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modi and the Godhra incident

narendra modi, the current prime minister of India, is held by many as responsible for the Carnage at Godhra. Since the courts, after their own fashion, have not passed any judgement on him, Many, particularly of the bjp and related parties, hold that he is guiltless.

My comments, via Twitter, on modi‬ and Godhra:

King HenryII‬‘s very Raj-Tantric (politically clever) words: “Who will rid me of this meddlesome priest” brought about the death of ‪‎ThomasBecket‬.

‪‎Hitler‬ did not PERSONALLY kill 60 Lakh people. It was his teaching and organization that did it.

modi giving the Free Hand to the Rioters, the Transfer of officials, the Disappearance of Witnesses, etc, show who is guilty.

BOTH communities might be to blame. But here We are talking of modi.


modi is just the biggest example at this moment of politicos being responsible for even communal carnage. But he is not alone in this.

mamata in WB saying ‘We will Protest,’ when she means Communal violence will take place is another very good example.

jayalalitha having given a free rein to the rogue elements who had brought her to power is another example of this.

Indian minister Threatens Rape

tapas pal is an Indian ‘minister,’ and he threatens Rape. He says that he would ‘Destroy Families.’ He has said that he would send his Goons and Rape the members of the Opposition parties.

rape threatener tapas pal tmc

Graphic: www.yourepeat.com …Have added some Beauty Spots to his beautiful face. Not so well done, but there it is , the best I can do!

he belongs to a party called the Trinamool Congress, headed by mamata banerjee, the chief minister of West Bengal in India.

Our great courts, as usual, are sitting on their hands. …My Tweets on the situation:

1. TMC tapas pal threatens to Rape oppn women. Ppl n channels asking Why mamata Not sacking him. My Questions:

2. Re tapas pal: Is mamata is afraid to act, or is obliged to the fellow, whatever reason, ARE (Female) CITIZENS TO BE AT RISK?

3. You write the MOST innocent thing against a politico or courts, and IT66A RUSHES in, and IN You go in the middle of the night.

4. Re tapas pal: What are courts doing? They move around in Sumo Motors, (Haha, SUO MOTO), WHEN it suits them.

5. Re tapas pal: To me, justice dept exists to give us protection, not to send ppl to jail.

6. Re tapas pal: If justice dept is going to wait till case filed, then dept Useless. A Burden to the Earth, and A Waste of the Rice.

7. Re tapas pal: All this happens bec courts have Protection. Ample compounds, police, and You cannot even criticize them.

8. Re tapas pal: Only when politicos and courts will receive such threats, and keep getting them, will laws be changed, things change.

9. Re tapas pal: Don’t just sack him, Break his legs, and then put him in jail and throw away the key.

…For more: http://zeenews.india.com/news/west-bengal/caught-on-camera-tmc-mla-tapas-pal-openly-threatens-rape-murder_944022.html

Democracy – Has to be Taught!

It would seem that MOST People have No Idea that Democracy is a Way of Life where Everybody has Equal Rights. What is not known has to be Taught!

This one, and the previous, connected post, had started with what I was seeing on the TV, of prime minister modi’s ‘Secretary,’ coming, going, and standing, in the Most Proper, SERVILE ATTITUDE. Who knows what is going on inside his head, but he does seem to take it as ‘Normal.’

modi w sec a

modi with his secretary (a): article.wn.com

modi w sec b

modi with secretary (b): www.punjabnewsexpress.com

At least in this picture, the man does look Flabbergasted, I would say.

And here We have a Juicy one!

modi n officers

Photo from the Internet. …As the words ‘in’ the graphic say, We see a Collector, (that would be a High ranking officer!), and the DDO, (I suppose this means the District Development Officer, though he is ‘Some Officer,’ kneeling like that), at modi’s feet. Look at the Pain on the DDO’s face. But modi is Insensible to that.


It is Not just a question of modi and his behaviour. he becomes the First example as he holds India’s most Important office just now. Let me show You some more.

Obama n saya

In the picture at left is our infamous jayalalitha, the chief minister of Tamil Nadu, who ‘likes’ these kinds of things. …The faces of the Women in the picture would make a goodly study. I would say that they are cursing their menfolk, the situation, and the person who is demeaning People like this.

But the cameraman seems to have been Impatient. These ’empty heads’ sell their souls to do such things to get a goodly slice of the administration’s income, which jaya can distribute. Let us see the ‘full’ posture:

jaya's stylePhoto from Facebook.

The man lying at her feet is a Not a poor farm hand. he would be some sort of minister in her cabinet! Even LK Advani, one of the Senior most leaders of our Country, would not tolerate such kind of drama. And it requires Just ONE strong word to stop all this.

lalu prasad yadav of Bihar, mamata banerjee of West Bengal are also notorious for getting and Expecting such Servility.

I have not even mentioned goodly old Barack Obama. He gets by with a ‘Fist Bump,’ a physical contact, an action carried out among Equals.


The word Equals brings us to Democracy. This does not mean that the machinist can necessarily take on the job of the CEO. Nor that our nephews can replace Dhoni, Captain of the Indian Cricket team. Or Many of such kind.

Equality means that You have an Equal Right to LIVE, as Anybody else. 


If somebody is Stronger or Cleverer, it does not give him ‘more’ rights. That is Democracy.

Our Farmers, our Farm Labourers, those who run, and live by the incomes from, the Smallest shops, would make some 80% of our population. As I showed in the previous post, for these, the word ‘Democracy’ is something that exists in the dictionaries of their children.

When they see People Kneeling, Bowing and Bending, and Practically Licking the feet, they Think that this is what Democracy means. They have the least knowledge about the Manipulations, the Booth Captures, or the Votes bought. They Strut around and cast their votes. And then it is: Get back to Your business of ‘serving’ Your ‘masters.’ They know that the ‘masters’ would throw them a few bones every once in a while. And with that they are Satisfied.


Thus Democracy has to be Taught. And I do not mean the ‘classes’ our Children get on these subjects when they are yet in their Teens. politicians are supposed to be, and are often called, Leaders. They have to lead the Way in showing People the True meaning of Democracy. They can start this by Treating the People with Dignity.

jaya, one of India’s ‘wonderful’ politicos!


jaya bowing

Picture from Facebook.

jayalalitha has REALLY developed everybody’s life. And she will develop the country also like this, if she ever becomes prime minister!

PS: modi, jaya, maya, mamata, even lalu, all similar.

jaya heli bowing

Picture from Facebook.

1. It is a COMPETITION as to who will BOW the most; that person will get to be a minister in her cabinet! she is making Tamil Nadu the first state of India…

2. About a 100 trees were cut down so that jaya could come for ‘advertisement’ of her party for the coming polls.

In the ways stated above, and in similar ways! Jai Ho!


Lopsided Criticism

This is different from Stilted Reporting. Only the media indulges in ‘that!’

We are ALL Criticizing! Criticism, after all, means ‘judging.’ So We are All judges. And some fellows are being called ‘justices!’ Lol.

On the Lowest, what might be called the silly level, it is choosing between this potato or that one, this shirt today or the other. On higher levels, We decide if a person is Trustworthy and whether We are going to interact with them further or not.

Thus Criticism cannot be Avoided, and it is not Wrong.

But when people criticize when they should be Praising and vice versa, We start Pulling our Hair. And when Lopsided Criticism is applied to Public domain and National Issues, We Start Losing our Hair. Let us take a few cases.

(No)mamata banerjee’s cadres use Gang Rape as a political tool, and this brings out Low Criticism. azam khan sends out whole companies of the police force to search for his blasted buffaloes, again Low C. Somnath Bharti’s ‘orders’ the delhi police to investigate Sex and Drug rackets, …what a Hulla bulla! And that Somnath was later proved right is another matter.

Andhra’s protests bringing Movement to a Standstill on a National level is considered not even worth talking about. But if the AAP-ians protest, it is the End of the World!

For more than 60 years, the major political parties had been farting around. That is run of the mill. If AAP wants those laws changed, ‘AAP does not respect laws, AAP does not know how to govern,’ and Much More.

…Well, the PIGS in Animal Farm had made laws too. And they were enforced by the Dogs. And the laws were ‘followed’ by the Sheep. …80% of our Populace is made of Sheep too. But Some of Us SHALL Criticize at least Some of the Laws and the Doings of business houses, and their handmaidens – policos, courts and the police.

Only History can decide Who was Lopsided and Who was Straight.