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Kashmir under occupation in 107 seconds.


Arjun Sethi @arjunsethi81
This is a powerful video: Kashmir under occupation in 107 seconds.
Enforced disappearances. Unmarked graves. Mass blindings. Children arrested, tortured & orphaned. Widespread mental distress.
Please join the struggle & support Kashmir.

We Can do this.


All of Us Can, and Should post things like these.


  1. “How can Mahatma Gandhi be deemed to be our guiding force when we no longer care for
    any ethical scruple?

He morally uplifted all of us; but, today we are invited to feel petty and
vindictive.” | Harish Khare writes.

And 2.

India Should End Crackdown in Kashmir.


https://hrw.org/…/07/restrictions-detentions-persist-kashmir #EndKashmirShutdown

(Sharing from Twitter).

3. Add YOUR comments, like:

Will Any Normal person call this situation Normal? Such Wide Streets, Day time, and No people or vehicles on the road? Just another of #bjp‘s Normal day in Kashmir.



George Orwell’s DOGS


Pellet guns are here to Stay,’ says the Director General of the CRPF (central reserved police force, at present keeping the ‘peace’ in Kashmir).

‘We are Trained Not to be Emotional,’ says he. But he lies. I sense a Deep Shame and Sadness in his eyes.

DG crpf Kashmir

From: http://rightactions.in/2016/07/26/we-are-trained-not-to-be-emotional-pellet-guns-are-here-to-staycrpf-dg/



Imp Dog on its back

Would it not be better to run a tea stall and live than to know that you are the Slaves and Servants of the politicos? To live in Shame?


Kashmir youth pellet

The above graphic from:



Pellet Guns on People is a Crime against Humanity


Not just in Kashmir; Pellet Guns used against Citizens and Civilians, in short on People, is a CRIME AGAINST HUMANITY.

Pellet gun wounds vivid

From change.org …See link below, and Please SIGN.

Am hearing over TV that ‘soon’ alternatives to Pellet guns would be introduced in Kashmir.

I seem to have said this a 100 times.

  • WHY are you not using the Water Cannon?
  • WHY are you not using Rubber Bullets?

Are not Kashmiris Indians?

That the Administration (government) orders Rape and Pellet guns, and that the Officers of the Armed Forces Carry them out, means that they should have SEDITION CHARGES plied against them, namely, the Administration and the Officers.




My Tweets on #Kashmir


1. Last I turned on the TV, 35 people had died in #Kashmir.
2. #Media is reporting the Our Armed Forces are practising the ‘UTMOST RESTRAINT’ in #Kashmir. And Still 35 DEATHS?
3. Am neither Hindu not Muslim; am a Christian. And am Absolutely against Terrorism. That said, in the affairs of #Kashmir just now, (cont).
4. Only on TUESDAY did the #Media report that the Armed Forces were Fired upon. Till then, IT HAD BEEN ONLY STONE THROWING in #Kashmir.
5. So, the Supposed ‘UTMOST RESTRAINT’ of Our Armed Forces has caused 35 DEATHS on Mere Stone Throwers in #Kashmir.
6. WHY was not TEAR GAS used in #Kashmir? Or RUBBER BULLETS? WHO has authorised Inhuman and UNETHICAL PELLETS on Protesters?
7. Police/Military hv every sort of protective gear, Helmets, Visors, Shields, NONE of which Civilians hv. Then WHY the FIRING in #Kashmir?
8. We hv seen Enuf photographs of police, Military personnel walking WITHOUT HELMETS. What is surprising if they are injured in #Kashmir?
9. WHY was not the WATER CANNON used in #Kashmir?

10. WHY can’t We call this #STATETERRORISM in #Kashmir?

11. All authorities, Home ministry or officers, who allowed/did-not-stop Firing of Pellets on Human Beings in #Kashmir should be Kicked out.