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UK: At 16, No Tobacco Or Alcohol But You CAN Change Your Gender…DUH!


TERRIBLE law, of course.

But, like people who change their sex, (I simply cannot understand Why anybody would want to do that, anyway),

It would seem that One of the Requirements to become a Law-Maker is to Totally Throw Away your brain.



Catholic Truth

From Voice for Justice UK…
Have they really thought about this?

The Government has now published its response to VfJUK’s petition calling for the prohibition of all medical treatment for gender reassignment below the age of 18. The petition was posted on 1st January, and the Department of Health and Social Care posted a direct response on its website on February 20th.

Read our petition here: http://www.citizengo.org/en/signit/147194/view
Read their response in full here: http://www.gov.uk/government/news/voice-for-justice-uks-campaign-about-gender-reassignment

You may be unsurprised to learn that The Department of Health and Social Care is blandly reassuring, while not giving an inch on policy. They write:

“If children have the capacity to give consent for themselves, then consent should be sought direct from them. Once young people reach the age of 16, they are presumed in law to be competent to give consent for themselves for their own surgical, medical or dental treatment, and any associated…

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Our Law Makers


I speak Only about Indian law makers, of course. We shall see them under Two headings, namely:

  1. How Close the politicos are to the People, How Well they must be Knowing their Situation, and
  2. How the politicos Live for the People.

Now sit back, and Enjoy Yourselves!


1. How Close the politicos are to the People

politico wearing gold shirt

This Indian politico, named Datta Phuge, is Unabashedly wearing a shirt made of Gold, estimated at 12,000 English pounds, and that was some years ago. Plus a Lot of Bangles and stuff. Not Bangles, Oh, Sorry! 🙂

And he is Not the only one who does these sorts of things. Indian prime minister modi wore a coat costing a Million Indian rupees! [ Edited: It is learnt now that the suit has been auctioned off at FORTY THREE MILLION Indian rupees! ]

Indian prime minister modi's million rupee suit

modi does himself well in other ways too, while constantly referring to his ‘poor’ beginnings! As under:

modi does himself well

Can You guess whose bedroom this would be?

Chennai CM's bedroom

This belongs to jayalalitha, the current Chief Minsiter of the Supposedly Advanced state of Tamil Nadu in India. And this ‘poor’ woman, kindly drawing a salary of One Rupee to save the exchequer money, has a Ninety (90) Room house, all of this quality. Don’t We all Wish We were Poor like her? 🙂

Nuff said. They Become politicians Just for this; to Make Money.

But are they at least lifting the Standard of the Nation while they fleece Us? You tell me.

politicians suck up to business

politicos, in order to make all that money for themselves, have first to ‘spend,’ throwing a lot of ‘bones’ to the Apathetic Masses, the ‘Sheep’ of George Orwell, by way of Money for Votes, etc, etc. This money they get as Donations from Business houses. And then the politicos give them large business contracts, write off their debts to the tune of Billions, while the Common Man takes up All that Burden.


Once elected, the politicos Calmly go to Sleep, Looking Very Busy All the While!

politician making law

Common scenes at the parliament

Just Resting, please! …Common Scenes at the Parliament

And what is the Mindset of our Law Makers? Below is the man Siddaramaiah, the Chief Minister of the state of Karnataka, famous for Bangalore, who asked: ‘ What is the big deal about the Rape of a 6 year old?’

What big deal in rape of 6 year old

This man is not an isolated case. Rapes, Gang Rapes, are Nothing for Our lawmakers. Mulayam Singh Yadav, below, said: ‘Boys will be boys.’

Regarding Rape: 'boys will be boys'


‘From dismissing rape to suggesting women who get raped be hanged, Indian politicians have been giving us the creeps at regular intervals.’

Reference to above:


For doing all this, they are Literally surrounded by Our Empty-Headed police force, at Our Cost.

untouchable politico, surrounded by security


2. Let Us see How Our politicos Live for the People

jayalalitha, already mentioned, and her ministers make a very good example in this. The other politicos may not be So very Sycophantic. But they also simply ‘live’ for the People, just like this lot.

Here is my opening Shot:

from the Jungles to a Law maker

Man’s development from the Jungles to a Law maker

They Welcome jayalalitha –

lawmakers welcome their chief

sychophancy extreme

Lawmaker presenting his backside to the Electorate

Lawmaker presenting his backside to the Electorate, a ‘chinese’ insult. 😦

CM's heli welcomed reverently

ministers, Our law makers, welcome the helicopter in which she is arriving, Oh-so-reverently.

The Chief Duty of Tamil Nadu’s ministers? To be Bent before jayalalitha, of course. I do believe they hold Competitions for this.

admk bent


Top picture in this composite group shows some Relatives.

Ok, just a few more, I promise!

law maker at jaya's feet

jaya is Obviously enjoying this. I have not been able to ascertain just How this fellow, a minister, a law maker, is feeling. Nor do I know How his Children feel. I do suppose his Wife does not mind this, as he would be bringing home quite a lot of money, by way of being assigned important posts.

It is not only ordinary ministers who live these lives, Totally and Absolutely Devoid of Honour. Here is Panneerselvam, the Ex Chief Minister of Tamil Nadu, doing the same Dog with Tail between Legs Stance.

Ex chief minister of TN

Dog with tail between legs


And These, my Dear Folks, are the People, who Make Laws for the Country. Laws that Release the Most Brutal Rapists.

But, as Wise men, notably Periyar has said:

So Long as We are Ready to be Fooled, There WILL be people to Fool Us.