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Cambodia, Pt. I: Pay It Forward



This is a Reblog. And I shall be raising speech about MOTHER TERESA again.


When I was reading Monica’s this post, I felt like taking a big stone and hitting my head with it. …I get Mad like that at times.

It was Not the bit about Ant Pee.

But, to read that the World has rulers like the Khmer Rouge, due to whose ‘Kind policies’ …….

‘They ate anything they could find: spiders, ant eggs, frogs, dogs, and sometimes …EVEN DIRT’

If We can say: “I made a difference to that one,” without getting satisfied with Too Little Too Soon, We shall be Able to call Ourselves BLESSED.


My Hearty Kudos, Love, Blessings and Thanks, First of all, to that Beautiful NITA, who was instrumental in bringing Love, Relief and Knowledge to many.

Love and Blessings on MONICA GRAFF, her Husband and Friends. Monica for having had those Tears in her Eyes, which she tried to hide behind her Big Glasses, and behind her fever or whatever.

Blessings on Chris and Mike on Emptying their pockets.



Monica had alluded to ‘tour guides’ who make away with Gifts that are sent or given ‘For’ the People. That must be happening Pretty much Everywhere.

That is where Mother Teresa’s MISSIONARIES OF CHARITY (SISTERS) come in.

There Surely Are Enough Good Souls who are Genuinely helping the Helpless. But the Problem comes in finding out the Real ones.

Mother Teresa. A Clean person, but she does not have a clean sheet. Courtesy of Fringe Elements who are worried, Wrongly, about Christianity spreading because of the work her Good Sisters do. Whereas Christianity, per numbers, has gone Down, from 2.6% to 2.3% in India.


To get back, Altogether it is a question of WHERE are You going to give/send/donate Your Hard Earned monies if You so wish it?

This is Where I would Unhesitatingly Suggest to You that You Give/Send Your monies to MOTHER TERESA’s Sisters, the Missionaries of Charity.

They do NOT build people homes. But, besides picking up the Homeless and the Destitute from the Streets, they Also pick up and Care for (Street) Girls, send them to schools and Marry them off, which takes some money.

On the Scale they work, there being some 4,500 sisters, THOUSANDS are taken care of. NO money goes into the pockets of the MC’s.

Mother Teresa's Nirmal Hriday

With Mother Teresa’s sisters, You can be Sure Your donation made a Difference where it matters. Regards.



Two shots of rice whiskey and twelve hours of sleep didn’t help. My head and chest felt like pressurized powder kegs filled with snot. My throat like a cheese grater. I stuffed every pocket with face tissues, double-checked my supply of Advil, and hoisted my daypack over my shoulder.

“Let’s go before I change my mind,” I said to my husband, Chris. Blame my lack of enthusiasm on the respiratory infection I picked up in Saigon, but I felt like our side trip to Cambodia from Vietnam would be a lackluster exercise in checking off sites from someone else’s do-before-you-die list.

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