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Condition ‘for’ Liberty.


John Philpot Curran said in Dublin on 10 July 1790:

“The condition upon which God hath given liberty to man is eternal vigilance.”

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How judiciary helped Hitler and Stalin in destroying political opposition


Tweets to @MirrorNow and @ndtv


As background, seems an inglorious 8 rapes/gang rapes within the last 6 days have taken place in the glorious Indian state of Haryana! Who knows, these fellows might even be expecting some prizes for doing that, or, at the least, some jobs in the public sector. That is the state of our Country today.

All that being so, another interesting, though Heart-breaking piece of news was mentioned during one of the debates over the TV, namely, some young man, who had earlier raped a girl some three years earlier, and had since been released, – not found guilty or on bail, I am not sure, raped the same girl once again during these days.

That is the Cursed situation of India today.

In all this, what riles me is that these Rapists are practically Molly-coddled by the administration (read government), the police, and the judiciary, by extension, as these have never questioned not challenged the practice of the police to hide/cover the faces of these Rapists and other Criminals. And these rowdy buggers march along with their chests thrust out, well knowing that they will not be recognized by the people at their next Avatar, excuse me, their next appearance.

Below, a photo from my files, – in turn from the internet, which I have named: ‘Kill with open faces, get your face covered courtesy of the police.’

All these policemen, especially the officers, are interested in is: getting their photos into the media.

And does the criminal seem in any way cowed to You? Stands tall, and bold as brass, does he not?

And here is my question to the media:

Why don’t You, @MirrorNow n @ndtv, ask Why the #police are covering the faces of these criminals? Why are the #police protecting them?


Cursed may the whole system be, the administration, the politicos, the judges, the police and the other officials, who have NO concern for the Honour or the Safety of the Citizens, but protect, – how else without Money, the names and reputations of Criminals.


The Judiciary, …in My Novel.


[ Hello, Folks, this is part of a chapter in my good old Novel that is getting ready. Read it here for Free. 🙂 ]

Old Mr. Ilango was Very angry. Improvements, of sorts, were definitely happening over the Indian scene, like the politicians being questioned, the question of the safety of children and women raised up and discussed at length, followed by the careless of hospitals, their crass hunger for money and their negligence, etc, which then turned to questioning the high fees elicited by lawyers.

The question of the good old, or rather, the Nasty cess pool of the judiciary is never raised. Everybody is afraid, because some fool, or some fools had made the law, perhaps, that the judiciary cannot be questioned.

“Not just Rapes, but Gang-rapes, and bestiality in the form of inserting objects, like stones into the private parts of the Adivasi lady leader Soni Sori, heated iron rods into that of the girl gang raped in Delhi, a lathi, which has a diameter of about one and a half inches into that of a six year old child, take place on a regular basis now.

“TV shows like the Mirror Now and NDTV take up such issues and make them a point of discussion, and they demand that action be taken against the culprits, at the same time decrying the fact that Only about 3% convictions take place in these cases.

“They berate the politicians and the police, who Are guilty, of course.

“But do they Forget the fact, or do they Overlook it, or are they Afraid to raise the issue that it is the Judiciary alone that takes the final step in these affairs?” Mr. Ilango pauses, perhaps for breath.

Mohan came in. “You are right, Grandpa. I remember You saying at the time of the passing away of that leader in Mumbai, when the Whole city was brought to a standstill. One lone little Brave heart, a young woman, had dared question over the internet just Why this shut down should happen for one lone man.

“The police had come and made a Mid-night arrest of that Poor woman, and she was sent to jail for a month, if I remember things correctly.”

“Didn’t You tell me, Anand, that You had written on Facebook and Twitter about the Judiciary, or in that case the Magistrate is the person or the body who metes out punishment? That that woman of Mumbai fame was sent to jail Not by the police but by the magistrate?” asked Yoha.

“You are right, my Dear,” admitted he. “The magistrate could – easily, – and should have told the arresting police that there was Nothing whatsoever wrong in her question, chided them, and should have sent her away home Free. Instead of that the magistrate was merely the Willing tool of the politicians. And not only he, Most of those in the adjudicating business are that, – tools of the politicos. Can Anybody believe that they would be doing all this without receiving some sort of Compensation?” finished Anand.

“So if all these Criminals are roaming around Free, laughing their heads off at Society, the members of the judiciary are to Blame,” wound up Yoha.

There was a slight pause, as always happened when important points were made.

“Arvind Kejriwal, the chief minister of Delhi, and the founder of the Aam Aadmi Party, his supporters, and perhaps Anna Hazare to a certain extent, had demanded, among other things, that even the judiciary is accountable to the Citizens,” Mr. Ilango was saying.

They wondered at the sharpness of mind and the acumen of his, even at the age of eighty seven.

He sent one of the young men to go and fetch his precious box of newspaper clippings, and when that came, within no time and unerringly found what he wanted.

It was dated 23 September 2014, and the clipping said that till date, as per the data of Law & Justice Ministry, there were about 3 Crore (30 Million!) cases pending in Indian Courts. Out of which 44 lakh (nearly Four and a half Million) cases in High courts & 63,000 cases in the were sleeping in the Supreme court.

“There are even Sixty year old cases, and hundreds in the twenty year range. Worse, perhaps thousands of People are in jail, without their cases having been examined.

“These fellows get paid in lakhs, which means something like ten thousand rupees a day; they do not declare their assets or their income – and one ex cji, meaning the chief judges of India, had gone to the extent of saying that no self respecting judge would declare his income!

“It is said that the courts work for only six months a year. It would be puerile, ridiculous and contemptible if they were to say that they work longer.

“One argument was raised that they work long hours. Typical Arrogance. How long and how hard do they think the Average man works? A man who makes Tea in stalls might even be getting Rs. 15,000 a month; but for that he stands, stands, – not getting a moment to sit, for 12 straight hours! There are many colleges in the country which pay their ‘professors’ one third of what they judges get, without a single day off!”

“What gets my goat is that these fallible, falling, erring, corruptible and corrupt to a large degree, judges get called as ‘justices.’ They should be addressed as judges, and nothing more than, never more than that; Never, never, never ever as justices, the goats,” said Yoha’s mother.

Old Mr. Ilango looked at her with appreciation.

“Till the Country, and the World, understand and Realize that the Citizen is Supreme, that it is the Citizen who pays them, pays for their very food, not to say the luxuries, that they, the judges and each and member of the administration, is a Servant of the Citizen, and Demand that judges too are Accountable to the People, nothing good will happen,” said he.

The discussion continued about judges another day. “When there is Such a large backlog of cases in courts, just Why does not the administration appoint More judges to deal with them and end them?” asked Reena, another of Yoha’s sisters.

“What a wonderful question,” satired Vijendra. “Perhaps the administration concedes and admits that it does not have enough men of Calibre to fill those posts.”

“Shall we say Brains, instead of Calibre?” quipped one of the boys.

“You certainly may, Young Sir,” rejoined Vijendra. “And You would not be far from the Truth!”

“Quit joking, You Young fellows,” said Mr. Ilango. Even seventy year old Vijendra was ‘young fellow’ for him, for he was eighty seven, after all. “Perhaps the president does not find enough fellows with enough Honesty for those posts!”




Sasikala of Tamil Nadu, leader of one of the factions of the ruling party, and long term friend of former chief minister, was found guilty of corruption and jailed.

Before We go further, be it known that the Chief work of political parties, — at least in India, about which alone I can speak with some experience, — exist Only so that they can come back to power at the next election, to make More money.

That being so, the AIADMK, – what a big name, You say, …rightly so, at least as far as the number of characters is concerned, but as for reputation, Mud. Now where was I, as if I don’t know, ha ha, – the aiadmk has been trying to save its backside, I do mean ‘seat,’ as they say, meaning, has been trying to remain as the administrative (ruling) party, while getting split into 3 or 4 segments. You still there? Ha ha. Am feeling Jovial today, maybe compensating for all the Bellyache due to the situation of today’s India and the World. 😦

Sasikala’s faction had been losing out. She was desperate to come and try to save it. She had been asking for ‘parole,’ on various (spurious) grounds, all of which were denied. Now, as the latest, she asked for, and was granted parole, as her husband most Conveniently got sick and even operated upon just at this time.

Of course the courts will profess to know none of these things.

Anyway, she was given a 5 day parole, with ‘Strict instructions that she should Not involve herself in any political activity during the time.’ These so called ‘strict instructions’ were announced amidst much fanfare.

What happens? Today, on what must be the second of her parole, one of the banners of a Tamil Daily (newspaper), declared that ‘Sasikala was holding Panchayats – that was the word used, that being one of systems of Decision-taking meetings, in practice in India for ages, – with her relatives!

The photograph of the report in the Daily, Dinakaran, of 10.10.2017, says that Sasikala had indeed held talks with ministers (7) and mla’s (members of the legislative assembly, to the number of 19), but that the current chief minister claims that all of them are supporting him.

The Drunk and the Beggar on the streets know this, but, professedly, not so our ‘holey’ courts, or should I say holy cow?

And Sasikala, mission accomplished, is back at her home away from home, her comfy quarters in the jail.

Tomfoolery, folks, Tomfoolery.


HC Judge who ought to be in jail


I hold the so called joodeeciary of India Responsible for MUCH of the Sorry state of affairs of Our Dear and Beloved Country.

As I have shown time and again in my Blog, the judiciary has the Power to Keep India free of Corruption, Crime and even Dirty politics. Instead, dirty politics going on inside the courts themselves, India is in this Sad situation.


A Tale of Power, Spine and Guts

Or the Lack of these. That is the Reality. Humanity  today is Powerless, Spineless and above all, Gutless. Do excuse me. A collection of Tweets sent today.

1. #jayalalitha: WONDERFULLY PUT in Tamil! The Captions say: MINISTERS Without POWER, and OFFICIALS Without SPINE!


Graphic from AAPTN’s page on Facebook.

2. #jayalalitha has been sent to JAIL for 4 years, and STRIPPED of her post of CM ans as MLA. YET…

3. The RUBBERSTAMP (acting, REALLY acting!) cm of TN, does not even SIT on Ex cm #jayalalitha’s chair!

4. And that MOST USELESS OF AGENCIES, the #judiciary, having #suomoto and all that, on #jayalalitha, grins and sleeps.

5. And We the People of TN, are We Not GUTLESS? How many Dare even speak or write about #jayalalitha on Facebook or Twitter? Haha.

Suggestions to the judiciary

  • judges should be paid EQUITABLE salaries. I suggest One Lakh per month as starting salary for them, and all other benefits that they get just now.
  • This will be ONE step in bringing down bribery and corruption in those circles.
  • judges still indulging in corruption should be summarily dismissed, after giving them a good beating.
  • NOT knowledge of law, but Character, Values and Honesty should be criteria for choosing judges.
  • Not political say, nor seniority, should have a say in their appointment.
  • chief judges should serve for a minimum of one year. They should weed out defunct laws, and keep the judiciary clean.

Challenge… The Establishment!


We See that there are Very many things that Need Change, and in which We can play a role. The Establishment, the Administration or the government, (to use the old word), Needs to be Challenged. So let us Challenge It, which will start with Criticism!

Here are Two Great Cartoon, which, again Are Not Mine. I found both of them in Facebook.


Here, the Journalist is asking ‘corruption,’ ‘Who is your Best Friend these days?’

To which corruption relies: ‘Section 144.’

This is the law that forbids People from gathering in groups of more than 4. It is supposed to be used when Violence is expected. But apply it to Peaceful Protests, and We have Goodbye Democracy, because it would  take away from Us the Very Means to Protest.


We have laws which Effectively make us Fools and Slaves. You are Not allowed to Question the judiciary. OR ELSE it becomes ‘contempt of court.’

Do Not these kinds of things, the Establishment, Need to be Challenged? I call this Criticism. And of this I do a lot. …Let us also Remember to Question, Criticise and Challenge the Religious Establishments too! More on this later.


Some Questions to our judiciary


In one of the latest events, ‘A video has now surfaced showing Shiv Sena Thane MP Rajan Vichare forcing a Maharashtra Sadan Muslim staffer to eat during his Ramzan fast.’ (From: timesofap.com). [Possible Religious overtones here: Victim is a Muslim, on a Sacred Fast. If he were forced to eat, it could be construed as ‘Religious’ Violence on him by a member of a Radical Hindu Outfit.]

10 other ministers, (Member of Parliament, no less!), have been accused of being part of it, so says the news. They were there, they did not stop this man, they did not even try to open their mouths.

force feeding shv sena Rajan-Vichare


It seems that the Food was not good. While Catering to Ministers, would caterer even Dare to lessen the Quality? …What is wrong with this sample?

Thali at Maharashtra Sadan New Delhi


It seems that the minister had subsequently Apologized. And had said that he did not know the man was on Fast, or words to that effect.

Yes, as he says, it is not possible to know one’s religion from one’s face. BUT. ministers are clever fellows. To say that they did not know of the Man’s Religion is Not Easily and Readily Believable. If we leave the Religious issue to one side, the Question Remains:

WHAT RIGHT has a minister, a lawmaker, have, to Physically Abuse, Manhandle and Insult, Publicly, a Citizen? But this is not my question to the j.


Let us remind ourselves of another case. Upon the demise of bal thackeray, the whole of mumbai had been brought to a standstill. Two Young Women had just Voiced a Question that had been on the Lips of Millions. Viz, Just Why bring a whole metropolis to a Halt for this? And, for asking this question, they had been jailed, under the draconian IT66A.

It seems that they have subsequently been released, and even a payment of rs. 50,000 has been given them in compensation. But this is Crass Ineptitude. What price Months of Jail life, with its Trauma to the Soul, the Stigma.


Here come the questions:

  1. If people can be Jailed merely for Voicing Thoughts on Twitter and Facebook,
  2. What should be the punishment to this so called minister for Physically Manhandling, Insulting and Humiliating a Grown up Man?
  3. If an Apology would be considered Sufficient for this minister, Why was not that Provision made for those Two Young Ladies? Why were they Jailed?
  4. What punishment has been given to the magistrate who jailed these Young Women? If Not, Why Not?
  5. courts have Suo-Moto powers. Why doesn’t the judiciary Act in the Interest of Citizens? Why All the Inflated Salaries and the Perks? When Can We See Justice in India?