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We are here to laugh at the odds and live our lives so well that Death will tremble to take us. …Charles Bukowski 

Came across Charles Bukowski just today. Like his views Very much; and…

I am here to laugh at the odds and live my life so well that Death will tremble to take me.

satan out



How I make People Laugh!

My Mom Smiles Easily, but does not laugh too much. If We discount that, I keep up with my Quips, which is my way of making People Laugh. I Succeed in getting them to Smile, anyway! Ours is an Ashram, but I do not believe too much in ‘Physical Silence.’ I would rather that We Share the Joy that We have Received!

Grp 03

L-R: Sr. Pushpa (Tresa), who serves as a Volunteer, Thangamma, who works and helps us, Thane Mozhy, 40 years old, Mentally handicapped, who has been with us for some 12 years or so, my Mom, and my Sister Rosy Dinaker who had come on a visit from Chennai.

I do not know how many points out of 10 You would give me as a person who makes Others Laugh. But what I keep saying as I go around, is… (You Are Allowed to Laugh!)

  • “Mom, I am going to give You Asafoetida Tea this evening!”
  • “Mom, please peel and dice some 30 Kilograms of Potato for lunch.” (We are usually 5 or 6 at lunch).
  • “Did You all Stand on Your Head?”
  • “Please Pour Six pots of Water into the River.”
  • “The Cat is calling You on the Phone.”

And Other delicious things like that. Would be glad to get new Ideas from You.

“Yaam Pettra Inbam – Peruga Ivvaiyagam,” (May the Whole World Share the Happiness that We have had), as We say and Pray in our place.