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About likes



Hello, Folks! …When I visit Your pages, I ‘Always’ find that the ‘Like’ button there fails to register. …I click on it, a new window pops up, does something mysterious, disappears, and when I check, the Like does not seem registered.

So when I like posts, I share them over Facebook. Used to share over twitter, too. But mine is among the ‘hacked’ ones! 😦

Thus, if shared at least over Facebook, please understand Your post is Liked by me!

See You! 🙂


What should I do?


My Dear Friends, after having gone to Your pages, and having read Your posts, when I give a ‘Like,’ a small window appears, and then automatically disappears! And the like is Not registered. 😦 Don’t have an image for that.

Similarly, when I want to comment, am given the choice of signing in thro Wp, Fb, etc. …When I Click on Wp, sometimes I am logged in, at other times, ‘this’ happens. A site I had gone to, #EricAlagan’s, when I go to check the progress after writing all these things, (am NO tiger in this, mind You!), I still find the ‘progress bar,’ still progressing. 😦

So, Please don’t be surprised if You do not hear from me. Thanks.


Sarita Devi, Indian Boxer, and Crooked officials

This is a collection of tweets on Sarita Devi and the Crooked judges. For anybody who had watched the matches live, on the Asian Games 2014, and for those who watch it over the news, it would be Apparent that Intentional, Wrong Judgements were given.

boxer sarita devi asian games korea 2014

Picture from twitter.

1. First of all, Sarita Devi, our Indian Boxer, has NO reason to Cry.

2. Let her hold her head up. And let officials hang their heads in shame.

3. authorities intend to take action on Sarita, saying her action ‘Unsportsmanlike’ or some such.

4. If Sarita ‘Unsportsmanlike,’ then authorities CRIMINAL.

5. When Cricket has ON FIELD appeal, Why not for Boxing even after event? If authorities have not provided for it, spit on them.

6. Boxing officials who went to korea for event, went for joy rides as politicos do. Let us Kick them when they come back.

7. Had thought NORTH korea was undemocratic. south korea has proved that it is no better.

8. The IOBA, calling itself International, and Olympic, is a JOKE. Have to repeat myself. Spit on them.

9. Altogether, Sarita was right in refusing a corrupted medal. Shame on south korea, IOBA.