings of paragraphs, in LARGE letters. They are also numbered #1, 2, 3 and there is a Conclusion.


The Jesus Myth Theory: Investigating Claims of Copying

Is Jesus a Myth?

That’s a question more people are asking, especially after Zeitgeist, the Movie got popular. In this post, my friend, Mary Jo Sharp, shows you 3 simple steps you can use to figure out if Jesus’ story was actually ripped off from other religions. Mary Jo blogs at http://confidentchristianity.blogspot.com

Guest Post by Mary Jo Sharp

An increasing trend in popular and academic circles is to propose that the story of Jesus is a mythical one, copied from the stories of pagan mystery gods such as Osiris and Mithras.  Not only can the claim be found on numerous internet sites and in several popular-level books, but it is also propagated by celebrities such as political satirist, Bill Maher.[1]

On a September 2008 episode of the widely-viewed talk show, The View, Maher stated that Jesus is like the Egyptian god, Horus.  Do these claims have much merit?  In the brief space to follow, I will focus on a method for investigating the stories of the other gods and the story of Jesus.

Let me teach you a simple method for investigation.

#1. Read the stories for yourself

When faced with the question of whether or not the story of Jesus is a copy of another god’s story, you should actually read the stories.  Get a hold of a copy of the Egyptian Book of the Dead or the Hindu Bhagavad Gita and go through the stories for yourself (local college library, some city libraries, online texts).  It’s always a good idea to go to the primary source material so you know the subject being discussed from the source of the discussion.

#2. Take the parallels head-to-head

After reading the stories, investigate the suggested parallel material from those stories.  If someone claims that Mithras died and rose from the dead just like Jesus, see if you can find any resurrection story that mirrors the one of Jesus.  In Mithras’ case, you cannot find a resurrection at all.  Mithras never dies, so he certainly cannot resurrect from the dead.  Osiris is raised to be King of the Dead.  So his raising results in afterlife amongst the dead.

Vague similarities are not going to accomplish much for those who are seeking to be intellectually honest.  Saying that Mithras was “born of a virgin” and Jesus was “born of a virgin” is either too vague or is so strained as to be construed as dishonest reportage.[2]

Mithras sprung forth from a rock (or cave) near a river bank.  He was holding a torch to illumine the underworld from which he came and a dagger to subdue all the creatures of the earth.  Jesus was born as a human baby by a female human virgin.  Osiris was the product of an adulterous affair between two gods.  He fell in love with his sister and had sexual intercourse with her in the womb of his mother goddess.  The only thing similar in these birth stories is the vague similarity of birth itself.

#3. Set everything in context

Some contemporary Christ-myth theorists will use terms like “resurrection” with stories of any god that died and took an afterlife form.  For example, Peter Joseph used “resurrection” to fit his purpose of a side-by-side comparison of several gods in Zeitgeist, the Movie.  Yet, did the people who followed the various gods understand their god to be “resurrected” in the sense of Jesus’ resurrection?

No.  Jesus’ resurrection was an unexpected twist[3] in the Jewish view of the Messiah, as well as in the Jewish view of resurrection.  It was also unexpected according to the pagan understanding of the afterlife; for Jesus was raised to a new, physical body.  The pagans expected a spiritual union with their gods in the afterlife or a freeing of the spirit from bodily imprisonment.  This twist is important, because it has everything to do with the Christian understanding of God’s good creation, his forgiveness, and his gift of salvation.

Jesus’ resurrection stands unparalleled in history when attempting to find stories in which God purposed to pay the penalty for all of mankind’s sin so that man can have a new, changed life.

Jesus died as he expected and predicted, and for the purpose he planned.  Even if a person does not believe in God, he can see this difference between Jesus’ story and the story of the other gods.  Jesus’ resurrection is also the model for the resurrection of all of mankind.  He is “the firstborn of the resurrection.”  The followers of Jesus in the first century up to today have a radically different view of the afterlife and resurrection from their fellow mankind.  This is not something that can easily be overlooked in order to make an accusation of copying from other gods’ stories.  And we have just begun to dig into the differences!


Just like you and I do not want to have our ideas and words ripped out of context and used for someone else’s purposes, we should not take the stories of the ancient gods and of the major world religions out of context to use for our own purposes.  Nor should we be ignoring aspects of the stories that show their vast differences.

The deeper we look into the stories of the gods, the greater the difference we find between them and the story of Jesus.

Want to learn more? Check out these resources

Primary Sources: Read them for yourself

Note: Purchasing resources via the links on this page will help support Mikel’s accessible apologetics ministry.
[1] Timothy Freke and Peter Gandy, The Jesus Mysteries: Was the “Original Jesus” a Pagan God?  (New York: Three Rivers Press, 1999).  Payam Nabarz, The Mysteries of Mithras: The Pagan Belief That Shaped the Christian World (Rochester: Inner Traditions, 2005).  The Historical Jesus: Five Views, eds. James K. Beilby and Paul Rhodes Eddy (Downers Grove, IL: Intervarsity Press, 2009).
[2] I don’t wish to assume motives, but this contravention of fact is so egregious on behalf of the argument’s proponents, such as “Zeitgeist, the Movie,” that it causes me to wonder about the author’s intent.
[3] I say “unexpected” in accordance with tradition, not prophecy.

Of Course Abortion is Murder, …BUT!

Except in the Rarest of Rare cases, Abortion IS Murder.


Our Heart HAS to go out in SYMPATHY for those Poor Women who have to face this Dilemma. Society is Very Much to Blame for Most Abortions. 

When politicos, crooked judges, drug lord, pimps and many such are Churning out Zombies and the Living Dead by the Thousands, society just cannot afford to take a holier-than-thou attitude.


Abortion IS murder

So Ok, I too notice that Smirky, Snotty, Holier-than-Thou Smile, and all that on the face of this placard holder. But let us not blame this Old man either. He represents Many of Us. More on this later.

Image via http://www.tonsmorecowbell.blogspot.com


Nobody thinks twice about killing a germ. Killing an Animal is Not termed Murder, But,

Wilfully Killing a Human Being Is Murder.

And What Grows in the Womb of the Human Female Is a Human Being.

Unless she happened to swallow one of those Magic seeds or something. In the movie ‘Jack the Giant Killer,’  the way Jack succeeds in killing the leader of the giants is interesting. He has one of those Magic beans. He throws one into the giant’s mouth. From that sprouts the biggest Vine possible, by which the giant is killed!

jack giant slayer

Graphic: greatoldmovies.blogspot.com

There are Enough  so called ‘scientists,’ who say that the Embryo is Not a Human Being until umpteen months. Let’s not blame the Poor Buggers. They are as Greedy as the next human being.

It is said that the Embryo looks like a Pipe or something at stage A, and, as I am not too sure of all that they say, I shall improvise here. Let us say that the Fertilized Ovum does look like a Pipe. Ok, folks. High time some enterprising Hardware tycoon developed this into Big business! Then, maybe this same Embryo at some other stage resembles a plant. Let them take it out and see if they can grow Valuable Red-woods, or Teak trees! Maybe, at some stage it even resembles the Dinosaurs! Bing ho! Dinosaurs can roam our streets once more. …Idiots.

The famous GIGO. Garbage In, Garbage Out. Good seed, Good plant. The Human Embryo WILL develop into a Human Being Unless something had been Catastrophically wrong.


The Extraordinary circumstance which would Justify an Abortion would be When and If the Mother’s Life is Endangered by the Pregnancy or Childbirth. And this has to be Vouched for by a Doctor. Not one of those who are for Sale, like the scientist who Advocated Leaded Petroleum, Robert Kehoe.

To say I fear the Childbirth, or that Society or my family will not accept my child, etc, do Not constitute the Extraordinary circumstance.


Let’s come to the Attitude of Protesters. It is Definitely what the church Cutely calls ‘Un-Charitable.’ It is Extremely Unkind and Un-Christian. Sure. But that does not make Abortion anything but Murder.

Cheap ‘society’ even in the days of Jesus wanted to kill Women caught in Adultery. Conveniently, the men who had committed that act would be allowed to throw stones!


Source: http://frjeromeosjv.wordpress.com/2013/03/09/carissimitodaysmasssaturdaylentiii2/

The man/juvenile responsible for this Child, (even if he was one of Many who might have had intercourse with her), the Family which had not brought up this man and the girl/woman well and properly, the Family which Refuses to Accept the Girl and her Child, and Society which Makes this Happen and then Thumbs it’s nose, Are ALL Responsible for this Murder.

However Old fashioned it may sound, a man like the Hero in the movie ‘Blast from the Past,’ would be a REAL MAN. If a male is going to drool, slobber and drop his pants as soon as he sees a naked woman, what Greatness is there in that? It Depends upon Upbringing. This goes for the Womenfolk too, of course.

Real Man

Graphic from: www.moviestillsdb.com


On the Role of Society

Just as I am writing this, I came across this piece of news: Coach and Player Suspended following Altercation. That this happened is proved by the graphic I provide below:

Player n coach suspended

[This is the result of my own search on Google. In the graphic We have that (Only) the Coach was suspended. But, Careful Listener that I am, I had distinctly noted that Both coach and Player had been announced and suspended, and following the Media questioning Why the Player was, the board seems to have changed its judgement.

Though I might seem to Digress from my point, it brings out the Fact that When things get talked about, things Change.]

…Coming back to the Incident, the CCTV footage on TV had shown the coach, a 19 year old man, grappling with the Player, a 14 year old Girl! The Girl was fighting him off. But,

When the man retreated into his own room, The Girl followed him inside, of her own volition.

burning matchstick c

You light a Matchstick and then tell it, “C’mon my Dear! Burn Just as far as the Head, and burn No father,” is it going to Comply? Graphic from Internet.

You touch a person Sexually and Expect feelings Not to be Aroused?

Here comes the role of Society. Society KNOWS that this Can happen, when You leave a Young Man and Woman by themselves. The Parents know this, and so do the Organizers. But they allow these Circumstances, Without taking Responsibility for What Follows. Money beckons! Sports is bringing in Mucho money!

This man had Enticed her, Molested her; he certainly did not Rape her. But, If the Girl gets pregnant,

  • Society, (Indian Society at large, at least), would not be ready to give Accommodation to the family in their midst!
  • Almost No man or family would come for her hand in marriage.
  • The Girl’s family might even throw her out!

Then Why are We So Surprised and Shocked at Abortion?


The memory of an Abortion eats into the Soul like Acid, and remains there like Lead Poison. Many have Suffered this. So Just Avoid it, and the Circumstances that lead to that.


This article is Very much in response to:


04 Religion – Our Relationship with Other Humans

Most of Our Time is spent in Relationship with Other Human Beings! This is True whether We take the Family or the Work-Space. And this Accord follows certain Lines. Even Our ‘Recreation’ is governed by Our Mindset on this Interconnection with Others.

For instance, I know an Oldish gentleman who used to play Football (Soccer). Below his knee he has quite a number of Scars. He says he got them during his ‘Football days!’ Opposition players would not ‘mind’ Trampling down on the legs of their competitors. …There’s a Relationship for You!

Women, Almost a Total Half of the Human race, are said to have No Souls, No Rights, and are seen as ‘Playthings;’ and as ‘Support’ for heroes in movies. Worse, Woman has Acid thrown at her, is Raped, and is made to ‘Answer’ for these attacks, as if She is Responsible for them. As per its definition,  All this makes for Very Bad Religion!

IMP Acid attack victims

Slavery, Forced Labour, Child Labour, Not Paying Equitable Wages, Unjust Working Hours and Conditions, All spring from the Mindset which believes that Some Humans are worth Less.

Those who have come to Power by the use of Money or Numbers, as in the case of the ‘mafia,’ choose to think ‘Nothing’ of Others. politicians, judges and the police, who often misuse the Authority bestowed on them by the Citizenry, seem to think that People are there to ‘serve’ them.

The List can be Very Long. All Established Religions state what is Right and what is Not. The Sad part of it is that in some cases, it is held that some things are Ok if done to Others, but which should not be done to one’s own!


In Practice, We see People practicing Love, the Most Harmonious kinship possible. We would find that MOST People are Ready to Help, Ready to Reach out a Helping Hand, whatever their Doctrine. 

Religion is Not what pastor W says, nor what bishop X does; not even what guru Y or mullah Z Suddenly announces one day, even if it becomes a trend.

The pharisee at right in the picture below was saying to God: “I Fast Two days a week, and I give You a Tenth of All my income.” (Luke 18:12). Evidently he thought God did not Know that! Haha! He must have ‘prayed’ too, and a lot, I am sure. But Jesus was Not Impressed by the pharisee.

Christ gives the pharisee’s example to show just How this man had Failed. The pharisee had completed All the Rituals, but, like Most of his kind of his age, had been Lacking in his Concern for his Fellow Man.

The Pharisee and the Publican

Image from: http://www.lookandlearn.com

In Conclusion, True Religion is that which Holds, and Teaches Us, among other things, to Have a Healthy and Positive Relationship with Our Fellow Human Beings.

[This article is part of a series on ‘Religion.’ To go to the Next one, please click here. …To go to the First of this series, please click here.]

Religious Leaders – and the Fight for Justice

GOD WANTS JUSTICE, Right Here on Earth.


Image from: Lady_justice_01_by_restmlinstock

I found some Very Good material in this regard by Timmy Baze, in http://inchristalonedevotions.wordpress.com/2014/03/03/isaiah-61-righteousness-is-justice/

What I give below is from his site and writings. I am giving You Excerpts. Emphasis mine.


The word δικαιοσύνη (di-kai-o-su’-nay) could be translated either “justice” or “righteousness.” Justice and righteousness are big themes in the book of Isaiah.

This chapter (61) is full of justice and righteousness, but I want you to focus in on the end of this brief chapter.

For I the Lord love justice;
I hate robbery and wrong.
Isaiah 61:8

This is evident throughout the Bible. God is constantly asking His children to stand up for the poor, the brokenhearted, the slave, and the prisoners. God loves the outcasts of society. In fact, when God came down to earth in human flesh, He spent more time with the outcasts than the “in” crowd. God wasn’t satisfied just to hang out with the outcasts, but instead offered them the gift of eternal life—the same gift that the religious “in” crowd had kept from them.

Instead of giving superficial gifts of fancy clothes that could only be worn on special occasions, God gives gifts that have even greater value, and can be worn year-round—salvation and righteousness. Salvation is a free gift, and so is righteousness, because God gives us His own righteousness!

I will greatly rejoice in the Lord;
my soul shall exult in my God,
for He has clothed me with the garments of salvation;
He has covered me with the robe of righteousness,
Isaiah 61:10

What is this righteousness? When people during New Testament times read their Bible, the Old Testament Greek Septuagint, the word that described the robe with which God covers us and what the Lord loves was one and the same. The same word was used for righteousness and justice—δικαιοσύνη.

A righteous person is one who will fight for justice, no matter the cost. A just person is one who accepts God’s robe of righteousness. These concepts are one and the same. Are you righteous? Are you just?

Timmy Baze 😀


Some thoughts from my side now.

People have become Cynical about political leaders, and have lost Trust in them. In India, for the Most part, People would attend political rallies and gatherings Only if they are given Money and food, etc.

Whereas, even today, Mankind believes in God, Religion and in Religious Leaders. We shall not be discussing the Integrity of this group here. But I want to establish that People go for these meetings and gatherings of their Own Will, and are Ready to listen to these.

So, MUCH can be accomplished by Religious Leaders. In this, Two difficulties raise their Ugly heads.

  • political leaders have cleverly created a mind set, not only in the Citizenry, but also in the minds of the clergy, that Social Affairs, be it a Fight for Justice, is not the field for the Religious.
  • And Religious leaders have fallen for this line. This is due to their Misinterpretation of their own Holy Books, and other Vices like Fear, Lethargy, Sloth and Love of Comfort, etc.

As seen above, and as shown by Timmy Baze, the Right Interpretation of the Bible would show that God Wants Justice, Here and Now. No ‘Pie in the Sky when You die’ stuff. And Religious Leaders DEFINITELY have their Role to play in this. They can Either listen to what political leaders say to them (!), or See What God wants of Them.

Let the Clergy Teach and Seek Righteousness, remembering that Righteousness means Justice.

It would seem that One Always has to Fight for Justice. That is Why Most portrayals of Justice are not only shown as Sightless for Impartiality, but also Carrying a Sword!

But Christ Jesus, Gandhi and Nelson Mandela have shown that One can Fight without Shedding Blood. Let us Emulate Them.

The Priest and the Society

In my post named Love, Social Affairs and the Priest, I have tried to show that the Priest, Anybody who is Ordained, Who has given his life to ‘God,’ HAS to take Interest in God’s People. That is Why God chooses him.

God said to Jeremiah: “I Chose You, I Selected You, to be My Messenger.” (Ibid. 1:5, passim, Translation mine).

Jesus says: “You did not Choose Me; I Chose You and Appointed You… This, then, is What I Command You: Love One Another.” John 15:16-17.

And Loving Cannot be done from the Comfort of the Armchair. Not Unless You are 80+ and Confined to it. Then You Can do it, by Dandling Your Grandkids.

And You Cannot do Your Loving from the Armchair when the World is like This: This Child is Carrying Not less than 10 Kilos on her head. And She will do that the Whole day.


‘Breathes there the man with soul so dead,’ had said Walter Scott.

If the Pain in Her Eyes does Not give Us a Pain in Our Stomach, We are Not Human Beings.

The People of God have been given Wrong Impressions. They have been brought up with Wrong Beliefs. The Reality is as Under: 

  • Going to Church is NOT Enough.
  • Saying Prayers is NOT Enough.
  • Giving Old Clothes for Charity is NOT AT ALL Enough. Or,
  • Giving some Money is NOT Enough.
  • Thinking of the Poor during Lent Alone is NOT Enough.

And Who gives the People Ideas? The media? Oh, No, Sir. The Priest and the Bishop do that, by their Teachings, Insistence, and Actions.

When We die, He is Not going to ask Us, How Many Times did You say the Rosary, How Many Masses did You Offer, or, How Many Pilgrimages did You make.

His Questions and Answers are given in Matthew 25:31-46, in the Parable of the Last Judgement.

The So-Called ‘Chosen’ one Has to Keep these things in his Mind and Heart Like Our Blessed Mother (Luke 2:19).

And Keeping these Matters in Mind is Not Enough. If he is Not Acting on it, PASSIONATELY, he is Not a Priest, Bishop or any of the rest.

The ‘Chosen’ one does not have only the Responsibility. He has also been blessed with a Lot of ‘Talent.’ And the ‘Chosen’ one Should Know What the Lord will Do to those who ‘Bury’ their Talents. Matthew 25:14-30.

07. Love Speaks Out!


There are some who keep talking about love, but do nothing much about it. And there are a few, who do things out of love, but stop with that. The problem with this group is that they are Very Capable and Talented people. They have reached, and are, in positions where people would listen to them if they speak. But in most instances, they fail to do so.

Communication, Reaching and Speaking Out, are Important Tools. I had the Opportunity to meet a Gandhian and Freedom fighter in Trichy. He said that Gandhiji had organized Volunteers to go to the Villages, Speak to the People about Freedom and the Support Needed for it, etc, for a Long time, before He, Gandhiji, brought His movement into the Open.

I had written earlier that the world is not just divided into the 1% vs the rest. It is more like 10-80-10. The 80% in the Centre are the ‘Sheep’ of George Orwell’s Animal Farm. Ready to be swayed anywhere.

From of old, the story teller held a fascination over the masses. Even today, a person who can speak in public commands attention. It is not just the spoken word, of course, though the written word has a harder time.

hitler knew all this very well. So does castro, who liked to give 7 hour speeches. Knowing that repeated, loud speech has impact, china used it for its ‘brain-washing’ phase. jayalalitha, present cm of Tamil Nadu, gave Whole-page ‘statements’ in newspapers for months on end. Taking just her case, it can be seen that people pay more attention to words, than her dismal performance. Megalomaniacs have used Loud, Long, Repeated Speech/Communication almost as a Weapon to gain control over the masses.

Is Love supposed to be Silent? Should those who are Good limit themselves to ‘Live out Lives of Love and Simplicity?’ How many would come to know of these examples?  Would not somebody else have to share that?

Pope Francis is living a very simple and even ideal life. People appreciate that, and may be many would like to follow his example. This becomes possible ‘Only because Others are Talking or Sharing about what he is doing.’

What did the Masters do? Did they just set examples, or did they keep Speaking and Teaching?

It is Impossible to Count the number of those Who can be called Examples of Love. Similarly, Great Women and Men of All religions, in All societies, have spoken out against problems that need to be addressed. It is just Not Possible to give All their examples! When Indian philosophy was getting developed, there used to be great discussions and debates on them. Indian Logic was born especially for carrying out such debates. Buddha, Mohammad, the Sikh Gurus, all had their followers, who learnt at their feet on a regular basis. Being a Christian, let me give the Example of Jesus.

Christ Not Only Healed; He went around Teaching the People. He toured tiny Israel Three times in three years. And He spoke Not only on Worship, Prayer and Fasting.

Jesus spoke out against Hypocrisy of the pharisees, sadducees and scribes, who were leaders of the society there. The Evangelist Matthew, who records the Lord’s words the most, writes Whole Paragraphs, (See chapters 12, 15, 23), on this.

Jesus spoke out about taking Care of one’s Parents. (Matthew 15: 3-9). It IS a Social Issue, after all!

In those days, they had rules even for the Washing of Hands and Feet, Plates and Dishes. He Castigated the practice of keeping rules for rules’ sake. He Knew of the Problems of a Woman losing a Single gold coin, or a Shepherd losing a Sheep. He knew of being Waylaid, and How people generally Ignore Victims, particularly if they are of a different ‘social class.’ Jesus spoke on all these things.

John the Baptist spoke out against Herod, the ruler there, who was involved in Incest. John was killed for that. But he spoke.

The AAP has taken off because the youth of our country liked that, and took it upon themselves to the means of the Computer, the Net and the Cell phones to Share about it. We can sure that Arvind Kejriwal had thought this out well. The Good have to Speak out, too. Otherwise the evil forces win.

Our Light is supposed to Shine Out for Others to See, and We Have to be Catalysts of our Society. That is the meaning of being the Salt of the Earth. Jesus Taught us. We are expected to proclaim things from the Roof-tops Now, Loud and Clear. (Matthew 10: 27). No Mumbling Allowed.

Most Christians think that it is enough to say: ‘Jesus is Lord.’ No, there is Much more to say, to Speak. We Need to Speak out on the Injustice in the World, the evil in society, the many Ills.