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Another way the govt Loots the Nation!


[ Updated on 29.05.2016 …Update reference at bottom ]

6 excavators at work

6 excavators are at work, which is against the ruling of the High Court. And The Perennial Kaveri River Bed is turning into a Mud pit.

The government is Looting Us, and the Nation, in many ways.

The Way Sand is Looted, – What Else to Call it? – The Profit does not come back to the People, it goes into the CM’s pockets, and that of her Cronies!

Lakhs of Trees have Dried, Farming is going Down because the Moisture has Disappeared.

The article I share was posted in 2014. It is True for today, only, The Looting is going on, and the Sand has become lesser and lesser. More Trees have Died, More Land is Drying, and the Earth is becoming Hot. That is All!

This is one of the Most Painful things happening to Tamil Nadu. A Subject I am very passionate about.

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Adding an Old report. But the situation has not changed. I can vouch for it, as it happens practically at my doorsteps. In Reality, in my own village. Please see: