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How I Managed my Heart ‘Condition!’

I have shared about my Heart Condition, of Problem proportions, and How I was coping with that. There have been developments in that too. I had been taking Allopathic medicines, which I changed to Homeopathic, as these would be more Bio-friendly. These reduced the pains measurably; but they would not go away, and at times I was having severe ones.

When I went for another check up to a speciality hospital in Trichy recently, I was advised an Angiogram. This would cost me rs. 13,000 I was told. When I hear such estimates, I always think 20 thousand. Next, my friends told me that it does not end with that, but that it would lead to Angioplasty and/or Bypass surgery. And for that, they told me, I better have about 2 Lakhs (200 thousand) ready. O Boy, when I cannot even manage 20 thousand! Haha.




This is what I did.

I paid attention to what I had heard these doctors say: “It is a matter of How We manage Stress.”

I had always thought that I was the Coolest of persons :), but when I got down to it, I knew that I got Irritated Very Easily.

1. I decided that I would Not get Irritated.

I have not succeeded 100% in this, of course, but I have made Significant changes in my Lifestyle. I am not the wisest of men, nor do I have too many People Skills, but I have effected some Goodly changes As I wanted to be True to my Decision.

The Second that was that I decided to Exercise. This was not so Simple. Walking even half a kilometre was producing pains of a Very unpleasant sort. Was I stumped!

2. I decided that I would walk a Minimum of 500 metres Every day.

Happily, I have been able to keep this up too. This also has produced some Very Good differences. Like, the Pains are Appreciably Less, I have More Energy, and I Feel like Walking even more, and I AM walking More! It is keeping my Heart in Condition! How did/do I manage to walk this distance, when such a small one was producing Bad pains in me? That I want to share in a Short, next post. To go there, please click here. …And, I have noticed that I get pains if I eat even a little extra. So,

3. I have decided to be Very Strict with the Amount of my Food.


All this is working. Have not had serious pains since I started all this. Considering my Output, more than 300 posts in about 225 days, I am doing Well. I have indeed ‘Managed’ my Heart Condition. So Can You!

Wish You All Love, Happiness and Peace.