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So We Christians have to Love OTHERS also As much as We love ourselves.  Mark 12:31.

The word ‘Neighbour’ can also be used instead of ‘Others.’

So WHO is my Neighbour?

My Family is Not my ‘Neighbour.’ If my father lives in the next house, We will not say: ‘He is my neighbour,’ but, ‘He is my Father.’

To Explain this idea of Neighbour, Jesus gave the Example of the Good Samaritan. Luke 10:25-37.

The Jews of Jesus’ time did not like Samaritans. At All. They would not Mix with the Samaritans; Would not Accept even Water from them, – Which is Why Everybody was Surprised when they found Him Asking for Water from, and Talking to, the Samaritan Woman. John 4: 7-8, 27.

Jesus had even told His disciples: “Do Not go to the Samaritan towns!” Matthew 10:5.

So in the parable of the Good Samaritan, it is This Hated Samaritan Who proves to be the Neighbour.

If ‘I’ am Your Neighbour, ‘You’ are ‘My’ Neighbour.

So, Jesus was saying, Even the Samaritan, whom You all hate so much, is Your Neighbour, and You Have to love him (them) AS MUCH as You love Yourself.


Not just our Family.


A Difference


Without belittling the Jewish People, whom I hold in respect, here is a difference that Christians have to be aware of:

The Difference between Jewish and the Christian Religions.

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Christians take it Too easy, thinking

  • attending Church,
  • praying the rosary, or even praying in general,
  • going for the so called ‘pilgrimages,’ – a bus journey, and a sort of picnic for most, and
  • giving out some money

makes them Good People.

This post is to show that it is not enough. We are supposed to Love our Neighbour AS MUCH as We love ourselves.


Christmas Miracle


EXCELLENT Reading for the Season. Shared this on Twitter with the words: ‘Best Christmas Read.’

Serious (Yet Happy) man that I am, I sort of Needed this. What a Beautiful story!

SIGNIFICANT words, in the order of their occurrence:

God knew the bigger plan… Loving someone is the biggest risk in life… when the tears fall, my precious, I will catch every one.

via Christmas Miracle

The Story, and the Author, have me literally in Tears. …A Beautiful story of Love, of Christmas.


God Bless You

If not ‘love you’, say ‘stay blessed’ to the ones you love 🙂 ❤

Decoding Happyness


Some gestures, however small they might seem – are so special. To me, one such gesture is when someone tells me “God Bless You”. It makes my heart skip a beat and really pulls a string in my heart.

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This refers You to my previous post, 3 Words that Changed my Life!

Where Madelyn had written that ‘People are desperate for answers,’ I have Answers. I am Not desperately searching for answers; I am not even searching for them! I have Answers. And they are Hard Earned ones.

But my Answers are Not of the kind that TV media expects, wherein the Anchor ‘forms’ his questions in about 20 sentences, and Very kindly gives the Others 15 Seconds to respond. The questions and answers referred to here deal with Life. As such the Answers are Deep.pwen

Self rt

You can choose either pic! Haha! The first one is from the Internet. As You see, Humour, when possible, is an Invariable and Necessary part of my Answers! 🙂

Sadly, as Madelyn has said, Others Charge heavily for these Answers, and since I offer it Free, people tend to Undervalue mine. But Undervaluing my Answers shall not be my Loss. 🙂

Happy Answers to You!


A TRUE Love Story!


Awesome, is the word I would use to describe this. I was in Goosebumps. This from a person a person who always ‘Disguised her pain with a Smile.’

Raphaela n friend

This is Raphaela with her Friend. Hearty Kudos to her. May We Love like this too!

Giving You the link as the reblog button could not be found.


Do peruse. I found it Superb. Regards. 🙂