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Fire in the Belly


Speak Out on Social Issues!

Anybody with No Fire in the Belly is an Absolutely Mediocre person.

Fire in Belly


A word came to my Mind: “NO-Christian.”

C. S. Lewis had used the word ‘Mere Christianity,’ to Great Effect. Thus We can say that there are Mere Christians.

Just recently, pope francis had come out saying that ‘Weapons manufacturers are Not Christians.’ That was Really Great. But, I still use small case for even this pope, because he has not exhibited ‘Fire in the Belly.’ He speaks a few Effective words here and there, and then goes to Sleep.

Any way, that was what made me think of the words NO-Christian.

St. Paul had Plenty of Fire in the Belly. Once he even said, ‘May you fellows become Eunuchs.’ (Galatians 5:12). He did not put it like that, of course. What he wrote exactly was: “I would they were even cut off which trouble you,” (KJV), and meant: ‘May the Knife Slip.’ And that happening, when a Circumcision is taking place, leads to Castration.

John the Baptist had that. Fire in the Belly, I mean.

John the Baptist

John spoke like this Not Just with the People. He thundered in front of kings too. The king in question was Living with his Own Sister. Nobody seemed to be bothered about it. Or more properly, Nobody had Enough Fire in the Belly to Speak Up. John did. And Lost his head. Literally. …He was Beheaded for it.

Particularly in light of the Vyaapam Scam and the Many Deaths that has led to, and on reading that John the Baptist lost his head, We might decide to play it safe.


There was a man called Dale Carnegie, famous for his Wonderful books: Art of Public Speaking, How to Win Friends and Influence People, How to Stop The Worrying and Start Living, etc.

Dale Carnegie

He had once written something like: “Knock a man Down, and then listen to his Speak.” Even the Shyest would Most probably speak up.

Frequently, We Speak up Only when We have been knocked down, or When Something has happened to Members of Our Own Family. But Since it is Our habit Not to Speak out, We find that Nobody speaks up for Us.


Here are a few Beautiful Quotes on the Matter of Fire in the Belly:

Fire in Belly Robin Sharma


Super Human Strength



[mee-dee-oh-ker], adjective.
1of only ordinary or moderate quality; neither good nor bad; barely adequate: The car gets only mediocre mileage, but it’s fun to drive.
2not satisfactory; poor; inferior: Mediocre construction makes that building dangerous.

Speak Out on Social Issues!

And if you are the Pope, ROAR!


The Sannyasi

The Sannyasi is one who walks with God. The word is of Indian origin, and has particular connotations. He is one who has Tasted the Goodness, the Sweetness and Above All the Happiness of Walking with the Lord.

Walking with the Lord is Not a walk in the Park! God is Never ‘Disturbed,’ of course, but He is the One Who is putting Every mistake of man, and his wilful crimes, Right. So it is a Walk through Fire, Ice, and also Pure Joy. So Walking with the Lord is Putting Your neck on the block, and at times, being Ready to be Crucified. Among Us Humans, John the Baptist comes to mind, where he criticized the ruler, and had his head chopped off.

The Sannyasi is one who has chosen this Happiness above the mere pleasures of this world.

I have a picture which brings out all these Ideas, albeit in a Very Modern way. Graphic from Internet.

Walking w God good


By the very definition, it is seen that The Sannyasi is Not God! He is Walking with God, after all! A Sannyasi is a Human being and Remains one, with All the Qualities of a Human.

There are many who hold the concept of ‘AhamBrahmAsmi,’ which, put in the Simplest terms, means, ‘I am the Absolute.’ Sanskrit is a very precise language, and can give No other meaning to the quoted, composite word. And for them, one is supposed to realize That. They are Most Welcome to it, of course.

A Christian is called to Realize the Love, the Goodness and the Sweetness of God. And We all know that Realizing is much much deeper than merely knowing the meaning in the Dictionary! Christians go to dozens of Retreats during their lifetime, during which, the Love of God is the subject that is presented the Most often. Yet they have questions on the Subject All through their lives! Did they not understand the Talks? Of course they did. So, Here We see The Difference between Understanding and Realization!


The Sannyasi is different from a Sadhu, in that the latter is ‘doing’ Saadhnaa, which means he is On the Path of Realization. The Sannyasi is one who has Attained It.

And then We have Rishis. These have the ‘Roop Anubhav,’ over and above the ‘Guha Anubhav’ of the Sannyasis.

Your Yesudas, by the Grace of God, is a Rishi, called a Sannyasi for the sake of Simplicity. …Love and Blessings! 🙂

THIS is How the pope should Speak


Here I am, quite as big as a Mosquito, and I am telling things to the pope?! What Nerve! I must be Bonkers. …But See What I said to the People, and What the pope can say.


India’s sonia gandhi is supposed to have ONE KHARAB as we call it, (of rupees), which is 10 to the Power 11, and is that a 100 billion? Forgive me, all these large numbers confuse me, Haha. Of course, she is nothing compared to the Upstart putin, who is reported to have 400 KHARAB! All this according to the FORBES magazine.

So, on the one side, We have people who are Sickeningly rich! Wonder just What they CAN do with it! They go and bury it under swiss soil. And let me remind the swiss, by the way, that this is ABSOLUTELY NON-CHRISTIAN behaviour. Be that as it may, Fat Cats, who do not, and cannot keep money in their own countries, can enjoy the money just So much, I would think! And after these depositors die, the money, the gold and the diamonds become the bank’s! Any way, Who Cares! I don’t.

Just to insert some pics of the poor rich, here goes!

This fellow likes his gold. He is wearing a shirt weighing 4 Kilograms, about 8.8 lbs. He is a minor politician in India.


On the Other side, We have such a Large Percentage of the Earth’s population that has to ‘Grind’ away at their Toil just to Earn their Daily Bread.

Take the Case of a Large Chain store in South India, named ‘saravanas.’ They have Unpteen Hundreds, if not Thousands, of employees. As one of them shared, they get paid rs. 5,500 pm, which may not be So bad, but it is for THIRTEEN hours of Work every day, 9 AM to 11 PM, with Short breaks for meals, (board and lodging free), but WITH NO PAID LEAVE WHATSOEVER. And they have to spend these 13 hours of Work STANDING. If Anybody sits during these hours, they will be ‘caught’ by the CCTV cameras, and reprimanded. Repeated ‘offences’ of this kind would end in removal from work.

Those who work here are VIRTUAL SLAVES. Paid that even after 5 years of joining. NO leave with Pay. [Food, of sorts, and Lodging, also of sorts, like a mat on the floor, are Free]. The problem is that Other shops would pay less!

If We do not Think about People like these, and DO something about it, Our Lent is Useless. If We do not give our Staff Living Wages, Humane Working Conditions and Facilities, We are Not Christians.


The picture is the scene inside the stores. Taken from Facebook.



I had occasion to give a Talk to a small community recently. I had felt Inspired to take Luke 3:13-14. …Many seemed to believe in the Baptism given by St. John the Baptist. So people from varied kinds of life were coming to him. Among them were even the businessmen of that age, and soldiers.

The People were believing that these ‘Baptisms’ would wash away their sins, and that they would be ‘forgiven’ and become Free of their sins and guilt. John asks them What makes them think that this would happen.

John is Not taking this Kindly! He calls them Snakes, meaning, LOW LIFE. But that is the Power of a Holy Man. Though they were Chided So Badly by the Baptist, they ‘Humble themselves enough’ to ask him what they should do.

In Verse 13, John says to the Tax Collectors: “DON’T COLLECT MORE THAN IS LEGAL.” Just as We have ‘User Fee Collection Points,’ and ‘Octrois’ (do these still exist?) in India, these tax collectors collected tax money for the ruling romans, and ‘collected’ a hefty commission for themselves. They used to levy such High rates, (more profit for them!), that they were a hated lot. The word, ‘tax collector,’ was a By-word, a word of derision and hatred. …It is to them that John directly says the above words. Let us remember that he had also queried: “Who told you that you could escape from the Punishment (merely by going through the ritual of Baptism)?” (Verse 7, ibid).


  Bribe from poor give money to work

Image: http://indowaves.wordpress.com/tag/corrupt-indian-police/

Above, a Dear Policeman is ‘collecting’ his ‘Due’ for the day. Even at such low resolutions, it is Clear that the policeman’s uniform is of a Better quality than that of the Man who is being forced to give the Bribe. You have to Bribe if You want to Work! Keeping a small shop, or Selling Vegetables or Fruit loaded on Your Bicycle cannot be done without giving Bribes.

The policeman would be Earning at least THREE times what the poor man is making. On top of that, the police are given Free (or Nominally charged) Quarters, Allowances for Food and Uniforms, Paid holidays, Medical facilities. In India, No police person pays for Traveling in a Bus. YET they demand a bribe.

Evidently these things are ages old! They were happening during St. John’s time. Though it was the ‘soldiers’ who were doing the policing then. And it is to Them that John says: “DON’T TAKE MONEY FROM ANYONE BY FORCE, OR ACCUSE ANYONE FALSELY(!). BE CONTENT WITH YOUR PAY.”

So things like ‘the force’ accusing people falsely, which We would call ‘Filing False Charges or Cases’ today, were happening in those times too. Christ Died on the Cross, and Lent has been Observed 2,000 times, but what has been the Use?


It is Not only the police who take bribes. Bribery takes place in almost Every office, and is taken by politicos first of all, judges, and officials, etc. The Land Registration office, known as the ‘Tehsildar office,’ is a place where Every Common Man is Affected because of this Knavery. …Christians being in Every field of work, there are enough who hold even high offices, and take bribes.

During my homily I mentioned the name ‘judges,’ ‘tehesildars,’ and ‘police,’ etc. And at the Culmination I said:



WHY does not the pope say such things? Why don’t the bishops and priests? WHOSE business is it to say such things, then?