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A Most Marvellous Buy!


Through my Good Young Friend Nivas Balu of Balaji Mobiles at Kulithalai I came across the LYF Flame 6 mobile phone, powered, I believed by/through Reliance Jio network.

LYF flame

Image from the Internet. Incidentally, the phone Looks Very Good. The photograph does not do justice to it!

The are THREE special things about it.

  1. The Speed is fantastic. I have noticed 900 Mbps Plus!
  2. For the First Three months All Data is Free!
  3. At the end of the three months, a Very Affordable Data rate is promised.

Hence I bought one, towards the end of last month, just for Data (it works as a WiFi Hotspot) for Both my computer and my mobile for Whatsapp. And, at the end of about 10 days or so, I should say that I am Very Happy with the product.

So far, Highly Satisfied. Am Recommending this particularly to my Friends in India. Regards. 🙂