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From Riz Akhtar`s post in Facebook.

Modi does not work like this.

If you see the sting video done on Babu Bajrangi from 2002 Gujarat Muslim Genocide, you’ll understand how Modi works. Babu Bajrangi led a mob that killed men, women, children and did not even spare pregnant women. On the sting video he says that he felt like Maharana Pratap as he slit through the stomachs of pregnant women and held unborn fetuses on the tip of his sword. Maybe he was exaggerating but the fact remains that he was convicted in these crimes.

To get him off the hook, Modi kept changing judges in the courts. He assured Babu Bajrangi that he will get him off the hook. Babu Bajrangi speaks about this. The first judge told him that he is now finished. That judge was replaced. Modi kept replacing the judges till he found one who would let Babu Bajrangi off the hook.And that is how Modi operates.

So dear Arnab, now that you have gotten into this mess, give Modi some time. He will find a judge, sooner or later, transfer your case, get the Supreme Court involved in some way or another and then he will get you off the hook. That is a time consuming process. Meanwhile better reconcile to the fact that you are going to spend some good amount of time in the jail. Don’t make a spectacle of yourself. Don’t sully the name of a party that already has seen many Sorryvarkars in its ranks. Don’t cry. You might think that your life is under threat but live with that. Best is to sit in the corner and sulk to yourself.

DG Vanzara and a host of other cops did that for 8 years before they could be got off the hook by a CBI judge who retired the very next day after setting them free. In the meanwhile Vanzara wrote a stinker of a letter that almost got Modi into trouble. Now don’t do that.

Now that you have invited this trouble, give your masters some time. They will get you off the hook but it can’t be blatant. There is a whole state of Maharashtra at stake and you have defaulted on payment to a Marathi Manoos, who committed suicide along with his mother and has named you in the suicide note. Now that note is part of police record. It is not in dispute. Your default is not in dispute. You should have have thought of these consequences when you went hammer and tong against Maharashtra Police and Government. You see, politicians don’t love anybody other than power and themselves. if you thought otherwise then you are the fool.

Vinod Chand ✍️


Courts Invite, and Beg for, Contempt.


The #courts of India BEG for, and INVITE, #Contempt. …I Freely offer it to them.
Many (bjp) ministers are on record, inciting- ‘Goli maro salon ko,’ (Shoot them). This does not prompt action from the courts.
Rape threats are starting to come freely; Dhoni’s daughter, now Vijay Sethupathi. ‘This’ does not disturb our judges.
But WEAK targets like oppn politicos (Kamal Nath), and of the film world (latest… Kangana) – not that I support them, – but, as I was saying, Weak targets are ‘Boldly’ targeted by the courts.

They all seem to think We are still living in the uneducated 1930-40s.
For all that, Changes are not going to come in 2 years; not even in 50, I would say.
But, when it does, these same judges will be literally spat upon, and Driven from their own houses, and have Every photograph of theirs removed from their walls, by their Own Grandchildren. I will not be here on this earth to enjoy that, (am 73).
But the Bally judges Will enjoy, read that as Suffer it, IN their lifetimes. That’s my Curse and Wish.

I saw that the fourth one did not load. Here’s another attempt:


The problem lies with our #Courts


The problem lies with our #Courts. Do they HAVE to eat Crap when it is offered? …via:
Ana @tweetsofamuggle
Remember Kapil Baisala, who fired shots at Shaheen Bagh & shouted “hamare desh me sirf hinduon ki chalegi?” [ In effect, means: In this country, Only what hindus say, will matter. ]
He was given bail in March. His lawyer argued that he has “deep roots in society” & that “he has the responsibility of a wife & a minor child.”
Safoora is still in jail.

On Rape culture of India


My Own Country; and it pains me to call it that. But Needs Must.

  • Sadly, Girls (for it is Mostly Girls) – getting Raped, even Gang-raped,
  • Even Brutalised in the process, – as in inserting Heated Iron Rods into their Private parts,
  • – Even getting Killed after all that, ( Showing these modern Rapists Also have Blood Lust ),
  • And the girls Dying by being Set on Fire…

All this does not Bother Too many people.

As in pointing out Where We Have to Change, In all this I blame Ourselves, The Citizens, First. Lewd Pictures, Posters, Advertisements, Songs and Movies, are Accepted by Us; We do not Protest against them… Not at Home, Nor in Our Conversations and Writings. Not Enough. Let Not The Crusaders get hot over this.

It falls upon Religious Leaders to Inculcate Right Values; and tell me the last time You found them doing that; Powerfully, Incessantly, as Christ would have done. The Precise Reason I Keep Castigating Our Dear, Good Pope.

As things Stand, where We expect Sense, Decency and Direction in the ‘leaders’ of the Civil world, We find a Lot of Blah, Empty Words, which I find a Mockery.

Some Ten days ago, a Young Woman was Gang-Raped, Set on Fire and Killed. https://economictimes.indiatimes.com/news/politics-and-nation/all-4-accused-in-hyderabad-gang-rape-murder-shot-dead/articleshow/72393178.cms

As the link shows, All four Accused were Apprehended, and after a Furore from the Public, killed by the the police in what they called an ‘Encounter,’ in India coming to mean ‘Allowing’ Accused to Run, and then Shoot and Kill them. Here is what I had written about that:

1. Have No sympathy for the Accused. Suggest they should have been burnt.

2. But Sentence Should have come from #courts. There are Too many Loopholes in the #encounter.

3. Physically, to say All Four were killed is Brainlessness. At 3 o’clock at night, All Four are Shot, no one in the Arms or the Shoulders, but Mortal wounds, …and None of them had Surrendered?

4. #police had #KILLED at orders of #politicos, pure and simple.

5. #encounter Further proves Absolute Uselessness of Indian #courts, who just examine papers, and are NOT delivering #justice in any way.

6. #police totally happy to carry out orders of #politicalmasters.

7. End Result: NO Morals.

Accused Needed MOST severe punishment. But #police story HUMBUG. And police are #KILLERS.

Many Spoke up Against this ‘encounter.’

The Chief judge of India bleated that ‘Instant’ justice is Revenge. …I have Issues on his use of the word ‘instant.’ And this is what I wrote:

1. Chief JUDGE of India, the #cji, ( let’s STOP calling these fellows ‘justice,’ ) said Instance justice is Revenge.

Going on a Side note, he is merely playing with Words. What We want is SPEEDY JUSTICE. When they cannot provide that, let the #judiciary resign and Sell Pakoras.

[ On Pakoras, the prime minister of India, I think, had said at one time that it is Impossible to provide jobs for Everyone, – which is Very True, of course, but the statement carried a Levity about it, going on further to say that people can sell Pakoras, a kind of Indian Street food, mostly made of Gram flour over Onions, fried. ]


Politicians, generally the Most Blase of the lot, have been speaking up; again generally ‘merely’ criticising the ‘ruling’ party.

One Akhilesh Yadav was quite vociferous. On him:

2. #akhilesh is raising his own Drama. It was in ‘his’ time that Two Minor Girls were Burnt and Hung on a tree at Badauni UP, in May 2014, pic attached. …And it was ‘his’ father who had said: #BoysWillBeBoys.


And concluding, the #police are Really working Hard to Prove themselves the Dogs to the Pigs of Animal Farm.

3. #police [ Small case as a mark of Disrespect ], who have been called ‘gorement’ – my own spelling for that, – Gundas, are proving that name Right. #police are Proving they are the #Dogs of the #AnimalFarm. …All this on #Unnao.

Let US get Cracking now; Incessantly trying to Inculcate Values.


#modi’s Demonocracy


Below: Cropped from Twitter this morning.

Of late, Many Lynchings had taken place in India. Shamefully, members of the ruling party had welcomed, garlanded and lauded the accused. [ Guess Who had been ‘lynched?’ The Minority community, of course. Most of these cases referred to: ‘Suspected of Transporting Beef.’ But Who cares if there was Mere Suspicion? Kill them and get Garlanded. ]

When politicos Incited Violence, with Video evidence of their doing the same,



…Our #judges were examining their nails.

This time, 5 Eminent Social Activists and Dissenters have been accused of having given ‘inflammatory speeches.’


PS: We can meet Democracy at the ‘Further Shore.’


I do not want the Accused to be Caught


Having given that headline, here’s actually what I want:

‘I do not want the Accused to be Merely Caught; I want the Fear of God to be put into the ungodly, so that Justice could prevail.’

Here is the latest case.

A Minor girl is gang-raped, the local village body tells the accused to do a 100 sit-ups and pay the victim Rs. 50,000.

“Enraged over the panchayat diktat, the youths went to the house of the girl and thrashed the family members and burnt her to death.”

“As many as 14 people have been arrested” over this incident.

Both quotes above from: https://www.firstpost.com/india/chatra-gangrape-case-14-arrested-after-minor-girl-raped-burnt-alive-in-jharkhand-six-accused-still-on-the-run-4457021.html

Besides the most repulsive fact that Rs. 50,000 seem to be considered ample compensation for gang-rape, (God forbid, do it to a village head’s daughter and see if he is satisfied with that),

…Apprehensions and Arrests are made Aplenty. Then what happens?

The Dastards are taken with great solicitude and tenderness here and there, their faces well covered to save their dignity, following which they will receive Bail at the drop of a hat,

Above: They KILL with Open faces, but have their faces well covered for Cameras. Image from my files, from the Internet.

Above, the man who had executed the killing of the Missionary, Rev. Staines, by Fire, being taken somewhere, Oh, Ever-So-Solicitously!

And Dastardly courts may give sentences in about 20 years.

NO Criminal is frightened in India.

Only We Citizens are Afraid.

JUDGES, delivering the biddings of their masters, the Pigs of Animal Farm, living under the protection of the Dogs of the same, having No idea of the problems or the pains of the Citizenry, try their level best to eat 1,000 rupee meals, and fight never ending skin-heart-and sugar diseases.

[ These judges keep themselves well hidden from the sight of Ordinary Citizens. I suppose it is because they know that People would Shave them Bald, Seat them on donkeys Backward, Tar and Feather them if they knew they were judges.

Anyway, I have ‘Seen’ only two judges. And they BOTH had Skin diseases! …Makes You think, what? 🙂 ]

An Excerpt from MY NOVEL:

“If there was one thing he hated worse than another, it was rape; and the thought that this, and gang rapes, were happening to children, made him lose his sleep. If only this was taking place in my back yard, he thought,


He looked to the Justice department to deliver Justice, but apart from the fact that nothing bad happened to the judges or the members of their families, and their masters, the politicos and their guard dogs the police, the justice department of India existed only to draw fat salaries and pensions. Only when real bad things happen to them will they realize the pain of it, thought he.”

[ Formatting changed. ]

Here’s hoping Nothing bad happens to Your children.


India’s Aadhar Card Embroglio


Sample Image, from the Internet.

Aadhaar, as it should be spelt in English, means the Base, the Basis.

In effect The Aadhaar Card stands for a Basic Identity Proof for the Citizen of India.


  • One’s Photograph, – which is Monkey business, given that All Administrative work, including its Camera Lenses, are Smudged, no bother taken to clean them properly, no real cleaning materials provided, – it costs money to buy them up, after all,
  • One’s Fingerprints, – which is Also Monkey business, for the above mentioned reasons, only, in this case, perhaps they are not lenses,
  • And One’s Iris Imprint,

The Aadhaar Card Can and Should be a Foolproof Identity basis.

If this were Properly Implemented, it can make Short work of Crooks.

  • Make it Compulsory for Opening Bank Accounts, and You know who has how much, and more, if he has paid his taxes!
  • Ditto for Voting. No headaches about False votes then.

They already have it used for Train Reservations, and Hotel Occupancy.  Useful if You want to keep track of Crooks. …But, without doing the above mentioned two, this step is Hogwash. Being Penny wise and Pound foolish.

Mega business understands this. And course, aren’t they the clever ones? In conjunction with the RTI, the Right to Information, the Citizen can know which minister (politics is business, after all) had how much before he took office, and how much later, et al.

And for this Mega business would like to squash this scheme. Through its itsy bitsy mouth  pieces, of course.

Whichever good and brave soul dreamed the Aadhaar card up, with whatever half understanding, seems to have garnered enough support to get this going.

But politicos, past masters at saying something and doing exactly the opposite, – and Not wanting the scheme implemented (remember, they are in danger of people knowing how many and which all colleges, not to say jewellery shops, they are running),

Say at one time that the Card in Mandatory for Everything, from the lowly Ration shops (supposed Fair price shops), buying of Cell phones and Sim cards, Bank accounts and what not.

And pesky little Fools, the Media in particular, – who knows, maybe the mouthpieces of the politicos and mega business, knowing little, in the true sense of the word, cry foul, saying their privacy is being invaded.

My Question is: What does the Average, Humble Citizen, got to Hide?

In all this, the SC of India, the so called soopreem court, not the Scheduled Castes, is supposed to adjudicate.

I Really Wonder just how the courts think they know anything at all. Are they Philosophers? Experts in Any field?


All they carry out are the Wishes of the politicos. Direct ones are Well Hidden; Indirect wishes are given to the judges in the form of new laws. Just remember who makes the laws.

Aadhaar Card as an End to Corruption can work Only When it is Implemented without Corruption.

Speaking of Corruption, I call the Delay in getting any kind of utterance from the courts, these taking one’s very life time, as the Highest Corruption.

Today, when You can’t trust the findings of a Post-Mortem, just How are We to believe that they would be handling Mega cash in the banks without taking bribes and cooking up reports?

I also hear that right when the scheme came up, Millions of settlers from other states, many of whose subjects are feared to be Terrorists today, got the cards, through Cash changing hands, or through Carelessness.

To wind up, The Aadhaar Card is a Fine Idea. It can even prevent a New-York-Tower kind of thing happening. …If done properly and without Corruption. …Politicos and Mega business would not want this for stated reasons.

I should have Added the names of Joodges among those who have unaccounted Wealth. They would be caught too!

And judges are the ones who have the Final say on all this. Real Embroglio.


What is the Need for a Judiciary in India?


WARNING: My site has once again been really High-Jacked [ ! 🙂 ] by some Pesky Martian, and thus and hence, I cannot be legally held responsible for the contents. …Am working my Hardest to wrest it back, and in the meantime, let us see what the fellow has written:


First of all, I want to limit myself to India.

Secondly, in reality, it is not just the so called judiciary, but also the Police Forces, that have Ceased to have the Right to Exist.

They receive Fat pay checks, and are getting Fat at Our expense.

You all know that I have written in this vein many times. Bear with me, and read a little further.

  1. SEMEN FILLED BALLOONS thrown at girls in the name of Holi. (See bottom for a few words on Holi).


Google Search gives these words in the introduction to this above article: ‘Women protest increasing incidents of throwing semen-filled balloons.’ [ Underlining mine ]. …Thus these are not Single incidents of some lone Pervert.

It is quite difficult to imagine just How the Bastards succeeded in getting these. Filling Semen into balloons would take a lot of doing. I would say that they are throwing Used Condoms.

Any fellow doing this could not be coming from a good family, and I would further venture to call him the Son of a Prostitute (All my Sympathies for the Poor Prostitute).



Only the Naive, – and I am not one of them, would expect and think that the Police could Patrol All areas and provide protection, and thus Prevent such incidents.


The Way to Stop these is to Act with Speed, and Give Such Punishment, that would-be culprits would think More than twice before indulging in such activity.

The (present) Judiciary seems to give the impression that it could not care less.

The Police, by taking No solid and serious action in trying to nab the culprits, also give the Same above impression.

Goading them, Setting Fires under their Fat Backsides, (they are No bullocks of the Wagon-Train Era of the West, after all!), seems to be called upon, and this is what I am doing.

As neither the Judiciary nor the Police seem to know the Pain in Rapes, Semen-balloon attacks or Acid Throwing,

I Offer the Three Thousand rupees that I have, (I know it is a pittance), for any Kind-hearted, Bold soul, that would throw Semen-balloons or Acid on, or, Rape, …Judges.


NOTE: I have succeeded in wrestling it back, just to use some different words, from that Pesky Martian, but am not able to Delete or in any way Edit what is written above. So that stands. In Every Sense. 🙂


Now a little about Holi.

Again a Spring Festival. Even Most people from abroad would know about this, as this is the one where they throw colours on one another. See the More Sedate way in which South Indians celebrate their festivals, like Pongal, although they do not seem to mind getting Gored to Death in their Jallikkattus.

I remember, from the days of my youth, all of 50-60 years in the past, where this used to be much more Gentle, but FEARED, (!), nonetheless. About this Fear: There You are, going to church in Your sunday finery, and it also happens to be Holi, so You get colours thrown at You; and since You are not Used to appearing like that Blasted Martian, and also since You might have got wet, You fail to concentrate on the church proceedings as much as You would have liked.

As Holi and the Maundy ThursdayEaster periods often come together, it produces not a little Yuckiness. People are known to throw cow dung and even stones at railway carriage windows, (woe are You if You have left them open), and to keep large tubs of coloured water at cross roads and dunk You in with just: “बुरा न मानो, होली है!” “Buraa na maano, Holi hai,” a standard phrase during these days, which means, “Don’t take offence, it is Holi.” …As if You Can take offence.

From Semen to Urine to Faeces? Are We to see those days too? Would not things degenerate to that unless checked?

Semen for Your Daughters?

You call this Culture?

As I have had the happy occasion to have learnt 6 years of North Indian Classical Music, I remember that there is a Dhamaar, an advanced and complicated way of singing, yet very, very ancient, with the words:

“अबीर गुलाल जी न मो पे डारो, उन्ही पर डारो जे ही रहत तोरे संग.”

Which mean: Throw these colours on Your own people. This from ages past.

To Conclude: The Majority of the majority community of India, are Very Sincere, Cultured, – well, not so cultured at Holi times, or else they would have taught their sons better about this, – and Considerate. I would like to Remind them that there Might be People who Just do Not want to play Holi. They should be Left Totally Free.

I am one of them.



Some Tweets to: @MirrorNow


@MirrorNow Kudos for Airing important issues.

@MirrorNow FINALLY Judges themselves, not to say important lawyers like PrashantBhushan @pbhusan1 have raised their voices about the Need to Clean up the #Judiciary.

@MirrorNow YET, when Justice is not being had for #Nirbhaya only the #police are being questioned.