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The word Yoga occurs mainly in Sanskrit and Hindi, and in both means, primarily, an Addition, a Joining. From this, in Philosophy, Yoga is the Union of the Soul with the Divine.

Yoga is All too often Confused with Hatha-Yoga, the Yoga Aasanaas. Aasanaas are part of the Ashtaangik Yoga, also called the Raja Yoga. Aasanaas Help one to do Dhyaan Well.

In Simpler terms, it can be said that Yoga belongs to the Mind, and the Aasanaas are of the Body.

Also all too often the philosophy of Yoga is taught along with Yoga Aasanaas, which is Unacceptable. So the different Names have to preserved, and Used separately for both these realities.

Intimacy is the Last word in Psychology. Though this may not mean what many would think.

Psychological Intimacy is the Possiblity and the Situation that a person develops in time, to Share His Deepest Thoughts, Feelings and Experiences with Another. The More People one has to share with, the More Successful and Mature that person is.

Thus, Intimacy being something So Desirable, Intimacy with God is to be Desired too, is it not?

Intimacy of the Highest Kind and Degree with God is Yoga.


Yoga can be attained by a Number of Ways:

  • By Service to Others, known as the Karma Yoga,
  • By Devotion, known as Bhakti Yoga,
  • By the Ashtaangik (the 8 fold ) Raja Yoga, and
  • By Gyaan (Jnaana) Yoga.

One reaches the Same destination by Any of these Paths.


I offer GAD, the Guha Anubhav Dhyaan as a Wonderful Way to Attain Yoga.