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So Okay, this is Not some kind of a car wash!

Carvak (चारवाक) pronounced chaar-vaak, is the first of (Indian) philosophies. Its basic tenet is: Just be Careful of the Fish bone!

Starting from another angle, Google informs Us that a whopping 74% of India are of the lower caste.

The so-called upper castes called the others so because they found that these ‘others’ had No interest in ‘higher things,’ (music included!). [ Note: This is NOT a dissertation on the caste system. ]

Putting it all most simply, it can be said that the l.c. did not Care in things other than eating… etc!

Now does that not Expand the l.c.’s? And it starts getting applied to Much More than India.

I go on now to state that people are moving into the Carvak philosophy.

(Unless you want to say that they have Long lived there).

Let’s take the case of #Taiwanese-Citrus-Farmers.

In India, We would call such people (size of farm, t shirt, able to give interviews to the BBC/CNN in English) Rich.

Only about 7% of these products go to to china, which has now banned them on stupid and cooked-up charges (too much ‘sprays!’, they just found it out!). These farmers (and fishermen), are losing those 7 percents. Musk/Ambani losing some change. For that these will criticize their own government, no doubt ready to accept chinese dominion.

That Exactly is the point. MOST Indians (including Very particularly the employed middle class) do not mind who is at the helm so long as they can eat well, (NO PROBLEM IF THEIR KING EATS RS. 10,000 MEALS)

…buy up ‘Bullet’ motor cycles (status symbols in India), …hang the cost of petrol,

and visit Goa (booze and *** Easily available).


Taiwan, the satates, rooshia OR INDIA, good sofas, tv sets, and BIRYANI (a dish of meat in rice, special recipes, of course; sometimes made with veggies, but who wants those? …this for India),

these have become the ‘Needs,’ the VALUES(!), of this age.

To the Garbage with Democracy, Freedom, Justice, Decency, Greatness, பெருந்தன்மை, महानता, and all that rot.

Really Carvak. Beware the fish bones, folks. Bye.


These days…


These days, my Dear Friends, have been concentrating on writing posts for my Facebook page: For Catholics, accessed through @swamiyesudas.

It has been both my hope and Firm belief that people, Actively taking part in the affairs of life, can Effect Powerful changes.

It is the Apathy and Lethargy of mankind that prevents this action, and results in the proliferation of evil.

On the other side Christians, – I shall limit myself to catholics, as I dislike infringing upon areas not my own, thus – catholics, seem to think that attending ‘mass,’ to use the word they themselves would use, saying ‘book’ prayers, going for pilgrimages, and giving to charity is all there is to it; and the clergy takes pains (!) that the laity remain in this mindset.

Christ Weeps.

Here is a sample of what I write there.

…Do hope You visit that page. …Hearty Regards.

PS: Am not able to type all that well with my left hand. So forgive me if I do not get in touch with You too much.


To Speak, Or Not to… Part 2.


[ Would make better sense if You start from Part 1. 🙂 ]

Continued from Part 1.

Here’s what I think; What say You?

Let me talk today of Prisons.

Here’s what an Indian prison looks like:

The Odd thing is that Many of them might not even have been proved Guilty. India has a LARGE percentage of those who have not yet been Tried; yet are in jail, for Decades!

Whereas for people like this man, Norwegian mass killer Anders Behring Breivik, who, it is said, killed 77,

Norwegian mass killer Anders Behring Breivik (C) gestures as he arrives in the court room at Oslo Courthouse August 24, 2012. The Norwegian court delivers its verdict in the ten-week trial of gunman Breivik on Friday, deciding whether to send the anti-Muslim militant to jail or a mental hospital for the massacre of 77 people last summer. REUTERS/Heiko Junge/NTB Scanpix/Pool

live like this in prison:

Two inmates are watching a television program in one of the common kitchen and living room areas established to be a meeting point between inmates and guards and to facilitate rehabilitation inside the luxurious Halden Fengsel, (prison) near Oslo.

An inmate is brushing his teeth in the bathroom inside one of the single-person prison cells build with various amenities in the luxurious Halden Fengsel, (prison) near Oslo.

Yet, even these Norwegian/Scandinavian things are called ‘Prisons,’ aren’t they? And they are Hated, if not Feared. …Loss of Freedom is a Terrible thing.

We might not be Raving and Ranting, but would Scream, (perhaps without effect), if We get ‘Banged Up Abroad,’ which is Reality. Would We not?

We would expect Help from our family and friends, who might have to run from pillar to post for an unspecified amount of time; with or without success.

From Whom are The Voiceless to Expect Help?

We Rejoice in our Freedom, from Hunger and Restrains, and,

Seem to have Forgotten Words like Duties and Responsibilities.

Cont. 🙂 …



The Dictionary has a word called ‘Justice!’


I find that these ‘memes,’ ‘graphics,’ say what I want to say better than Words. …I am Oh, So Tired of all this.

TN police accepts communal majoritarian outfits as representatives of all Hindus, says if you protest Babri demolition on Dec 6, then Hindus will be offended, Hindu groups will protest! Says SC verdict in civil dispute is last word on criminal case also!

CPI-ML Liberation @cpimlliberation

TN police denies permission for #6December protests, saying, to demand punishment for culprits of #BabriMasjidDemolition amount to “criticising honourable SC judges.” So verdict in #Ayodhya civil case invoked to gag demand for punishment for what SC called an “egregious” crime!
0 judiciary a
0 scales of justice w text in E n T
0 Injustice
0 Middle finger


Tales from Dumbukistan (1)


In galaxy 0.02, in planet Kerth, Right in the middle of the oceans, existed the prosperous land of Dambukistan.


It had a population of 834, and everybody was happy.

The people had to pay 1 silver piece per day to get work. And they received no salaries. Such were the rules.

Now the Giter was the ugliest creature possible, hence it was declared a protected species.

But the son of the GM, the highest office holder in the land, had to shoot it right in its backside, with his unlicensed K47, and what was worse, the kullet was stuck there, right in plain sight, with his name and address written on it. And the Giter was dead, all his five feet up in the air.

But the GM was not worried. He just had to phone up most honourable kustis Sri Sri Sri Potato, You see. So he did.

Now kustis Sri Sri Sri Potato liked to sleep 8 months a year, [ and what do You know, their ‘year’ coincided with ours right to the minute, but that is not the point, ]. The kustis had just woken up, and was having his favourite meal of fried kotatoes, when the GM’s call came in.

The kustis rubbed his hands. That took care of his next 5 years supply of kotatoes.

The kourt sat. The kustis wanted to announce the verdict right off. The prosecuter reminded him that the case was just starting. Grumbling, the kustis signalled for things to proceed. He hated the whole idea. He Much preferred sleeping on his comfortable bed. Now he had to do it from his chair. Things were just Not Ok.

77 witnesses spoke, and the case lasted 236 days.

Finally, the kustis Sri Sri Sri Potato gave his verdict: ‘The Giter shot himself.’

Everyone clapped.


The LATEST #bjp #congress War


My point: #bjp accuses the #congress of defending a witness by sending lawyers from its party.

Aha! Just what I had been saying all along.

So Indian justice does Not care for Truth, but rather goes by what lawyers say and suggest.

And Indian judges, blasphemously called ‘justices,’ are Mere Paper Correcters. Theirs Not to Find the Truth. Rather, they Only Assess the presentations of lawyers.

As for the background, Well, these are the Only major parties of India, and war between them is not unusual. In short,

the #congress has been accused of corruption over an arms deal in the past, and now, of corruption in procuring helicopters, if I remember correctly, to ferry politicos.

You can see: https://www.hindustantimes.com/india-news/what-is-agustawestland-bribery-case-decoding-the-rs-3-6k-cr-deal/story-tAlvgyAmbECc365cvOIN9N.html

the #bjp, in my opinion, is like the #admk, involved in a Lot of corruption, but very skilful in hiding it. Right now India’s prime minister #modi is caught, with his You know what down, over the defence purchase of umpteen Rafale aircraft. The point is that there is a Vast difference in the prices at which the previous administration had been carrying on its negotiations, and #bjp’s, which boil down to nearly 10,000 million per aircraft. To top this up, #modi has unabashedly got his friend the #ambani‘s into the foray, naming this company, a civilian one, and NOT doing so well, according to reports, as a guaranteer.

On this, You may like to read: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Rafale_deal_controversy

Let me end. Viva la Justice. 😦 🙂


Judges, and now Referees.


Hello, Folks! You All know that I do not pull my punches. And here goes.

You will not find too many people writing on subjects that I do, and especially Against the Joodges. Yet we can be Sure there are others. The point is that those few of us who write seem to have Succeeded in pulling up the system, so that 2017 was a particularly Good Year for Indians, Justice-wise.

Encouraged by this, I go on!

Our Writings seem to be reaching those Long Deaf Ears.

So I ask You, my Dear Reader, to Speak to Your Family and Friends about this, Write about this, and, if You will, Re-blog this. You might want write a few words about leaving out the crappy bits.

So Do Contribute.

Judges, (let me limit myself to Indian ones, and, just the majority, not all of them), have Earned my Contempt.

This because the Justice Department has failed. I wrote to the union of Peanut sellers at bus stands asking if they would accept responsibility for this failure, but they Declined, so it stays with the Joodges.

One of the Very Best examples of the Failure of Justice in India is the raising of the Bofors (scandal) case now, for something that had happened in 1986! If the Justice Department has Constipation the Citizens should not be made to suffer for that.


That being the condition of Justice and the Joodges in India, today Referees have earned a Horse-Manure Certificate.

All of TWO runs were required to finish the game of the Second One Dayer in Cricket in South Africa, (February 4th, 2018). They took a 45 minute Lunch break, leaving the ground 80% empty because of this Asinine delay.

Graphic above from Cricbuzz.com

But Rules are rules, even, and particularly when, they have been made by Asses, and executed by Donkeys.

Incidentally, this is an Excellent instance of STUPID LAWS!

Two incidents of Extremely bad refereeing are imprinted in my mind. One was a World Cup / Olympics Foot ball final, in which Cameroon was playing against England. The referee was Blatantly against the Cameroonians.

The other is where the Indian Boxer Sarita Devi, though totally dominating the match, was declared defeated.

In India, where chief judges of the country hold that office for as little as One day(!) – for what else but Pension benefits, I had great regard for Oliver Wendell Holmes of the US who had held that office in his country for decades.

But even this man seems to have come up with:

“This is a court of law, young man, not a court of justice.”

And here we poor folks have been, and are yet, sitting on our behinds looking for Justice.

As I said, Crap.



On Che (!), and Bravery of Indians


I found quite a few in Tamil Nadu sporting the Icons of Che. Had the haziest of ideas about him. So I delved in.

Che does not impress me at all, my Dear Folks, does not impress me at all.

I would Never have him as an Icon or a role model, least of all a leader. Call it first of all my Repugnance to follow anybody in Uniform.

And then there is his speech at the United Nations. All Filled with Imperialism, Colonialism, and what not. And a Thousand and Umpteen references to the US, all critical (not that the US is a Saint).

And Nary, Not a Single criticism of russia. Seems what russia practises has to be called by Other names. Well, the regime Was his master after all, so it is quite understandable.

I refuse to read Lopsided articles.

But two of his Quotes do impress me:

“We cannot be sure of having something to live for unless we are willing to die for it.”

“If you tremble with indignation at every injustice then you are a comrade of mine.”

Very Good.

But Not a single one of those who are sporting his Face, Icons or Shirts have the Heart for these. Regular Paper Tigers, all of them. Or, in today’s terms, Facebook tigers. Useless. You can neither build an Army, much less create any Victories with stuff like this.

And not just in Tamil Nadu. As far as the Lack of Bravery is concerned, India, and, um, the World, is like this. Facebook tigers. Often times not even that.


A Life Worth Living, the BCCI, the Judiciary and Salt


Is a Life Without Justice Worth Living?

Just Yesterday, met a Grand Old man of 83, Mr. Poulose, whose leg got broken recently in a traffic accident. He is in Severe pain, and the doctors told him that medication would bring relief for only a certain period of time, and if he wanted to go for it, the medications themselves would cause side effects. The Long and Short of it, – Mr. Poulose decided to face the pain, and is bearing it without Medication.

Right this fine morning, as I switch on the TV just to know what is new, find that the BCCI (Board of Cricket Control in India, means the ones who control all the money from the TV rights and the ticket sales!!!) are Not going to Implement the recommendations of the Lodha Panel (one under a judge of that name, investigating affairs). For those interested: <http://sports.ndtv.com/news/bcci-maintains-stance-on-lodha-panel-recommendations-cricket-1474640&gt;

Maybe the BCCI is not sharing enough of the profits with…

What I mean to say is, The courts hold their collective breaths, let out their Tongues(!), and go After Cricket. …But Umpteen Women getting Raped, Gang Rapes, Acid Throwing, Declining Farming, Farmer’s Suicides, etc, can go hang!!! A Life Without True Justice. Worth Living?


Graphic by Screen Capture.

The courts think they can Control the Citizens merely by Fear of ‘Contempt of court.’

The More Fool he who calls Mere judges as ‘Justices.’ Evidently shows these fellows have No Idea of what Justice is.

We live in Miserable times when We, the Citizens, have to Pussy-foot around when You want to say something about the Situation of Justice in the Country (Thousands and Thousands of People languishing in Jails Without Hearing for 20 Years and More – The First Crime of the courts). Or against politicians.

Dogs of fellows can Rape a Minor and Get bail and Get By; …but You wonder about the Health of (certain) politicos, and behold, You find Special cells formed just to keep watch on this to put You behind bars for this! A Life Worth Living?

But things and situations will Not change by Pussy-footing around. Which is Precisely why they Allow just that! As soon as the Thing called ‘Pussy-footing around’ comes into being, it Shows that it is A Situation of Slavery. Unsaid. Undeclared. Unspoken. Not Even Allowed to be Uttered.

But that is Not a Life Worth Living. And Particularly in a land like India, politicos and judges will have to remember that People will Not Accept Slavery, of Any kind. Indian History is Too Full of Risings for Freedom.


The Famed Rani Lakshmi Bai of Jhansi, – ‘one of the leading figures of the Indian Rebellion of 1857 and became for Indian nationalists a symbol of resistance to the British Raj‘. Quote from Wikipedia. Graphics, above and below, from the Internet.


Veerappaandia Kattabomman, ‘an 18th-century chieftain in Tamil Nadu, India, who waged a war against the British East India Company‘. This Quote (edited) also from Wikipedia. The photograph actually shows a famed Tamilian actor, Shivaji Ganesan, who had very successfully portrayed the king.

judges, instead of playing Second Fiddle to politicos, would do well to Just Ask their Very Children What they think about the judicial system and state of Justice in this Great Country. …Actually, the ONLY Judge, (see, I use a Capital for this Judge!) who is on the Lips of Tamilians is Judge Michael D’Cunha, shown below. ALL other so called judges are people Nobody cares for, nor remembers.

Judge Michael D'Cunha

Salt? I know only two languages besides some English. And in Both the Indian languages, (am sure it is there in others too!), the word Salt is considered Very Important. As in:

नमक -हराम !

The word, Namak Haraam, signifies one who has Betrayed Great Trust. And the Very Exact Same sentiment occurs in Tamil, as in:

உப்புக்கு துரோகம் !

English puts it slightly Differently, as in: Not Worth his Salt.

judges are asked to examine their Diet. Maybe because of all the above they totally Eschew the product. If so, they are advised to add it. Because, Tamil says:

உப்பில்லாத பண்டம் குப்பையிலே !

[ The Garbage is the Only place for anything without Salt! ]

Who will bell the Cat?

Graphic from the Internet

The Cat Has to be ‘Belled,’ (there, perhaps I have created a New Verb!). And Not Everybody will Shirk from it. We know that they system jails You at the drop of a hat. That the police know hundred of ways and Methods of Torture without leaving a Mark. And that Too many Deaths are occurring in police custody. That Sedition, and ‘Burning/Insulting the Flag’ kind of False charges are hoisted All Too Easily.

But like Mr. Poulose, there are People who are Ready to Endure all that.

Pussy-footing around Accomplishes Nothing. The Biggest Heap of Fuel will not Cook Meal. It is Fire that does that. And All Combustible materials have an ‘Ignition Temperature.’ Unless things, and People, are brought to a Certain ‘point,’ Nothing is going to be done. …But let me say it again, My Revolution is an Absolutely Non-Violent one. The Graphic below, also from the Internet, says it all, and says it very well:

Democracy, Non-Violent Revolution

And I say it again, A Life Without Justice, is Not Worth Living.

Come On! Add Your Voice!


Thus Proved, that…


India, a country of 125+ Crores (1.25+ Billion) people, has, may I say ‘managed’ to get 2 medals so far in the Olympics. Don’t think I am down-playing this. I am So swollen with Pride today that my Shirt would not fit! Haha.

Just a teeny weeny look at this ‘Darlings‘ (Rightly called so) of India.

P V Sindhu Silver Rio 2016

P V Sindhu, winner of Silver at Badminton at the Rio Olympics 2016. Image from the Internet.

Sakshi Malik bronze wrestling Rio 2016

Sakshi Malik, winner of Bronze in Wrestling in her class. Image from the Internet.

After Sindhu won her Silver, – though this means she lost the Gold, – Practically the Whole of India Celebrated. Here’s an image, of Crowds Waiting to watch the Match.

P V Sindhu fans

Image from Twitter. From the photograph, I would say that this must have been at about 5:30 PM, whereas the match was to begin a whole Two hours later!

And, did I tell You, my very own Sister, a Die-Hard Hermit if ever there was one, who gets out of her house Only if she Must, in distant (for me) Bangaluru (Bangalore of old) was watching the match!


The Point is this:

Thus Proved that There are things that We Yearn for, Over and Above Earning Lots of money. Twitter was going Mad, as was the Media.

But even here, Titillation plays its part; after all, Sports is part of Entertainment. Leaving that aside, In Sports, Can We Imagine the Amount of Energy and Time these Sports-persons must have spent to Achieve results like these?

Let us take two scenarios:

One: The Sports person. She/He is Waking up, Going through the Toilet, Eating, Moving-about/Travelling, Sleeping… And Thinking about What? The Sport.

Two: The Majority of Us. Through all these Same things, What are We thinking about? …Money, Family, Sex, Pleasure.


The Victories of Sindhu, Sakshi and Cricket Prove to Us that there are things that We Ourselves hold High in Our Hearts.

Included in this would be A Better Future for Our Dear ones, which cannot be just More money, but, More than that,

Which We Do Not have.

It is also proved that We Very Firmly keep them buried Deep in out hearts, Not Allowing them to Raise their heads.

Because that would call for Action, Effort, Coming out of Our Comfort Zones. At the Cost of the Future of Our Dear Ones.


Resolve to Spend at least 10 minutes, Donate at least 4 Lines, on Facebook, Twitter or on the Phone, for the Betterment of Mankind.

Apathy n Catherine of Sienna

Graphic from the Internet.

Over to You.